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    Hoodoo, Voodoo, animal magic
  • How familiar are you with witchcraft?
    Pretty familiar.
  • Have you explored other paths?
    Yes, lots (Wicca, Christianity, Hinduism, Druid). Traditional Witchcraft is the path which fits my instincts and beliefs.
  • Have you ever worked with Traditional Witchcraft?
    Yes. Spells, protection, divination.
  • What does Traditional Witchcraft mean to you?
    Not Wicca! Folk magic, learning about the natural energies around us, how the universe works, using common sense instead of rules and regulations. Being aware of all this in your day to day life. It's quite difficult to put into words. Witchcraft just is.
  • How long have you worked with witchcraft in general?
    10 years or so, not consistently.
  • What brought you to our site?
    Desperately trying to find something that wasn't Wiccan. I've been visiting for a couple of months and it is an extremely good site.
  • What do you expect to get from this site, and what do you expect to contribute to this forum?
    I'd like to interact with people, ask any questions, find out what other people's opinions are. I have my own opinions and when I find trad witchcraft sites they do correlate with what I already believe. It's interesting to get other views.
  • Do you belong to any other online witchcraft sites?
    Not anymore. It got invaded by fluffies.
  • What are your strongest points in witchcraft?
    Feeling energies and going with my instinct which tends to be correct. Not taking things at face value, never believing something just because I've read it in one place.
  • What are your weakest points in witchcraft?
    Not sure anymore. Pushing myself in previous weak areas (tarot & herbs) and having success. Can be too anti-wicca/new age which means I disregard some things unfairly.
  1. The planet is an absolutely beautiful place. There's scenery that can reduce people to tears & take their breath away. There's the songs of the birds, the colours in sunsets, the fragrances of plants. I don't understand how depriving myself of beautiful things brings me closer to the earth. It's a complete contradiction. I'm thinking particularly of the reformation protestants who only wore black & white and other extreme groups. For me it's nothing to do with the cost though. I love getting a good bargain but I will spend money on, say, an item of clothing that is unique and beautifully made. However, people who buy things JUST because of the label come across to me as a bit shallow. If you've bought it because you genuinely like it then fine. It reminds me of that scene in Absolutely Fabulous - Eddie, what on earth are you wearing! It's Lacroix! Oh, it's fabulous. I do think that if I'm quite happily spending money on myself, and pop on Amazon and buy a book whenever I like, I think that I can set up a few £10 a month direct debits to charities. I feel like it's some karmic debt or something or just plain guilt. I've been lucky enough to end up with a guy with a well payed job. I suppose I view it some kind of thank you back to the universe.
  2. I’ve been struggling with the idea of an ancestral altar for months. People say it benefits them with spiritual work. I barely speak to most of my family. We have had two paedophiles plus a spectacular selection of sadistic narcissists and outright freaks. All but one have been on my father’s side. My Great-Grandmother has been on my mind because she’s on my mother’s side. I never knew her but she was by all accounts a lovely woman with an incredible knowledge of herbs. The sticking point had been that she was the mother of my Grandmother who was an abusive narcissist who emotionally abused my mother which wrecked her confidence and then paved the way for my mum to be emotionally abused by my narcissistic father and weakly sit back while he emotionally abused me and his freak of a family tried to control every aspect of our lives. This caused some anger from me towards her. I did think; what if my Great-Grandmother had been stricter with my Grandmother and not spoilt her so much. This evening, while I was cooking dinner, I decided I could not incorporate ancestor reverence into my practice. I then looked over at the kitchen window and saw a couple of sheets of paper. They were copies of a poem that my Great-Grandmother wrote when she was a young girl. My mum had sent me them a year ago and I’d completely forgotten about them. The poem is about a conversation between a snowdrop and a crocus during winter. The snowdrop is impatient to grow and show off its new dress, “spotless white and green”. The crocus warns it to stay underground until spring and describes the terrible weather, warning that if it grows too soon its “spring dress will go to waste”. One of the terrible weather conditions described is actually the surname of my father. I’m not saying which one for obvious reasons. My Great-Grandmother wouldn’t have known that this family line would be joined with hers. But it’s eerie to read her writing that protection must be sought from this “monstrous” name. I’ve walked past that poem so many times and not noticed it, yet tonight when I most need it, I see it. The poem could have been on any subject, but it was on this one. I’ve also been strongly pulled to explore under the earth in meditations these last few months. During one journey I felt my guide get very angry with me for not getting the importance of earth and my lack of connection with it. I always imagined a protective person to be guns a-blazing, powerful warrior type. No, my Great-Grandmother was gentle. She wasn’t formally educated but she was wise. She despaired of her daughter’s behaviour, stepped in and raised my mum when my Grandmother couldn’t be bothered and was always there whenever my mum needed her, both during life and after. I’ve been unfair to her. I planted a herb garden last week and I'm working to connect more with the earth and my Great-Grandmother loved her herbs and the earth. I feel like I’ve made my peace.
  3. Vicky

    jumping the fence

    This post is really interesting. We've got a hill near our house and it's got that great wild feel to it. I was walking round & getting a 'feel' for everything and came across a little mound with a hollow in it. I got an immediate impression of 'back off!'. As soon as I agreed to stay clear the energy became less threatening but only as long as I kept my distance. I find moments like these humbling. They remind me that we are part of the most destructive species on the planet and spirits and animals know this. We don't have the right to everything whenever we want. Sometimes we've got to earn trust. Thanks for sharing your experience.
  4. Peter Paddon's A Grimoire for Modern Cunningfolk and Visceral Magick. The last one is great because the chapters are only a few pages which is great for my goldfish attention span so almost finished that one. I love the way he writes. It's like; you're either going to get this or you're not and I'm not spelling it out in baby talk for you. Got Robert Bruce's Psychic Protection book which I'm going through slowly. A bit bizarre in places but interesting. Waiting on Sallie Ann Glassman's Vodou Visions and her tarot deck. After years of not learning the normal tarot I'm going to give this one a go. Apparently it's quite different and I've got a huge interest in Vodou so I'll see how it goes.
  5. I really like this. I guess people get different meanings from it. I was out the other day & saw 2 crows absolutely hammering a buzzard. They followed it into its territory, kept swooping on it, drove it away from its nest. I just sat horrified and thinking 'oh my god are the buzzard chicks going to die'. I love crows but at that point I hated them. Then it dawned on me. I've been reading about hexing. The crows felt threatened by the buzzard going too near their nesting areas. So the lesson there was: if something threatens you, you attack back hard and then you attack back some more. So it was an ugly thing to witness but really confirmed for me that this whole 'harm none' nonsense is about as unnatural as you can get. Go forth & hex if ya gotta. So inspiration doesn't always come from watching baby lambs frollicking with mummy sheep (who will be off to the slaughter house quite soon), it comes from quite brutal sources that will fight for their survival and live a damn site longer for it.
  6. All I can say is, I wish I'd read this when I first started out. I've spent so much time stressing that I can't pick something up or do something and not thinking what I can do. It's taken me until this year to accept that I'm the Medusa of the plant world. I can kill them just by looking at them. Chill the heck out and just look at what I've got growing naturally around me. Whereas I'm better at animal magic. I can't meditate (in the classic way) to save my life but sitting under a tree with my eyes open & watching nature is when the magic happens. As for candles. My father went into a blind rage whenever he thought I was doing 'that stupid magic stuff'. Actually he went into a blind rage over pretty much everything. He stormed into my room once and blew the candle out so I had to start all over again. After that I learned to be sneaky. I had to do candle spells in stages. Let them burn for a bit, then snuff out, then relight, snuff out etc. My spells worked perfectly fine. Maybe the fact that I was rebelling against a bully and not just giving up meant I summoned some strength & that strength was transferred to the spell. Maybe the universe likes a bit of deviousness!
  7. Thanks, that makes more sense now. I like the term 'variation on a theme'.
  8. This is a basic question so I thought I'd post it here. Straight to the point. I don't understand the basics of binding spells, although I'm wondering now if I have actually done one and not realised it was a binding spell. From what I've managed to read it comes across that you bind somebody to yourself and then you have to deal with it at a later date. That's all I seem to be able to find out. If you've got someone who is causing you trouble why would you bind them to you. What is that something else you have to do later? Or have I just read rubbish stuff?
  9. Thanks. That was really interesting and helpful.
  10. I was thinking more about just simple yes or no answers. The bath cleansing was interesting. I've always felt closer to nature when I've got dirty hands & my muddy wellies on rather than freshly bathed & incensed up to the 9s.
  11. I would really love to hear more about this kind of thing from people who have been raised in family traditions. What modern New Age thought tells us we should be doing versus what has actually been done for generations. Unless there's a thread somewhere already that someone could point me to.
  12. My tolerance at the moment is pretty low. I get really frustrated with their automatic assumption that we're all love, light & blessed be. My biggest issue is, what I see as, a disrespect of cultures. I lost it on youtube with someone over a video by a black American on hoodoo & Voodoo. A wiccan had started the usual 'witches don't hurt anyone, this isn't real witchcraft' crap blah blah, apparently witchcraft is only European. American hoodoo & Voodoo has slavery in it's history. There's suffering & persecution in it's history and the same with Native American. These cultures & trads don't need these idiots preaching about what they can & cannot do and I know they get peeved with it. New Agers seem to hijack everything with no respect for the history and deeper culture. I told this person they were disrespecting black culture by their ignorance. I read a piece online by someone having a rant about all this working with angels. Find your angel for love & light & it will work with you. This person pointed out that in Judeo-Christian stories, the appearance of an angel was always a frightening and overwhelming event. Which it was! So what on earth are they really working with? 'Oooh Archangel such-n-such came into my bedroom last night, it was lovely'. Oh right, every other time Archangel such-n-such has appeared the person has been temporarily blinded & wet their pants in blind fear, but no, you had tea & scones with them (ok, slight exaggeration...). Plus they're 'working' with Christian angels & slagging Christianity at the same time. :twisted_witch: I know I've made some sweeping statements & exaggerations but my goat has been got. Blessed be, everyone. :sickwitch:
  13. Silver Ravenwolf is tripe? You mean I can't change the weather by the power of my mind alone?! Noo I remember reading her Ultimate Guide and looking at the pipe cleaner type spells and wondering if I was missing something. My embarrassing ones are DJ Conway and Edain McCoy. DJ Conway's Dancing With Dragons. Dragon energy is ancient & powerful and she just reduces them to pet bunny rabbits. Provided you wave a sword at them, everything will be fine. Honest. :pumpkin_rolleyes: I think more embarrassing is when I look back at my teens and realise I actually believed a lot of the stuff I read in these books. I even spouted it to other people. "The Church murdered 10 million Wiccans!." Hey, you live, you learn, you pick up a history book.
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