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    Occult, Witchcraft, Herbalism, Various Healing Modalities
  • How familiar are you with witchcraft?
    I've studied for about 12 years but it has always been from Wiccan sources and I'd like to study from a Traditional perspective as that is what I'm drawn towards. I could certainly use any advice on books and sites to follow and thought a traditional craft forum would be a good place to start.
  • Have you explored other paths?
    Wicca, Traditional Catholicism/Folk Catholicism, and just a wee bit of study on subjects such as The Rosy Cross, Masonry and Crowley's works (but not enough to have much of an opinion).
  • Have you ever worked with Traditional Witchcraft?
    Yes, as based on Treading the Mill (Compass work, trance work and basic charm making, energy raising, ancestor work).
  • What does Traditional Witchcraft mean to you?
    A knowledge of folk practices (sometimes mixed with other practices such as Ceremonial, etc.) that common folk have used in everyday life for thousands of years. Witchcraft ala Cecil Williamson, Sybil Leek, and The Witch of Forest Grove (a blog I follow and highly respect).
  • How long have you worked with witchcraft in general?
    12 years I've worked with witchcraft personally. I've been reading various occult materials since I was quite young but I never began practicing anything until years later. I am currently being trained in a coven. I feel the experience is helping make up for lost time.
  • What brought you to our site?
    I googled Traditional Witchcraft Forum. ;)
  • What do you expect to get from this site, and what do you expect to contribute to this forum?
    I am hoping to be able to discuss various questions about how people do various things and looking for book/website/blog recommendations. Also, I'd like a good group of people to bounce questions off of as they arise. I'm basically interested in learning and have lots of questions. :) While I consider myself well-read on the topic of witchcraft I don't think my knowledge holds up in traditional circles because it's mostly Wiccan based - so I think I'll have lots of "newbie" style questions.
  • Do you belong to any other online witchcraft sites?
    Yes, WitchyLiving - though I'm currently inactive atm. Between work, children, coven studies and social life I manage to stay busy... LOL
  • What are your strongest points in witchcraft?
    Focus, trance work, working with the dead, dedication.
  • What are your weakest points in witchcraft?
    Lack of practical knowledge on a variety of topics (which has been part of my beef with Wicca - it's very one-sided much of the time). Astral projection

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  1. I am very private about it. There are a lot of reason why that works for me. I am part of one coven and run another one. Despite this, and teaching various classes, I am very under the radar and I work under a pseudonym. One non-witchy friend knows about me and that's it. I run in several circles at once and keep them quite separated. Generally I think I'll always be of the opinion that it's not something to be advertised. But to each his own. So many of my friends are very "out".
  2. Sure. I'll do my best. The Golden Tarot by Kat Black has always been a reading that is "soft" and "nurturing" for lack of better words. I feel like messages with that deck come across "nicer" and not so forceful or bluntly. There is a time for blunt, but there are times for soft, too. I'm drawn to it for that reason, but it's not my main deck. I love the imagery and the art and, of course, the gold foiled sides. :) My main deck at this point is the traditional Rider Waite. Never thought I'd say that because I avoided it for years, but for clean and clear messages and info the Rider Waite is my go-to. Medieval Scapini is a favorite. It is the deck I learned on whilst avoiding the Rider Waite. I love that it's based on the Marseille Tarot. Eventually I dipped into Marseille Tarot readings with traditional MT decks. Great rabbit hole. I've used some of the readings for professional venues and people love it.
  3. In my experience, the answer is a definite yes.
  4. Those are some great books there. Anything from Troy Books is fantastic. Enjoy!
  5. I'm aware of that concept, but it's never been an issue for me. I'm very attracted to wrought iron things and so much of that room has wrought iron. But it's never hindered me. The stands for the balls are for decoration. (Finding the stands has been a hobby in itself.) The table has a crystal on a pillow - and that's what I use if I'm not holding the ball myself. Thank you, Madame. We affectionately call it the Red Room (no association with 50 Shades of Grey). It is literally covered in red curtains. Regarding mixing alcohol with mugwort, or wormwood, there isn't an issue. One would have to ingest a LOT of it for it to matter. Herbalists make tinctures with these herbs all the time. As an herbalist I've been doing it for years. ;) You do bring up something I could have mentioned though. Absinthe is also a great drink for divination work. And for someone like me who can make use of the tipsy state for this kind of work, absinthe is sometimes better. It's a "clear" drunk - one can keep her head and not get fuzzy. I do not remember which book off hand. I think it was called Divination Tea II. (There were several divination tea recipes. This tea had yarrow, too.)
  6. I just typed a long post only to have it all get deleted when attempting to add pics. :razz: That will teach me to not copy my post... LOL This has been an interesting thread to read. I grew up loving crystal balls and it was the first thing I ever tried to work with when it came to divination. I stumbled on Ted Andrews' book about crystal balls in fourth grade at the public library. I was entranced by the pictures and have created quite a collection of balls now (pictured below). It turns out that crystal ball scrying was not my forte, which was unfortunate because I spent a small fortune acquiring my collection over the years. In the end I just love the look of anything clear and spherical, so my collection continues... I did figure out some things that worked well for me. While Ted Andrews' method of crystal scrying never worked for me, his cleansing method did. I still cleanse my scrying crystals in sea salt water with pennyroyal oil. Method: Before I undertake any big divination working I cleanse myself and space. I also drink a mugwort wine. I believe it is a Judika Illes recipe for divination and I just took it and added it to Mogen David. The super sweetness of Mogen David makes the intense bitterness easier to drink. The higher alcohol content pulls out the active constituents in the herbs more effectively than a typical table wine, too. But I also find that I work divination best when I'm under the influence of alcohol. I have to be on the edge of tipsy. So, for me, this is my method of preparation. I darken the room and light candles for soft light, then fill the room with copious clouds of incense smoke. It's very cliche, but it works for me and I love the ambiance. Leaded Glass: I have several leaded glass balls. They are cheaper to get than quartz, and are perfectly clear. However, I have found them cold, sterile, and devoid of life... I do use them as a focal point to enter into hypnotic trance, and they work great for that purpose. Quartz Crystal: These are soooo expensive and have lots of inclusions. If you're into scrying with a perfectly clear tool, then you'd spend a fortune tracking down a large-ish super clear sphere. I have found success reading these with two different methods. The first is reading the inclusions like tea leaves. This is surprisingly effective. The second method is taking the sphere and holding it while closing my eyes. I read the energy from the ball. So this method is great for asking questions and receiving specific answers. The life force of the crystal has been an effective means of communication. Reconstituted Quartz: I have two of these. It looks like a leaded glass ball but it's quartz that was broken down and formed into a perfectly clear sphere. Some of what I've read on crystal ball reading states that the sphere can't be glass, it must be actual crystal. But it also must be clear... So this is a cost effective compromise. It is warmer to the touch than glass, but I have never found success working with these. It's as if the communication is too fuzzy to understand. I have found that a plain glass ball works because it literally does nothing, allowing me to trance out. However, if I use the reconstituted balls then I hear "background noise" and it breaks my concentration. So no matter what method I try to employ these balls have never worked for me. They do look pretty though! These are some of the things I've learned trying to work with crystal balls. I love them, but they still aren't the most effective means of divination for me personally.
  7. This is a good idea! I do have a birdcage that was meant for precisely that sitting unused in my garage at the moment. However, it would still pose a threat to curious fingers who could just as easily pull pretty berries through the bars. I love this idea though! I knew I was keeping it for something... :smile: For those that grow baneful herbs, do you also have young children? If so, how to you cope with safety measures? ...perhaps that question is best suited for a new topic.
  8. I've collected many of her ointments over the last five or so years, along with some of the oils she's put out in the past. What I had begun to find frustrating is that I can't find a decent supplier for things like mandrake root or belladonna. Either it's too expensive or I can't trust the source. Too many times I've purchased "mandrake" and it's turned out to be mayapple. So many times the supplier lists the official latin name as mandragora officinarum when it should be podophyllum. Gah! I'd followed her blog for several years and watched her grow her plants and she actually knew more than any of the local stores/people in my neck of the woods so I thought I'd give her stuff a go and I'm glad I did. I start with a very small amount and test it, then work up a bit from there. Some of them have worked better for me than others, but none have given me a negative reaction so far, thank goodness. I find the ointments very helpful and useful in my work but I've been either pregnant or nursing for the last year and a half and haven't been able to give them a good go in a while. I'm finally at a point where I can now delve back into their use and I'm quite excited! Ultimately I'd like to grow my own but I'm not overly confident that my young children wouldn't somehow ingest some of the plants. Until that day comes I'll be grateful for the very few who are knowledgable enough to grow them, make the ointments and be willing to sell them. I'm sorry to hear that, WotM! If you would be interested in selling it I'd be happy to purchase it for the cost you initially paid - you could get your money/shipping costs back that way and it would have a good home. If interested, send me a message.
  9. Your method sounds similar to my own. I wanted so badly to have a badass looking book (ala Charmed or something) with lots of handwritten pages, etc. When I started keeping track of things and writing them down, I did it in a random order which I eventually found too confusing for reference. I wrote when inspiration hit me, and inspiration is chaotic - but if I wanted to be able to refer back to something I needed a way to organize the chaos. I eventually did so with three-ring binders. I started with Dollar Store type binders (which majorly suck, but work in a pinch) and once I figured out my system I began replacing them with Avery Framed View Binders, purchased from a local office supply store. Since they are so pricey I just bought one every couple of weeks (I'm still working on buying them to replace shabby $1 ones). They are nice, heavy duty and somewhat customizable on the front and the side - which for this OCD witch was a very good thing. They look nice and tidy where I store them. :) Anyway - what I wound up doing is splitting my grimoire into sections. I have one binder for every lesson I had in my coven and then one for various interests such as tarot, palmistry, scrying, spells, one which contains a little about several other forms of divination which I don't create detailed information lists about, one that holds short bio's and interviews with witches that I admire, one for crystals, one for flying ointments (articles about them and then my own written experiences with them), incense and kyphi making, etc. You get the idea. Any topic which I'd like to include in my grimoire winds up getting turned into it's own binder, and all of those binders together (20+ so far) equal the written sum of my studies. I even went so far as to include a binder that detailed all the books I've read and my general thoughts on the said book. Did I say I was OCD? But I'm getting to the teaching phase of my journey now and all of this hard work will pay off because it makes it easier to say, "Wait a minute - here were my thoughts on ....". Plus, journaling is growth - and my opinions change, so when they do it's simply a matter of typing up the difference, printing it and sticking it into the right binder. And I can remove anything at will. All this I simply couldn't do with a grand old book. I'm thinking that perhaps, when I'm quite old, I'll be able to determine what I ultimately want in one book - and *then* I'll get a beautiful hand-made grimoire. Until then, I've personally found that the binder method works wonders and in the end it will most likely be the binders that are worth so much more as far as information and personal growth and experience.
  10. The wonder method is interesting, Autumn Moon! I use a pendulum regularly and have several stashed around the house. The work really well for me and always have, in fact I've seen very few people whom it doesn't work for, so this thread is of interest. My partner and I use them to find out if the children are lying. We make a great show out of retrieving the "lie detector" to see if they are telling the truth in some matter. Because it's worked before the children now don't question it and simply fess up immediately. LOL We don't even have to get the pendulums out anymore, we just have to say, "Do I need to get the lie detector?" and that's all she wrote. Izzie, thanks for the thread you posted. I'm going to check it out. :)
  11. This is a fascinating topic - I'd love to look more into this. I'm O- and have both color-changing eyes and psychic experiences so I wonder how much a blood type might have to do with that. As far as the eye color change goes I simply thought most people had that... I didn't realize it could be a limited number of people. But...it's not like I pay too much attention to that in people. LOL I've got green eyes. When I'm calm or sick they can darken to more of a hazel. When I'm happy they are most definitely green. When I'm in any type of impassioned state they turn a very bright neon green, which when coupled with my very dark hair and pale face scares the shit out of some people. I also suffer from rosacea so I have bright red splotches that form on my face when I cry or when I'm angry which just exacerbates things. I just had a miscarriage scare a few weeks back even though I'm 6 months along. Turns out it was an over-reaction on the part of my Doctor. However, when I was sitting in a hospital room after an ultrasound discussing why I had just been put through an un-necessary hell over something that turned out to be nothing I just about lost it. I was too angry and upset to pay attention to the people in the room, but after we left my husband began laughing his ass off in the car. He said that my face "did that thing" and scared the shit out of the poor nurses. I looked like I was about to eat someone according to him. So I looked into the mirror and actually got a glimpse of "angry" me. My eyes were bright, bright green! I wish they looked like that all the time... But it's definitely a barometer as to my mood. :)
  12. The Mabinogion, The Poison Diaries and a book on Irish Fairy Tales that my brother picked up for me.
  13. I have always preferred the secrecy aspect of the Craft as well. My husband's job would be at stake if I were ever public, as he works for a xtian institution. I also like hiding in plain sight, as many have previously stated. I practice herbalism at home and have a huge cupboard for the herbs in my kitchen. That alone has sparked some controversy with certain people who equate herbalism with witchcraft... :dry: The rest of my stuff either hides fine in plain sight or is kept in my ritual room, which doubles as a hookah-smoking room. I found a very nice cupboard at an antique market that we'll be moving to the ritual room to lock up the poisonous herbs, oils, and other general paraphernalia that I have kept hidden out of sight in my closet, behind curtains and blankets and in drawers. LOL This is for the safety of my children as well as prying eyes. And it will be very convenient to finally have those things in one place for once instead of scattered through the house. As for my book, it's just a binder. It's very business-like and professional (like some kind of manual) in design and I think that this helps it to look inconspicuous. Every thing is in English - I don't think I'd want to go to all the work of leaning something like Theban fluently and then translating everything... As far as people finding it and reading it... A *huge* pet-peeve of mine is people who like to pick up books off of my shelves without asking and I will generally stop them (politely) if they have not asked me first. I don't mind if people look - but don't touch. When people ask if they can pick up certain books and look through them I generally say no. LOL While I'm a big collector of books on all sorts of subjects, I'm not a damn library. :nono:
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