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    It's been awhile since I've been in the forums, life and whatnot gets in the way so I thought I'd pop in and say hi and share some photos of my mandrakes - the first two are the sizeable Mandragora turcomanica I am growing (I have 5 but this is the biggest) and of my lone Mandragora officinalis root - I had to repot because the top was looking a bit half dead and the soil was quite wet (not from over watering but just general wet weather). So hi again all, hopefully I can become a little more active once again.
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    Wytches crone, wytches fair Fire light and bodies bare Drum and rattle, spell and song Midnight shadows deep and long Stag and doe, owl and crow Summer reaps the Springtide sow From your crafting may we see Autumn's bounty soon to be.
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    I think that we are given a brain for a reason. Perhaps it is a question of balance, open heart/open mind. Follow your heart, but not off the cliff. Listen to common sense, but don't overthink. We know what right and wrong feel like and we understand consequences of action. You should follow your heart first, but let head help you avoid the fires and pointy things. I think both of these should be tempered by 'Gut'. Both Heart and Head can tempt destruction, Gut prevents it. Heart has a flair for the dramatic, not always helpful, but Heart loves play, which is necessary. Head kills artistic inspiration and causes self doubt, but can solve important problems. Gut has no tolerance for nonsense. Gut tells us not to eat poop or spiders and also has the ability to see through bullshit. So feel, think in equal amounts, but NEVER eat poop or spiders.
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    The fact that there's no instruction manual for TW is perhaps its most attractive quality. It can also be the most frustrating thing, especially for us newbs. I'm gonna quote RoseRed above and say "Look deeper". And while I think she was probably referring to the forums specifically, I'm going to advise to expand that to all areas of your life. Read deeper, search deeper, experience deeper, feel deeper, believe deeper. Go deeper in your connection to nature, into introspection, in exploring levels of consciousness, in reading history and folklore and religious texts. Go deeper into your family history, with your practice and rituals. Go deeper into your connection with spirits. It can be so frustrating when you are a solitary witch and people tell you "it's not about what's in the books". It can make me want to throw my hands up and say "then where am I supposed to find it?" But yet, I do end up finding the wisdom I need and precisely when I need it. Ask your ancestors or any spirits that you have a good relationship with to help you. They will show you exactly what how they want to be worked with and can lead you to new resources and teachers and experiences. Focus in on a couple of practices and become an expert on them rather then feeling like you have to become an expert at all aspects of traditional witchcraft in all traditions at once. You've got plenty of time to explore. It's not so much about what you read but how you read it. You're already learning how to think like witches of old...that's why Wicca didn't sit right with you. Your perspective is changing, as though you were able to step back a few feet and see a bigger picture than before. Dive into religious texts, historical documents and folklore with these new eyes. Study the culture of your ancestors, or whatever tradition speaks to you. Plus a couple of other trads for perspective. Find the common threads in beliefs and practices. Look to the shamans, or the healers, or the diviners and spirit workers and storytellers. They are present in almost every culture. Learn to be comfortable with metaphor and parables. It's good to study the history of the occult as well, even Gardner and Crowley and all that, even when it doesn't speak to you. You're not reading their works as a how-to guide, but learning about where they got their resources and why they set up their orders the way they did. Understanding the how's and whys will help you to know what parts of their teachings you can ditch, and which parts may have some wisdom for you. It's okay to take a deeper look at Wicca, as long you do it with your new eyes. Don't blindly follow anything someone tells you is fact...get to the bottom of things and see the big picture. The heart of Traditional Witchcraft is a connection to the ancient practices of witchcraft. You can come at it from many angles and cultural perspectives. But for the most part, there is no clear view of exactly what those ancient practices looked like, so we can gather evidence and piece it together (which is how most of our understanding of history is put together anyways). But we have the added bonus of being able to directly ask ancient spirits and teachers to help guide us on that hunt for wisdom, to help us navigate the sea of crap that is out there in modern occult teachings. It is a tedious process to dive deeper, but trust that the process is as valuable as the end of the journey.
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    I know that to some wands are fluff. Mine are a creative outlet for my magickal interests. Each is gathered as a fallen branch, smudged and charged under a full moon before hand carving begins. The type of wood is considered, and it's future use is determined. A harmony of minerals, colors, herbs, charms, feathers, bones, beads, shells etc. are chosen to create a tool of beauty and power to focus the energy of the user or to simply have a place in a collector's den. They have proven mildly profitable in shops throughout the country and into Canada, and maybe one day it will be my living. While wands are not my only artistic interest, they are my favorite.
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    I'd really like to know where different practitioners draw their lines, or if they have lines, on this topic. To be clear, I'm not talking about how many generations of witches you come from. If that is the case this topic will not probably apply to you. A lot of us from the States (and probably elsewhere too) are absolute genetic mutts if we are honest with ourselves. And of course there are not truly any "States" specific long standing traditions except a few very specific localized traditions like different forms of mountain magic, hoodoo, etc. And Wicca of course(cough). I know, for me what styles of practice speak to me in a "like calls to like way", not in a "it's cool because I like dream catchers" way. And In my personal experience, what speaks to you is not always your dominant genetic lineage. The areas that speak to me ARE part of my ancestry, but not the biggest piece of my DNA pie, so to speak. But, that's just me. I certainly think if your going to claim a culture or tradition, you'd best know it very well and respect it completely. I also think ancestor veneration and assistance are important. But beyond that I do not personally have a strong opinion. So, how do my fellow mutts determine what tradition or traditions to embrace? Do you consider yourself bound to your dominant DNA? or Is DNA not all that important? What about someone who was adopted from one culture and raised in another? Do some of you consider it cultural appropriation if a witch chooses to practice a tradition that they have little DNA attached to? Do you think this matters at all? or Do you think this is the foundation of one's practice?
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    When we begin to awaken we are very excited about our sharpened senses and intuition. Each "new level" we see, hear, taste and feel all the nuances of everything, as if we have been born anew. And even though it is absolutely delightful and valid to be happy about it and to enjoy these states, it is very important to let go of the excitement sooner than later. As long as you keep being excited and pay attention to every new detail, you keep getting lost in it and your progress will stagnant until you finally get used to everything "new". This can take years and years for some. Another problem with getting lost in details, signs and symbols and meaning is that it might get you into psychotic states, where you lose track of your main goal and the "base of reality" completely. It's like being swallowed by chaos and still trying to make sense of every shape and color that's flying around you. This might cost you your potential at some point. To make sure you progress as fast as it is possible and healthy for you, you need to learn the kind of discipline, where you let go of excitement, of your attachment to signs and meaning and identification with everything "magical" and extraordinary. Make it all, every crazy synchronicity or divine-Kundalini-alien-sex sensation (😅) feel absolutely ordinary, like everyday business that you barely pay attention to. That way your capacity to hold "divinity" will increase exponentially and you will still not be attached to anything it brings up personally.
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    "The fire you like so much in me is the mark of someone adamantly free" - Liz Phair (Strange Loop, from Exile in Guyville, 1993)
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    I did a replica oracle deck of the Mildred Payne Oracle, just because the pictures were childlike in style. They were made from brown postal tags, I just cut off the part with the hole. These four cards are of my own design, I think I posted the entire deck on my Art Post. Art of Onyx. As you can see there are 88 cards, plus you have to do 88 backs of the cards. I used a corner stamp and then stippled the edges with stamping ink, in a brown color.
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    Sleeping with the enemy in a bed he knew too well, Brude departed from Sabina's villa and had a wall to scale. He would leave Eboracum that night, never to return, as a legion was beyond the wall to pillage, rape and burn. Woeful of Roman women, as they were not of his kind, the chill of dawn warmed his heart and cleared the mind. It was Septimius Severus, Brude swore an oath to kill, as he led his soldiers beyond the wall to break the Pictish will.
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    Or your could say Cauldron and then cackle manically!
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    And now for something different. Ixtapa, Southern Mexico.
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    I gave up trying to interpret my dreams, they really don't seem to fit any of the interpretations in any Dream book I have looked at. I think my mind just takes a holiday when I'm sleeping. One thing I will tell you is the next time I have a dream lover, I'm giving in to him.
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    Protection is fine and good. I don’t have more than a couple experiences with this sort of thing but I want to ask. Don’t you think you’re underestimating the difficulty of destroying a spiritual being? I have zero experience here but this doesn’t sound like something you can just do on a whim. And let’s say one of us did know how to destroy a spiritual being. That is not something that should be shared willy nilly on a public forum. That is dangerous information. Predators stalk prey/keep tabs on it, it’s generally their nature. If you show you’re too much trouble to be bothered with I’m fairly convinced that will be enough to get rid of this unwanted attention. I’d focus on protecting your space consistently and diligently. Also. Pocket dimension? Am I the only one under the impression that one cannot simply conjure up their own pocket dimension?
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    I don’t quite see the point of this thread, but I also disagree with this comment. And would like to explain why. What does being “evolved” have to do with defending yourself? Hurting someone because they hurt you doesn’t necessarily have to have anything to do with vengeance. Sometimes the best way to make sure someone stops messing with you is to hurt them, it’s a perfectly valid tactic. They may think “oh I wasn’t aware messing with this thing could cause me this much trouble, I’ll stop now” and be on their way. Or they’ll get busy and preoccupied dealing with the damage you caused and not have the time or energy to hurt you anymore. Either way, it’s a valid tactic. and to second Oroboros, this forum doesn’t generally take kindly to being lectured on morals and ethics. We speak about it when someone asks first or brings it up with the purpose of discussion. And we don’t try to push our own codes on someone else by claiming our code is more ‘evolved’ because well... that is considered preechy. Edit: grammar (and got a name wrong)
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    There is a lot here that strikes me as an odd response in this forum but perhaps I misunderstand? - it SOUNDS like you are responding to a post I am missing. I see nothing where anyone is discussing killing wasps or animals... not to say there is no place for that in some practices because there is. i also see no discussion of the wasps “ghost.” -it sounds like you are utterly unfamiliar with the concept of representational magic and how it works. -it sounds like you are unaware that the majority of people in this forum are quite comfortable with curse work, hexing and malefic workings when appropriate. Those who are here and do not DO this type of magic at least respect that it is accepted here. It is understood by those with maturity in their path that personal responsibility, shadow work and mundane problem solving are integral parts of this path. So I would not assume that members need to be lectured on this unless they have said something to indicate they do not grasp these concepts.
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    As per your request for photos of my wands, I just took a couple of photos for you.
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    ... I suppose it depends if you think that darkness (i.e. nightime) has any relation to the dark side of the craft. Im not so sure that it does. The same way that black isnt necessarily associated with evil. (not to say that the dark side is evil, just an example!) For instance in the occult, black is seen as a sign of the feminine, the passive, the fertile. Not a negative thing... Its interesting ... like in Egyptian culture, the 'black land' was what they called the parts of egypt that were fertile, where they could live and farm on, a happy colour. The colour they associated with evil was red (colour of set, and dry sand!) Question is then, why is black (and night time darkness) associated with evil and "the dark side"? (cue darth vader music). I suppose the nature of the colour black, and the veil of darkness, perhaps holds mysteries, and things unknown. Yet that doesnt make them 'the dark side'. Does this even make sense, or am I rambling?! :Spider-1:
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    I have a friend Witch who has over 60 decks! I think she just likes collecting them. Check out www.DevientMoonInc go to the Fenwood Assylum All sorts of weird decks.
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    Many years ago my mentor said something that has stuck with me for nearly 40 years. He said,"Everything is bullshit. You, me, everything. All bullshit. You just have to find a flavor you can live with." I circle back to that one alot.
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    Some great posts on this thread! I thought I'd replied to this, but can't see it so I must not have done (scatterbrain). When I talk about 'practising', I'd have regular things I do (ancestor work, chatting to spirits etc.) and irregular things - a specific spell. I think our personal practice usually has some overarching beliefs and themes that weave into our everyday life. Elements of my practice will probably pass on to my son, for example (if he decides to go that path), because he's grown up with things like giving offerings to ancestors and spirits or talking to plants and learning about their medicines. I made the most progression my Craft when I pared back for a bit and relooked at what I truly wanted and felt interested in. For me, a large element of my practice relates to my Ancestors. It's been a long evolution, but initially I did a lot of reading from publishing houses that focus more on Traditional Witchcraft, listened to what other witches had to say (sometimes agreeing and other times not) and also into other spiritual belief systems alongside the historic practices we know about in the cultural history of my country and Ancestry. After that, I put the books down and just had a go. I listened to my intuition and tried things out. Certain things felt right and called to me, then the path sort of became even clearer and I moved from London (where I was born and where have a deep connection to) to Wales to live a life I felt the path was calling me to live, with land I could cherish and build a relationship with. That all happened over years and I didn't rush decisions. I also loved being a Witch in London and used all sorts of urban ingredients, so I would never change that time at all. I think taking the parts of the path you enjoy can be really important. Often, when you're working on those, you end up dipping into lots and lots of different things naturally. Don't be afraid of asking questions on the forum, share your own experiences (up to whichever point you feel comfortable) and read lots of old posts. Don't worry about pulling up old threads. Some of them are fascinating. Take things slowly, if you feel you're on the brink of something, don't rush it, let it happen organically. Ask yourself if there are areas you particularly want to explore and what you might want to get. For example, part of my ancestor work is because I want to heal certain aspects of my family tree. You're obviously drawn to plants and trees, so perhaps looking into practices around them would be the best place to start. There are lots of good threads on that here. You could choose a single tree or plant to work with and focus on that for a while and see where it takes you. I often think a small step like that can be a strong foundation and create big change.
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    Your work is always a treat to see Onyx.
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    Here are a couple of new paintings for your amusement! The first paintings is of a scene that I witnessed and it is painted from memory of a herd of Caribou running across a frozen lake on the top of the Kootenay Pass. The second painting is one I did some time ago, I did the sketch while on a fishing trip on the Kootenay Lake at a place called the Ink Spots. You can catch huge Rainbow Trout there. I call this one "Bones of my Mother"
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    I'll be more careful with external links in this regard in the future. :yingyang: I guess, so will I! But it seemed like a great idea at the time. Famous last words!
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    Just a thought, but would silence, darkness and rocking work well for you? I've found that very effective for going into trance alongside breath work. Also, one that is a bit less specific and can really be done anywhere could be to run hard on the spot and focus on a single spot. I concentrate and let the chatter of my mind come and go, focus on opening up to spirit. I usually take about 40 minutes (but it will differ for everyone). I either find I surpass the exhaustion and keep going, no longer feeling it, but seeing images and hearing some sound from the spirit I am communicating with, or I give into the exhaustion and go to the ground but still get the same results with images and sound. I found that quite good to do with nature spirits, sometimes I focus on giving my energy to nature whilst doing it and at some points, it has almost felt as if they 'caught me' or gave me soft landing as I came down (not fainting, but head spinning sensation). I've also walked and walked and walked allowing trance to take me that way, I've found dusk was a good time for me doing it that way. And doing specific breathing whilst watching light reflecting on water - this one I found a lovely one for connecting to water spirits, but could be replicated at home with a dish/bowl and a candle. I heard Alkistis Dimech (of Scarlet Imprint) describe the running on the spot in a recording of The Mirror of Sacrifice talk, and I was really pleased to hear about it as I think it sometimes gets passed over in favour of the drums that people often think of (not that drums don't work, they just aren't for everyone). I'd been using the running since my teenage years, and have found it can be very effective for a certain type of trance. With trance aid tinctures, it really depends on what's in it. I wouldn't use much at all until you feel able to reach trance yourself, but people have differing views on that. I have found Mugwort tea to be helpful. I've found different techniques give different feels to trances and levels of trance for me, and so I'd tailor the herbs to your experience where possible. Though, a friend of mine found Skullcap helpful for SPD and perhaps that may help you relax more easily.
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    bible dipped - I love it! :roflhard:
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    I wish I had read this years ago. I may have (or may not, lol) heeded this advice and gone more slowly and carefully, and worked on myself rather than going in unprepared for what happens if ____(insert the things that you will never be told by the majority of people or literature in "mainstream")_____.
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