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  • Have you explored other paths?
    I was raised in the UCC church. For many years I was a member. Then at 13, my cousin bought me a book on "Wicca". From that point I was an agnostic Wiccan. Then I learned about traditional wicca and sought that for a while. Now I call myself an eclectic neo-pagan. Though a big part of my practice is witchcraft.

    I'm no longer actively seeking traditional wicca. I choose to stop exploring that path because it seems to lack balance. I need balance, light and dark. So I am now something else. I'm trying a shamanic path, and witchcraft at the moment. Who knows where it will go.
  • What does Traditional Witchcraft mean to you?
    What Traditional Witchcraft means to me has changed over time. Originally it was just witchcraft prior to Gardner and Wicca. Now I see it's so much more. In some ways it's about Freedom (personal freedom). Though for me it's about self discovery and exploration. I can try anything I want and not have any one say anything "Bad" about it.

    In spiritual terms it's about me finding my own connection to spirits and the earth. I believe witchcraft to be a very spiritual practice. You don't have to be religious or believe in deity, but it offers a connection to something. I am building my own connection to spirits and the spirit world. Though it's mostly about personal development.
  • What do you expect to get from this site, and what do you expect to contribute to this forum?
    I came here to learn and explore my own personal beliefs. I've found amazing people and information. I've started to develop myself and my beliefs. I know that I'm not going to be laughed at for what I am and what I believe. I'm here to stay!

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  1. So much of that resonated with me. I'm going to have to copy that and post it in my journal so I can record myy thoughts on it as I continue discovering my path.
  2. Ok here we go! Please question me about my answers! 1. What is your favorite witchy movie? I haven't seen the origanal, but I loved the remake of the Wickerman. I need to see the origanal. Now that I have a better sense of humor I like it even more. Funny! 2. Where is your favorite place to do a spell? It would depend on the spell. Most of the time I like to be outside at my parents. Ideally I'd have my own little gazebo outside with a man made pond and a garden with hedges sou rounding it. Failing that I'd like to try something new like a graveyard or even a "historical" place. 3. Where do you NORMALLY do your spells? In my kitchen Either my bedroom or living room. It depends on my living arangements. The first effective spell I ever did was over my desk in a shared bedroom at a group home. I didn't even follow any "rules". I just did what felt right. No real planning or anything! 4. What type of spells are your favorite? Anything related to restriction. I'm rather fond of the theory behind binding spells. Though I'm always up for exploration! 5. What is your favorite ingredient for a spell? Herbally I'd have to say cinnamon. It means a lot of things to me. Other wise paper, pen, and if needed cords. Keep it simple and easy. 6. What is your LEAST favorite ingredient to use in a spell? Sexual fluid-just have issues with it right now 7. What is your favorite witchy holiday/festival? Morte'don (a holiday I made up around Halloween) 8. Do you have an animal spirit, If yes, how many? Yes. I have 3-5. Depending on who you ask. 9. If yes to #8, name the animal spirit(s): Snake, butterfly, and stag. Though wolves and eagles have made an appearance. 10. Name your favorite witchy character: Sabrina the teen age witch; She just makes being different a lot of fun! 11. When was the last time you did a hex/curse? I kinda did one back in February 12. When was the last time you did a blessing/healing? Several months ago. 13. When was the last time you did a binding? March 2006-love bidning paper, rose petals, yarn, drawing of myself and my partner 14. When was the last time you did a love spell? See my binding spell 15. Have you ever done a spell on someone just because you were bored? Thought about it, and maybe will someday, but for now no. I just do it when I need to, and only on those who I know. 16. What is your strength as a witch? I'm developing so I don't know. My fiance claims my healing ability is strong though. 17. What is your weakness as a witch? Visulization and emotion control 18. If you could go back in time to meet ANYBODY associated in witchcraft, who would it be and why? Bessie Dunlap. I've read a lot about her trial and would like to have asked her to be my teacher. Prior to that SRW and Scott Cunningham because I'd like to stop their books from ever being printed. Save a lot of "wiccans" grief. Plus I would have a better understanding of witchcraft. In regards to my family, my meme. She was according to my mom full of "folk lore" and the like. I really wish we had some one write down her knowledge. She read playing cards. It's now down to my mom and myself ( 2 generations later). 19. How much of a "modern stereotyped witch" applied to you as a witch? 75% I'd say. I'm very strongly associated with "Wicca". That and I dress mostly in black and have had an "emo" outlook for a long time. Damn rebelious teens giving the goth look a bad name :-p 20. How long have you been a member of this forum? February I think? Not long and man have I learned a lot!
  3. Loona Wynd

    Dreams and Direction

    So I had an interesting dream last night. I don't know if any of you are familiar with the Dragons of Pern series by Anne McCaffery, but I had a dream where the Doctor (from Doctor Who) gave me a lift to Pern so I could meet the Dragons. I was given a white Dragon as my partner and when I returned to Earth she became a Queen. I found myself teaching others about Dragons and their abilities. It was interesting to see all the different types of Dragons that came from my Queen. I took this dream to mean that I defiantly need to continue my direction in working with Dragon Magick as part of my witchcraft. I felt a love and nudge from them to go in this direction. So here I go!
  4. I don't know if I ever had a familiar or not. I do know that my cat used to love to walk all over my alter and working area, claiming it as her own. She lives with my parents now as I can't have her be with me in my current apartment.:cry::mad2:
  5. Loona Wynd

    Changes in my life

    I have just been doing some thinking. Yesterday when I was resting a bunch of thoughts went through my mind about myself and my path. One that came in was that I should try to be more physically fit and spend more time in nature. In the past it's helped me mentally as well as physically. Things I'm planning on doing are going for a walk every day (start with 1/2 an hour and then go to an hour). For me Yoga is physical (if only a bit) and mental. Both of which helps me meditate and be more in myself. When I was doing yoga on a daily basis my mental health was much better. There is this sacred path work book that I plan on getting and working through on a weekly basis. It's based on a divination deck called "Sacred Path Cards". I really want to get to know those cards better. The work book is supposedly desinged to help you understand yourself and your path. So who knows what it will do for me. Eventually I also plan on changing my diet. I don't eat as healthy as I should or could. These changes are all going to be starting slowly. I'm a bit nervous about making some of these changes, but if I want to be as healthy as I can be then I need to make some changes. My fiance also wants to change his diet. Then we can help each other out. My ultimate goal is to use these changes to intergrate my spirtuality with all aspects of my life. I feel this can add some ultimate healing to my path. I know I have a lot of healing to do, but that's ok. I am willing to do the work. I want to become a "whole" person, and to do so requires much work on my part. Still seeking who I am and where I belong in this life, but then again isn't every one to some degree? I still have some confusion and in some ways still feel overwhelmed by the information out there. However I am taking it more slowly and attempting to take it day by day. That's one of the reasons I attempt to do some journaling in my journal every day. Some times it's about my path, and others it's about my daily lifes and thoughts. I don't know where I am going, all I know is that I have an interested journey and it starts with a single step, so here I go! ~Loona Wynd~ ~ Charity Bedell~
  6. I see. So I guess we'll make that decision when we come to that bridge.
  7. My fiance was exposed to many religions growing up, and if my mom hadn't been completely programed (by her strict catholic father) that witchcraft was "evil" then I would have been exposed to it as a child. As it was I was exposed in my teens, and after reading some info my mom was like "yeah go ahead".
  8. My fiance has his own path. Tyr is his Patron God, and he has an interest in the Nordic paths. Myself when I was looking at candles and the like and came across a "skull" candle I liked it. His comment was "Wouldn't want to use it for ritual.." My reply was "Um Hun, I'm studying Traditional Witchcraft" "Oh...." So I don't think he has a problem with my path. Occasionally he'll join me for ritual and have discussions about the path with me. However I am mostly on my own. My mother on the other hand wants me to be her teacher. I Know that my path and view is not for her, but that doesn't stop me from having discussions with her. My only problem with him is that in public he refers to *our* practice as Wicca. Now there was a time when I was fine with that, but now.. I'm not so sure. I don't follow the "Traditional" Wicca, and I don't follow a traditional path yet. So I just say "I'm a witch". I let him call himself what he wants. I want to raise my children in an eclectic spiritual life. By that I mean I want to expose them to witchcraft, various forms of paganism, Chrsitianity. and what have you. In the house we will work with my family and my fiance's family (all Christian) and my personal practices. That way they learn a lot and can make an informed decision on their own.
  9. I was going to start small. Something working with perseverance as I heal from my past trauma. I wonder if any one has dried dandelion for sale...
  10. It's part of the way I was raised. Using blood of any sort was "taboo", so getting used to the idea that it's not taboo is taking some time. Though while I have been thinking about this a simple spell and rite came to my mind involving my blood, my cauldron, and dandelions. Once the weather is warm and dandelions are around I may actually try it. Does any one else get random spell ideas popping into their head at unexpected times? It's starting to happen a lot more, the more I put my life into my craft and not have it just be "something I do". I'm starting to make it part of who I am and how I live me life.
  11. Is it normal to be a little nervous about thinking about the practice of using blood when your new to everything?
  12. Is there a specific amount of blood that needs to be used in a spell, or can any amount work? I only ask because I know nothing about working with blood.
  13. Some times I wonder why this is such a Taboo topic. I mean it's something I have personally thought about doing. I think I'd use my menstrual blood in self healing work as a way of getting some of my "sexual" and "fertile" energy out there. I've just been a bit nervous to actually try it....
  14. I have a pentacle on my left shoulder. I'll get a pic at some point. I plan on having other tats like an ankh or some other symbol that represents life and death, yinyang, snake, butterfly, and the Reiki icon. All of them mean something to me. Yinyang: Balance of Male and Female Energies as well as Positive and Negitive energies (it's an important part of my practice) Ankh: Symbol of life Reiki: I practice and hold my First Degree in the Usui Tradition Butterfly: One of my animal spirit guides-transformation and freedom as well as simple beauty Snake: Another one of my spirit guides. It represents growth and rebirth, which is something I am always doing due to my healing nature. I have issues in my past that I wont go into, sufice to say they play a lot into my practice.
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