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  1. I have worked with blood and various other body/animal parts for years. I also feel that menstral blood is very powerful and symbolic but i never thought of storing it on that way Michele so cheers for that ! :)
  2. I need a decent horror book...any suggestions?
  3. I have always had my hair long apart from one time when i was 12 and my mum decided to have it cut so short that all the kids at school took the chronic piss :( I havent had my hair cut for a year (since it was last trimmed I mean) even through the ends really do need trimming. At the moment my hair is to the top of my bum, natural colour, red and in really good condition. I feel almost naked with short hair and my hair is a really big part of me. I cant ever see my going short again. As far as magickal purposes go then as my hair is such an important part of me i would say that instictivly i know it would cause me a problem even if it was just at an unsubconscience level.
  4. Dawn

    I just want to run.

    Im sorry you feel so bad babe xxxx
  5. Dawn

    O- Blood

    Do you know what? I have no idea what my blood type is!! Is that bad???? :pumpkin_rolleyes: Talking about eye colour, my eyes were blue till i was 15 and now they are green. Maybe they change with age. Not sure if they change when im angry though, never checked myself out in the mirror when im going into one lol!.
  6. Dawn


    Love Enya!!! I have spent many a stoned night listening to her, good good memories :)
  7. The mental images i was getting here cracked me up !!! Sounds exactly like something that would happen to me lol!
  8. Early Metallica. Love them bastards :)
  9. Woke up this morning thinking that i must start listening to music again. So today im gonna dust off some metal and give it a blast :witchnana:
  10. A Book called Mr Nice. Its about Howard Marks who was the most wanted man in England for drugs smuggling. Its his autobiography and a brilliant read. Not very witchy though ;)
  11. Im reading, 'ask and it is given' author Esther Hicks and her hubby. If you take no notice of the god reference, or maybe your 'god' is something totally different then the christian take on things, there are actually some excellent ideas, and theories in the book regarding the law of attraction. Its probably what we all know already about attracting things to ourselves, focus, visualisation and the absolute belife that you will get what you desire. Interesting read very similiar to the way that i work magickally.
  12. I like! Its like code Spinney;) Plus im PMSL here, you sound demented :)
  13. LMAO!!!!!!! Your fingers are bewitched;) Still the words in google and see if they mean anything....
  14. You been fucking around in the realms of chaos Spinney???:nono:
  15. My library does these crazy promos....Take out 5 books and get a dvd for free. So my brother and i are always comming out of the armed with these books. Anyway the other day we went in to get a film and they said again that if we took 5 books out we could have a free dvd. So we both went to the books trying to find something we fancied but trying to hurry up as well. I moved to the fiction section and i saw loads of books by Nora Roberts. Never heard of her. I picked 5 books, including a triology and i have to say, fucking fantastic! Made me cry as well. I dont think i have enjoyed a series so much. Its total fantasy and on occasion a little cringy but if you read it with an open mind you will love them. Ill list them for you incase your interested Morrians Cross Dance with the Gods Valley of the Silence.
  16. Dawn

    I Am

    OOOh im up for a bit of that ! Of you go then!!! :) ...
  17. Dawn

    I Am

    I really really like that Magdalena, exceptional stuff x
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