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    I am a Rosicrucian, and find this a good way to develop my craft from a non dogmatic point of view.
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    Since childhood. I've always had a knowing.
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    Lots of searching and a strong desire to eliminate the fluff.
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  1. Wyrd


    Good fun! The tree thing is something that I would definitely do! 😉
  2. The tea, turmeric and pepper combination enhance bioavailability of both turmeric and green tea, making them supper nutraceuticals. Let me know how it works for you. :)
  3. Both types work to help the body remove uric acid. I recommend taking one teaspoon directly off the spoon twice a day, but most don't like the taste of the tart cherry and often give up because of it. :)
  4. I devised this very simple, fast and effective remedy after many gout sufferers reported that taking Black Cherry juice just wasn’t working for them. Black Cherry juice works by helping the body remove excess uric acid. However, by the time people feel the symptoms of gout, the needle-like crystals have already formed and are damaging their body. Without making major lifestyle changes, Black Cherry juice only serves to slow the process. I still recommend continuing with Black Cherry juice to help remove the unhealthy concentration of uric acid, even when using the remedy. Side Note: Don’t be fooled by the simplicity of this remedy, it works fast and is effective. Some folk have reported a reduction in arthritis, and one friend with a heart condition said that it reduced his arterial damage markers in his latest blood test. Who knows, maybe this remedy has a much wider ranging benefit beyond gout. I should start charging for this stuff. All ingredients should be Organic (as in no pesticides, which causes inflammation), Non-GMO, Non-ETO and Non-Irradiated. Most spices sold today, even the organic ones, are fumigated with chemicals (ETO) and/or Irradiated, thus rendering most if not all their medicinal properties useless. If it doesn’t say on the container Non-ETO and Non-Irradiated, then it is either one or both! A good spice brand is Frontier CO-OP. Ingredients: 1 smidgen of fine-ground Black Pepper (technical term for; I have no idea how to measure so little) 10 - 20 grains of fine ground, and no I don’t count them. 1/8 teaspoon of Turmeric - Adjust more or less to taste (too much will make the remedy gritty and nasty, too little will be less effective). 1 Green Tea teabag - Must be regular, as the caffeine is a required part of the remedy (good choices are; Matcha, Sencha, Gyokuro). Clean, freshly boiled Water - Spring or distilled work well (don’t use tap water if it's chlorinated / fluoridated, even filtered tap water still this crap in it). Put the Black Pepper and Turmeric in your favorite cup or mug, add boiling water to a little less than a quarter of the cup/mug, and gently swirl (the cup not you) for ten to fifteen seconds, this will start the decoction process of the dry ingredients (this step is important, so don’t skip it). Add the teabag and fill the rest of the cup with boiling water, let it steep for five to ten minutes (you can leave the teabag in the cup, but it will be bitter after too long). Enjoy from one to three cups per day. The first daily cup should be consumed on an empty stomach. Typical physical benefits are achieved in one to three days when consuming only one cup a day on an empty stomach. Most gout sufferers endure two or more weeks of excruciating pain and swelling without this remedy. :)
  5. Update After several months of using and testing this with Turmeric, I've not noticed any additional benefits, other than taming the taste slightly, which I never found to be a issue for me or my family members. :)
  6. Mmmmm love this recipe - thanks for sharing. :)
  7. I want to go on record as saying; More like stale cat-piss with a rancid aftertaste reminiscent of regurgitated vomit. But that's just me!
  8. Update: I adding Turmeric to this recipe, to see if there are any additional or increased benefit's over the original formula, I can’t resist tinkering with stuff. LOL. If anyone here is still using the original formula, and would like to try adding Turmeric, I’d be very interested in your feedback. My main goal is to add additional or enhanced benefit's to the original recipe, while calming the sensation for some of the more sensitive without reducing it's effectiveness. :)
  9. Anyone read Advanced Magick for Beginners by Alan Chapman. (BTW do a google search with this " Advanced magick for beginners alan chapman pdf " to read for free). I finished this interesting read on line, and just may buy the book for my collection. I found his honest and funny no fluffy-bunny approach to be refreshing, but it will probably piss off the die-hard adherent. There are a lot of parallels with this book and my own discoveries/conclusions as I've grown in the craft. The book is a short easy read with only 170 pages, lots of blank pages inserted and wide margins. There are numerous exercises that I didn't feel the need to do, as most of my life experiences have already proved out the points that he's making. All in all a pretty good book for beginners, and encouragement for the rest of us to just do our own thing! :)
  10. Hi PapaGheny, I wish that they were mine, alas they are part of my collection from various trusted herbalists. :)
  11. Essential oils are always my go-to for first aid, Lavender and Lemongrass oils are a must have in my first aid kit for any kind of infection. A true cure-all, lavender essential oil is antibacterial, antiviral and antiinflammatoryproperties which soothe skin rashes and many other skin infections. Furthermore, lavender essential oilspeeds up the healing process of scrapes, bruises and insect bites or stings.Lavender oil is mild enough that it doesn't need a carrier oil; it can be used directly on the skin to do its magic. If you are suffering from Athlete's foot or other fungal skin infections lemongrass essential oil should be your go-toremedy, since it is considered the best essential oil to treat fungal infections. Furthermore, it can be used to sterilizepores, serves as a natural toner and strengthens skin tissue, making it an effective cleanser for all skin types.However, if you have sensitive skin, lemongrass oil may create a rash, discomfort or even a burning sensation. Also,pregnant women should not use lemongrass essential oil because it stimulates menstrual flow which on very rareoccasions may lead to a miscarriage. That said it's always good practice to use a carrier oil, as essential oils are volatile and will evaporate before completing their task, with the one exception noted above. Here's a couple from my book of cures; Plantain Ointment Apply a lump of the ointment to the entry point of any infection, puncture wound, bee sting, snake bite,or other venomous bite. Place a band-aid over the area and leave on until melted and dissipating, thenreplace with a new lump. Do not clean off, just add more if and as needed. Plantain Ointment (2 oz)This ointment is always made with the fresh plantain leaves. I am non-plussed with what is being madecommercially, so I usually make my own. Ointments are all made as described below, but with plantainwe always use the fresh, undried leaves as the dried leaves do not work for this purpose. They are verygood for lots of things, but not for drawing out venom and poison. These must be fresh, undried.Ointments at my house are made by filling a container (usually a glass bread pan) with the herbs astightly packed as I can get them. I always use cut herbs for an ointment. Over this I pour extra virginolive oil or Bertolli extra light olive oil. The herbs should be covered by an inch of oil in the breadpanmodel. Next to it I put a glass container (usually a pint jar) with enough beeswax so that when it ismelted it equals 1/8 the total volume of oil that you used (so you should measure how much oil you addto the herbs). These are placed in the oven at 180-200 Degrees F. This is kept here for 4 hours. Note: wehave had a little more control over heat using a toaster oven and many companies use lowertemperatures in a chaffing dish for 24-72 hours to avoid damaging with heat many of the delicateconstituents of the herbs. I personally have never seen the benefit except in a handful of cases (arnicaand calendula, for example, both flowers), so I use the oven and I believe this makes the strongestointment. Strict raw foodists may feel better about the chaffing dish plan. I repeat, however, that thegoal here is potency to save lives. We will worry about perfection when the emergency is past!The herbs in the ointment should turn brown and crisp as the value is drawn into the ointment. In thecase of plantain, the ointment will dry green!When we are done, we take the herbs and oil and strain it through a wire strainer into a container with awide mouth that can be used to dispense the ointment. Then the wax is added and stirred in while itcools. Often, I put it into a pan of cold water to help cool it faster. I will also often make up more waxthan I think I need since consistency varies and more wax may be needed to make it solid enough to notleak out of the container easily. The ointment can be tested by dipping a finger or a wooden spoon intoit and then into cold/ice water. The ointment sets up and can be tested for firmness, telling whethermore wax is desirable or not. When you are content with the mixture, leave to set up fully and put atight lid on to keep it good indefinitely. YDC (pwd)Used for hemorrhoids, prolapsed, candida, low iron, low back pain. Kills candida and heals weak tissue inthe lower pelvic region. Tea is used as douch and as tea to drink. Powder is stirred into water and usedas an anal implant or stirred into juice and given to children with thrush top or bottom. For low backpain, may be taken in capsules or drunk as tea. YDC (pwd 4 oz)This product cannot any longer be purchased made according to the original recipe. For the majority ofits usefulness to us, the original recipe is the only thing that works. The other formulas do not work forfungal infections well at all. The recipe is as follows:6 parts oak bar3 parts mullein herb4 parts yellow dock root3 parts walnut bark or leaves6 parts comfrey root1 part lobelia3 parts marshmallow root This is always made as powder for our purposes. It is important to purchase these herbs alreadypowdered as powdering roots is tough business once they are dried. :)
  12. Merianna, Did this help your with your sinus issue, I would be very interested in your feedback, good or bad. :)
  13. As an important reminder, please allow a two (2) hour window before or after taking conventional medications.
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