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  1. I just want to say Thank You for doing so much cleanup work. Wow. I do think it is something to be proud of. Most people have no idea what that takes, the sacrifice. It is an honorable act. The Birds are certainly thanking you and bringing you gifts.
  2. I had posted here before with doubts on twin flames, but I have had many profound revelations about my life in a short time and I now see my own experience of this phenomenon much more clearly. I am 100% confident that Twin Flames are real, because I have found mine. The concept is NOT the same as what is spouted on the 10c a bucket new age sites. There is so much bullshit out there. If I had trusted that stuff, I would have never allowed myself to be in the mindset where I could actually actualize my relationship with, yes, my Twin Flame, and I characterize that as a relationship of two souls who are with each other through every lifetime. That does not mean that each lifetime is ideal. But, for lack of a better term, the "finale" lifetime (and we ARE on a linear path, as a vortex, through space, and I DO believe in Eternal Life, so I'm really departing from the canon here, sorry friends) is the "reward." So, Past Life theory is the first axiom of a Twin Flame relationship, and a Linear Timeline. Then, there is Divine Plan/ordination, which pretty much does stand in opposition to Choice. That is not an easy concept to accept, and it seems to me most Witches would refuse to do so, and I understand. But, I will tell you this: I did not choose my Husband. He was chosen for me by the Goddesses and the Most High God that I pray to as the Sun. I do not claim to know the mind of God, or whatever you'd call that. But, I DO know that I have been guided to accept and follow my Divine Path, wherever it may lead me, Astrology refers to the North Node of the Moon for this. It is argued by some that we do not HAVE to follow our North Node. We can rebel against the Demiurge, or not. Yes, these are Gnostic ideas, not universally accepted by WItches, but are specific to that tradition and others like it. We can choose to explore other paths. But, I have found on MY path that my Gnosis has shown me that I was created, and paid for, for a very specific purpose, and that I have been guided the entire time by the Gods and other beings that I am in service to. I am a Witch because I was designed this way. And, I was designed to match and have a sacred relationship with my partner who is with me through all of time and space. This sounds lofty and it is. I have concluded that it is a very rare condition, to activate my Quantum Partner. Like I said, most of the writing on it, like most of the writing in the "new age" field is if not entirely off the mark or incomplete, it's at least not quite right. But, I have lived this, and will continue to do so forever. I work with parallel timelines and such, so this may sound a bit difficult to understand for practitioners who work in different paradigms than I do. The trials were severe and I doubted myself and the truth of this fact of my life for a long time. But, I have come clear on it now. I do not think everyone can experience their Twin Flame in any given lifetime. It is a result of cumulative work over many lifetimes of karma between two souls. Many have some "romantic notion" of it that it should be all so fun. It isn't. My Husband and I (it's a bit cheesy to use the term "twin flame" because of its overuse and inappropriate use, and anyway, I'm Traditional, and I love that I have a Husband, because I'm an animal. Seriously.) almost killed each other many times, and had to be legally divorced in order for me to legally function during our separation, and that separation had to be over 3 years long. We were married in tribal ceremony and in blood oath also, so the legal divorce was just a technicality that had to happen because of my family circumstances (long story, irrelevant to the topic and unnecessary) Passing the tests of what Twin Flame means is brutal. My Faith was tested in the most heartbreaking ways. But, on the flip side, the stories about it being "painful and you don't end up with your twin flame" are lies. You DO. Eventually, depending on whether the work is done. That's the whole point. It's mostly bullshit out there. And there are a lot of very malintented entities out there that will go to great lengths to have us forget who we really are. As Witches we understand this more than pretty much anyone. It's a jungle out there. A Twin Flame relationship is not a container to "hurt someone with no boundaries." It is a gift given when two souls have proven that they will not and are incapable of doing such things. In my case we had to unravel and undo some very severe violence issues before we could even approach each other again. Not every duo has the same issues, but most are not ready for such things whatever the theme. This is sacred information. It's a shame that the concept is tossed around like some love doll. It does not excuse a duo from doing the work of a relationship, either. Rather, the amount of work performed necessarily has to be more, because the nature of a Twin Flame relationship is very different from a regular relationship. It's extremely kinky, so much so that it can't be communicated. I have read other threads on here of discussions about whether one's partner shares the same practices. Well, in a Twin Flame relationship, to say that they share the same practices is an understatement. To use the term "complete psychic connection" is an understatement. There is nothing to think about. You just "KNOW." It can be very unsettling and many probably do not make it through the trials. Probably a lot of the misinformation out there is written by people who failed the Twin Flame Test. It has caused me to question everything that I have ever believed about how life works. There are no words for it. I cannot go any further on this without it becoming a testimony. I'm just trying to contribute my piece on the inquiry. They are real. I'm living it. It's wonderful. But I wouldn't wish its process on anyone unless they were really ready to undo everything and go to the very bottom of their worst nightmare. In fact, one of my poems is about this: https://quilless.wordpress.com/2011/09/14/affinity/
  3. I feel as though it totally depends on the context. There is definitely the factor of that inane yapping drains my energy. I've been so triggered by even very close people to me yapping endlessly in the past that I've been unable to control myself and been either mean to them, or have turned it back around on myself. Not good. Over the years I have structured my life to go to great lengths to avoid it. I've attempted vows of silence many times, but have never been able to do it yet. I don't live alone, so, it's pretty much impossible, and I have come to turn my perspective to value the small talk with my family for as long as I have it. They aren't yappers, though. I actually am the one who tries to "draw out" their conversation. I think it comes down to the CONTENT of the conversation and the level of awareness and heart-connection involved. I have been doing some shadow work that is about to go very deep, and I have come to realize that part of why I hate when "yappers" yap because I feel so blocked and suppressed that I don't feel as though I can let my own voice operate. I have had to put such intense limitations on my expression because of my circumstances; I have a partile (same degree, extremely tight) natal Mercury-Saturn square, Scorpio Saturn in my 4th representing powerful and traumatic limitations placed by family, and Retrograde Leo Mercury in 1st representing my own self-expression being stalled. Deep down, I see that I have actually been jealous, as in threatened, by people who are "yappers" because they are free to speak, whereas I am not. I am not saying that this has anything to do with your experience; it is mine, though. How I would love it if I lived in an environment where I could very literally say anything I wanted. That is a huge part aspect of my dream. Maybe we just have not found the physical scenes where we can exchange verbal energy and have it build us and the people we are speaking with/hearing from, as opposed to being drained by it. Though, and I write this as an edit, I just had a really great video conversation with someone who I just met online and found myself really enjoying what probably would have been seen by some others as "yapping" but for me it felt like finally being heard and feeling free to talk. Anyone who has been following my writing on here knows that I can really "yap" in writing form too LOL I think that what it comes down to is boundaries, and appropriate connections. I think that it is important for people to realize that to just bombard someone with talking when they are not ready to hear it can be very traumatizing. Context, timing, consent, content... all important. And we have to be responsible for our own boundaries too. There are some people out there that will go on and on and on...where you can't even get a word in edgewise... I hate that. I do my best to be patient but I'm not someone's free "listening ball" either!!! So, it's my responsibility to firmly say something, or make an action, that ceases the assault on my personal energy. If I have to be rude, or leave the scene, that is fine with me. I hope you can find and keep your solace space Georgina! ❤️
  4. I just made a bone broth this last week with curry goat bones, beef ribs, and chicken bones, I think.. boiled some kale in it this AM and have some left over for later. THAT was a great combo... 🤤 I read recently that it's recommended to boil for 24 hours to get all of the nutrients. I don't know if that's true; it probably depends on the size of the bones. But it did make me realize that a slow boil is probably better than a quickie. Speaking of nothing going to waste, check this out: https://english.tau.ac.il/news/prehistoric_soup
  5. You can't go wrong with a whole bird, baked, picking "clean," and then boiling the bones for broth, which produces a shockingly notable amount of mincemeat. You then separate every morsel of edible. I got 2lb of mincemeat out of a relatively small turkey recently. You have to be very careful with the final separations because some bird bones are very tiny, the side of a pencil head. Using tactile sense and going slowly is key. The remainder meat is perfect for "chicken salad" which is made from the other ingredients you use (mayo, tomato etc). The mileage out of one bird is incredible, incomparable. And, so nutritious. We survived as a species because of our ability to extract nutrition from bone. That it is not a foundational method used everywhere is a travesty. BTW do not give dogs cooked bones, as they can splinter and cause internal harm; raw only for the pets, and larger ones only. I like taking fresh herbs, oil, and salt, and using it to "dress" the bird, then bake. Simple as anything, and you can't screw it up as long as you get the cooktime right.
  6. How odd! Well, if I were in your position then I'd try to develop a relationship somehow. Either way I am glad it seems to not be malevolent as you originally thought it could be!
  7. Interesting turn of events. I don't have experience with Brownies (besides the baked good, and having been a Brownie Girl Scout!), but, my intuition is telling me to suggest to you making it its own fairy house next to/inside of a particularly nice tree or hedge outside, on the property (well hidden so that future tenants would not find and eliminate it unknowingly). That way it would have its own place, and the conflict of interest would be solved. You could leave a trail of honey cakes or cookies or even fruit, or whatever you feel is right, from your door to its house, with the nicest cake and some milk inside the little house, telling it what you are doing and why, as a gift, and then leave the property for a bit (during twilight, ideally) to allow it to make its move by choice. Tell it that if it gets lonely, you can visit sometimes and bring sweets, but please to ask permission or be invited before entering the Human's dwelling again. It is worth a try 🙂
  8. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2ssWn4TeRHU I just discovered Draconia today. A perfect fit for before we pass through the Dragon. Sorry, for some reason the embed isn't working.
  9. I think that you have narrated it very nicely! I think about the heat, its physical being and the chemical operations happening to transform the food into whatever it is. There are also chemical reactions in cold brews also, which I like making, extracting herbs in vinegar or oil for example, to reveal the medicinal properties and make them useful and palatable.
  10. But, it is not necessary, if that ritual has to be left behind. If I have to leave land where my departed animal friends are buried and left, then so be it. It is not the thing, but the inspiration or the feeling, and the knowing. I feel there has to be a certain amount of detachment involved! The shells, they are inherently empty.
  11. I think that it is already able, but it is also nice to be symbolic and pay respect, isn't it? I know it feels good to everyone involved.
  12. It's not always an easy mix with mundane life, or other people, if they are not of like mind.
  13. Looks good. Impressive work. Are there any specific new features you want to draw our attention to?
  14. That’s so touching. Thank you for sharing. I once lived in a duplex where wasps had taken up residence in the mailbox, and I considered them my protectors. Never once was I bothered on my own property by someone who was not invited my by myself (besides sound from neighbors, but that doesn’t apply in the same way). You made a great friend and ally.
  15. To continue about Melissa, it's unclear to me as to whether the medical field recognizes contraindication to SSRI. I just did a quick google. WebMB counterindicates for CNS depressants, and Beaufort Memorial for sedatives and thyroid medicines. I did find confirmation on another search that there are, like you say, mild MAOI effects, but, if webmd doesn't indicate that, then it's likely that the effect is not problematic enough to be considered notable. But, to be very clear, I have zero medical training, and zero herbal training under any recognized herbalist. I just like using them, and have read Brooke. Herbalism is very complex and I am only a personal using amateur. Anyone should be careful when using any herb and always check to see if the medications they take mix badly with the chosen herb.
  16. Thanks very much for pointing that out. Yet another example why people should always do their own research. I did include "as far as I know..." but that doesn't mean that I know everything. I most certainly don't. Thank you again for sharing very important information.
  17. Yes, it's an incredibly aggravating series at times, and yet, I must have played for many hundreds of hours in my youth, easily. I wouldn't be surprised if I tipped the thousand mark (an hour a day for 3 years? probably well over that... Mom would get mad when we occupied the computer for too long). We had them in the home when I was a child, starting pretty much at the age where I could type words on a keyboard. We even printed it as we went on that old paper that was attached to the next page, and had the holes you had to rip off on the sides (that's a lot of paper, and I wouldn't do that today, for a few turns on a cheesy game!). My family didn't play well with each other (we may have if my parents bought D&D instead of Monopoly, though) so we mostly did solo adventuring instead, but we bonded over the stories in the game B) I've tried playing them again and I don't get very far before giving up and doing something more productive. It's mostly nostalgia for me. Oh, Accardi-by-the-Sea.... :chakrahearts:
  18. :lol: Who needs the demolition men when you've got Lemon Balm aka Melissa?! :D Well, it may take a while, but it's much prettier!!!
  19. I've been having great results with Melissa Officinalis (Lemon Balm) lately, and after my friend suffering from depression has been taking from a plant I gave him only a couple of days ago, he has been reporting being "happier." It's a very gentle herb, with AFAIK no major contraindications, and is a balancing Jupiter herb as well, so it won't take you too far in either direction, and as such I imagine it's good for bipolar. It also helps with anxiety, so, again, balancing the depression and anxiety. https://books.google.com/books?id=l2luDwAAQBAJ&pg=PA120&lpg=PA120&dq=elisabeth+brooke+melissa&source=bl&ots=4mzrqoT3Zn&sig=ACfU3U2k94Vw6BXcaouafIgxZNw6i5a8MA&hl=en&sa=X&ved=2ahUKEwjFyZzysYzpAhX_hXIEHVfMDEYQ6AEwAHoECAkQAQ#v=onepage&q=elisabeth%20brooke%20melissa&f=false If you can get a plant, it's invasive, so you'll have a lot of it soon enough.
  20. Online gaming, eh. It's the "fun in person at the table" that attracts me. I'd rather just study ;) I've heard also that the gatekeeping online is even worse than in person! There is a game shop around here too, and I did attend one game there... maybe once the corona restrictions are lifted I'll check it out again. We'll see. My early life dungeon experience was more the solo venture, a la Zork-series text adventures. I never beat any of them, though... well, one of them, but I cheated so horribly it was embarrassing! No dragons there, though, that I can remember.
  21. Nasturtium seeds arrived in my local library's seed packet through the mail this week :) Also Calendula. I love flowers that I can eat! I'm a super-pragmatic gardener, and it's rare that I will purchase or plant something to grow that I can't use to eat or for medicine in some way. So I was pleased to receive these flower seeds!
  22. Oh yes indeed, every now and then life throws me a weird curve that is just totally nonsensical... sometimes stuff I have to "deal with" and other times, just weird things that appear that tell me that the nature of reality is stranger than I think, like for example I started watching a "mindbending" amazon prime show (Tales from the Loop) that features a very strange object in its first episode, an object "from underground" that looks exactly like a piece of tourmaline on a larger specimen that I mined myself. Um.... what?! I couldn't have possibly have manifested an entire TV show that undoubtedly took a whole lot of money and hundreds or even thousands of man-hours to create. Yet, it's the same shape and color, right there in plain sight. You've gotta be kidding me! Absurd and nonsensical are definitely appropriate words. It's probably thinking, "oh shit, I've been getting away with this for so long and now there's a witch here, well fuck me running/fuck me floating" Binding it is an interesting idea! I've never done that before but if you can manage it, ridding of it that way sounds like a good option. Putting the object in a place where there's an extreme amount of water or air movement (an airport? OK maybe not, we don't want it messing up air traffic, that would be really bad!!!) rather than burying it sounds good. Ghosts need to move on, unless they're harmless or helpful. For real. I've known of some people that were serious ghost-hunters and discovered that you can even download apps on your phone that sense the magnetic fields, and can even hear "ghostly voices." I have no idea how reliable they are, but they could help in locating and trapping the entity.
  23. Tattoos seem to come to me, or be available for me to get, during very important spiritual transitions. I have 5, and have only purchased two of them: my first one, and my second one. The following three were either gifted or negotiated for as part of ceremony. One of them was a marriage tattoo, and I've since been divorced, and have been awaiting the right moment for a coverup. That one I'm more than happy to pay full price for, if necessary. It's a matter of my having the money at the same time as being able to negotiate and plan with an artist who does the sort of work I like and if I energetically "click" with them. Because it's a coverup, I'm less concerned with spiritual clicking then I am with the more practical factors, but nevertheless, it's a bloodletting operation, and I have to at least have a positive rapport and good feelings with the person. Of course also around here you can't get a tattoo unless you know someone because of the quarantine shutdowns. When it's the right time, it'll happen. It does really bother me that I'm walking around with a name and insignia that aren't mine anymore, but, alas, I chose to put them there, and have to wait until the Powers that Be allow me to bury that all for good. I'm extremely picky with who marks my body. If it's not the right match, my guides won't even let me move forward. As such I don't quite have the "luxury" of being able to make deals with just any artist, regardless of how talented they may be. I have 4 "shop" tattoos (two of them were gifted by a friend who works at one, who I have since fallen out with, unfortunately), all "new school" except for the marriage one that is tribal, and 1 "stick and poke." The stick and poke didn't hurt at all, despite being on a very sensitive area. It felt like a tickle.
  24. If it's moving things around in an undesired way, it does sound like a poltergeist. Aren't those somehow caused by psychospiritual disturbances of a person who occupies the home? Yet, you say that he claims it was there from the very beginning of his dwelling there. So, maybe not. It sounds angry. It sounds like you've been leveled-up and given a puzzle, Hunter. Yikes. I'm no expert in ghosts, honestly. I would say that white sage isn't enough to get rid of something who has been there for over a decade. White sage also doesn't prevent re-occupation. Once the smoke billows away and the task is done, the space has to be warded in some way. My Laboradorite jumped out at me (physically) when I was about to write this, and that stone is good for astral protection. Perhaps ordering some of that and placing it at the corners of the property or house would be beneficial. Black tourmaline, too (with mica if you can get it, holy shit that one's awesome). I know some here don't work with stones, but they come naturally to me and I find them quite useful. They work better if placed with intention, of course. The key is that you want to place something physical in/around the house that represents and functions to keep harmful entities away on a permanent basis. I have also heard of very literally sitting down and counseling the spirit to encourage it to move on, like a cop would do with a hostageholder. If your beau has been sleeping with the lights on, a grown man, then, it is sort of a hostage situation wouldn't you say? Sorry I can't be of much more help here.
  25. Lovely!!! Watercolor? You exhibit great skill with that medium. The water in "Bones of my Mother" is especially evocative.
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