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    Be careful what you wish for. I remember that line from The Incredible Mr. Limpet. Belwenda... Two of my five cats are very bonded. They meow to each other, or when one can't find the other.
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    This reminded me of a song that goes..."Do what you say, say what you mean. One step leads to another"
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    I would say it is not the same to use someone else's. If I didn't bleed anymore what would I do?... I would definitely use vaginal fluid - probably after orgasm. I would use vaginal orgasim fluid, some of my regular blood mixed in, and for some reason spit. The fluid becuase it came from my womb which is still a womb with the power to create. I use orgasm fluid to mark a lot of things. My blood becuase it is mine and me and it does feed me and is a life river. My spit..... becuase it would represent the wisdom of which my years speak, the strength of my words, and the words hold the power of my menstral blood in that what I do I create; what I say is my law. It wouldn't be the same, but it would be strong. Three ingredients that represent to me strongly who I am, what I am capable of, my personal power, what I stand for, and my own personal remarkableness as linked to my generations both before and after me. M
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