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  1. Thanks, CG! Guess I'm just lovable.. ;)

  2. Law of Nines.. isn't that one a mystery story? My next fiction book is going to be The Hobbit.. I want to read the book first this time, and *then* see the movie, instead of the other way around, like I did with LotR.

  3. The Omen Machine was kinda short though, wasn't it? Supposedly there are two more books to this story arc. Me, I'm happy to take a break from Goodkind for now.. some of his characters are neither very good nor kind! Too much torture and whatnot..

  4. How's Chainfire coming along? Are you on Phantom yet? Or Confessor?

    I'm done the series now. I won't spoil anything, but the ending wasn't as action packed as I would've liked. I also read "The Omen Machine". I'm not sure I was impressed with it though. I kinda think TG has tapped out everything he can in this world.

    Well, it's back t...

  5. Hiya, I've been MIA for a while, I'm just catching up on comments and whatnot. What's new?

  6. LOL! Zed! I just finished reading all the SoT books, what a marathon that was. Sometimes I wish I could make wizard's fire.. did you read them, or watch the show? I liked both, different as they were.

  7. Thanks for the Birthday wishes!

  8. lol!

    what the hell? How did my gender change to feline?!?!?

  9. oh crap.. sorry.. I think maybe I deleted them? I was trying to move them to private messages.

  10. Another New Jerseyian?!

    Wow.. we're starting to take over this place, lol.

    I'm from around Delran, (15 min from Cherry Hill); are you in North or South?

  11. (Last message sent back to private message)

  12. There's one in Delran, in the new Fairview shopping plaza right off Rt130, on the northbound side - where Shoprite, Hallmark, and Wachovia are (and a few others I can't remember)


    There's also one in the Barnes and Noble in Moorestown, by the mall. I'm heading off to there a little later today, I can't refuse when I get a coupon. lol. I'm such a sucker of a bookworm.

  13. Holy shit! lol.. wow, me neither - I wouldn't have guessed or hoped for that in a million years, and there's a thread here about difficulty in meeting local people of like interests.

    This is too cool.

    We should meet sometime, somewhere, like Starbucks or something.

    Technically, I'm really in Riverside, but more people know of Delran, and I'm just one block over, really, so I often use that as my town.

  14. Hi Brigid, another New Jerseyian here. I'm in Delran, which is just south of central, and west, by the Delaware river and the Rancocas Creek.

    Whereabouts (generally) are you?

  15. Thanks about the name thing. I know not everyone sees it that way. My older brother, for example, was interested in my dad's side of the family, genealogically, but acted as though our mom's side didn't even exist - a huge mistake, IMO.

    The DNA is equally shared, the only thing different is who has to give up their surname and who gets to keep theirs!

  16. Hi RL,


    If it were up to me, your pic would win hands down.. I love that blueish tint. Was that natural?? It just looks so ethereal!

  17. Hiya McD,


    I don't know why, but I had assumed you were "feline" before, not "canine".. lol.. goes to show me I can't assume nuthin'!

    I see we have similar backgrounds. I went to tech school for electronics, graduated, did that gig for 12 years, but then went into computers and networking.

    I was into the occult ever since I was 13, my dad was into reincarnation and yoga and that kind of thing, but I spent most of life struggling to reconcile my scientific self with my metaphysical interests. I finally worked it out. Experience is a teacher like no other!



  18. Hi Morgana,


    I saw you mention you're taking a Herbology course. Is this something local, or over the Internet? I've thought about doing it before but I know I wouldn't have the time to commit right now... wish I could. Sounds great!



  19. U there, Spinney? I went to chat..

  20. What kind of music do I play?

    Rock, basically. Several forms though - everything from progressive/hard rock, to soft/ pop rock, to downright evil Heavy Metal, to clean jazz-esque stuff.

    Sometimes it depends on the instrument I'm writing on too - piano seems conducive to softer, more classical type works, and works better for me for the more somber, sad emotions.

    Same with my 12 string; whereas electric guitar is a very versatile instrument, and I can write pretty much any style I listed above on it.

    I've also toyed around with an authentic greek Bozouki but I didn't realize when I first got it and tuned it like a mandolin, lol.

    If you want, I have some song samples up on my website, in mp3 and wav format. The page isn't done yet (by far) but you get the idea. :)




    I just ask, that, if you go up to the site, please read the short blurbs for each song. They're chock full of excuses as to why the songs sound as semi-shitty as they do ;) and I just want to make sure everyone knows these are not professional demos or anything, but done at home with non-pro equipment.

  21. "I see you are a fellow musician, what music do you play?"


    Rock, basically. Several forms though - everything from progressive/hard rock, to soft/ pop rock, to downright evil Heavy Metal, to clean jazz-esque stuff.


    I posted a full answer over on my webpage, Spinney, if you want to read it.


    What do you play, fellow musician? :)

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