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    Springfield, OR USA
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    gardening, cooking, reading, gathering, sewing, crafting.
  • How familiar are you with witchcraft?
    Moderately. I'm a generation removed. My grandma taught me so much many years ago but my mom wouldnt acknowledge her gift or respisibility to her craft or teaching of my grandma and kept me away from her for years. She was terrified by anything that was occult related. She had very Chirstian fears. I feel my gma close and I am pulled to continue my path.
  • Have you explored other paths?
    Yes, Ive been exposed to many different religions and sects. My mom feared my psychic gifts and shoved me in any church she could. Ive explored paganism and wicca, trying to pick up where i left off, but that stuff just isnt me! That has preciius little to with my family tradition rites or my personal spells? How in the world can i expect your "must have", "must earn" spells to work for me when i have nothing to do with creating them? My craft comes from my ancesters.
  • Have you ever worked with Traditional Witchcraft?
    Yes. Spells, brewing, "kitchen witching" is what my grandma called it. Meditation. Herbal brews, poultices, plasters, syrups, teas and ointments for healing and calming.
  • What does Traditional Witchcraft mean to you?
    Its intensely personal. I dont need fancy "toys and outfits" to cast a spell or talk to a dead relative or spirit. Im responsible for my own actions, good and bad. I dont have a rede or priest/ess to tell me whats allowed, and if someone messes with me or my family, i wont think twice before i hex them. My craft comes from something way older than wicca and i dont have a belief in gods.
  • How long have you worked with witchcraft in general?
    About 22, 23yrs
  • What brought you to our site?
    Luck. Im tired of being innundated with store bought witchcraft and wicca.
  • What do you expect to get from this site, and what do you expect to contribute to this forum?
    Id love to share experiences with my kind. Im the only female and the only witch of my generation in my fam. It would be nice to have people to bounce things off of, and likewise, contribute my brand of crazy homemade recipes and witcheryl
  • Do you belong to any other online witchcraft sites?
  • What are your strongest points in witchcraft?
    Psychic... what? impulses? Visions? Dreams?
  • What are your weakest points in witchcraft?
    Visualization. I'm lousy at it unless I'm remembering something. If I could just figure out how to link remembering with what else I want to see..
  • Additional Information.
    I've spent years giving my path the backseat while I've tended to my family. My journey has always been alone and I have progressed slowly but I am progressing, getting stronger and I now have more time, now that my kids are older.
  1. Thanks for your well thought out reply. I didn't quote all of it (though I thoroughly enjoyed the whole post) but this bottom lines it for me.
  2. Good point, J, thanks! I was on the train of thought that the little things that are common to many may seem unique or exotic to others, especially those new to the craft, but you bring up a valid point. Action counts for everything and I got a bit off topic or just didn't really back it up. I can do that, lemme see... :thinking: The snakeskin is being used in a glamour spell. The shedding of old skin is the thought process there. Finger/toe nails, hair, tears, blood, skin, urine are tag-locks for both boon and bane and as many other threads mention, urine and iron to "mark my territory", as it were. Obviously not the only protections I use but a general idea of some methods I have, or do, use them for. I'm using the petrified wood in a spell designed to "petrify" the actions of a certain person, were certain criteria not met. It should take one full lunar cycle for me to slowly spell it out, as she can be really dense, like petrified wood (I don't usually have the patience this will take, but the situation is delicate and I'm determined. Normally I would do something more harsh, and probably off the cuff, because I'm pretty lazy, I want instant gratification (always) and this little twat pisses me off to no end! ). A more intense working, hex or binding, etc. just doesn't fit this situation and will potentially hurt innocents. It is what it is. We'll see if she can behave. (Think about petrified wood: it's endurance, it's change from wood to stone, the decay of organic materials, the iron oxides (mine's reddish brown, which could be relevant for color or other things, but I'm leaning toward it's commonality with the iron and oxygen in blood), not to mention the pure amount of time it takes for it to "become", relevant to how long this will last if she doesn't comply. There are so many other things but I'm not willing to go any further into it here. Wex (I think): I know the thread you're talking about, thank you, and in my own disjointed way, I was referencing it :thumbsup: . For anyone wishing to see what those particular items can be used for, they can look up the thread, as it contains much valuable information, ie: using pepper packets for a hex on the go or honey to sweeten someone's disposition toward you. Lots of good stuff there. I too use birthday candles to burn, but I have also used them to make a quick effigies. Crayons make for a quick candle in a pinch too but the wax from either can be used as a lubricant of sorts to "smooth" out something prickly or "rough" or to use as a "filler" (thing ridge filler, bondo, etc...). Don't know if that makes sense to anyone else. :confused: We have some very craft witches here, pun fully intended. Edited because the editor won't allow me to use what I wanted to without unwanted emoticons coming up! Ugghhh!
  3. I have a piece of petrified wood that I'm very partial to. Dried wasps/bird nest(s), snakeskin, pearls, shells, bones, dirt, iron filings/nails, rust, claws, hair, finger/toe nails, whiskers, urine, menstrual blood...mostly fairly organic things that aren't all that hard to get (for most people). My kids think I'm turning into a crazy old lady (offensive much?) because I collect and carry salt/pepper, honey or hot sauce packets and usually have one or all in my purse at any given time. I realize that almost all of these things are pretty common to us but they have value to me all the same. I have lifted prints with scotch tape but it never occurred to me to use the device itself. Duh.
  4. Thank you, Aloe! I was thinking the same thing. :thumbsup: Certain states here (in the US) prohibit the buying and/or shipping of human bones across their borders (but not possession of?)...I want to say Tennessee may be one of them. Maybe RavenFlyer will remember, (or another member with a better memory than mine). Either way, there's a thread where this was mentioned. I suck at adding links but I want to say it was titled "human mala beads", in case anyone was considering searching for that thread and/or for making purchases from The Bone Room. Very cool website, BTW. I like Athena's method too. Cornmeal? I didn't realize it was such an effective desiccant! I have different types of salt around but I like the idea of the cornmeal. Does this work for larger creatures as well? Bird wings and feet don't have a lot of flesh to them, not the little ones my kitty brings me, anyway. The bury and wait method isn't always feasible, either, due to my dogs. Anyway, she brings us baby snakes in the summer. Could I dry them in cornmeal, maybe in the attic (hottest and driest spot in the house) rather than bury? Edit to say that for my purposes, I need the snake intact but shriveled up. If I'm lucky enough for another, it would be dissected and the bones harvested for something entirely different.
  5. I like it. I do not expect Hollywood's best and brightest to get the facts straight, as long as they keep me entertained, lol. It helps to have a strong cast that can turn so-so facts into something provocative. Michele's comment reminded me that season 2 definitely got to me! I had to record it and watch it over the summer because it got me all kinds of creeped out! Lol!
  6. Power, yes, but it's rare. I don't think it's wise to assume that power sensed is necessarily witchy power, though.
  7. Never heard a cover of this before and I love it! Always been my favorite Dolly-song. Thanks!
  8. These were wonderful! Glad I clicked! :witch_bounce:
  9. Another wonderful idea, CG! I got a sample pack of these little shower cap type things with some ziplock baggies recently. I think they're intended to cover bowls and leftovers in the fridge, as they're various sizes, but I've had no use for them until now. My DollarTree store has them in multipacks in the baggie section! Nice! Thank you!
  10. Great tip, MW! Thank you. My son is terrified of spiders and has a large sliding glass door in his room that he's afraid to open. I'll pass this tip (and the spray bottle) on to him.
  11. Again, well done CG! You are a very creative witch! Love it!
  12. I believe there's another thread here that refers to "flushing down the toilet like the piece of shit they are" type of workings. Try the search feature for it. It all depends on the type of working you're doing. If it's something you would need to maintain, you might not want to do that. Also, you don't want to trash your plumbing. Certain things could call for that, I would think. lol
  13. Well done, CG! I loved the idea but the pics really helped bring all the ideas to life for me. Thanks for posting them!
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