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    Oh, this is funny, I googled the Anne Rice books and it turned out a friend of mine have been on the cover of one of the books. Must be destiny ! It sounds interesting, will check out. Thank you for the tip. 🙂
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    I made a set of Witch Runes for a dear friend and realized how fun they are to paint... But are they still relevant?
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    I really liked the Anne Rice, vampire series, I will have to check out the Mayfair Witch series. I wonder if I can get them at the local library. Thanks for the tip!
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    It sounds like you're very detail oriented, Hemlock. That's a good thing when considering tattoos.
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    Yes, I did spray the runes with an Acrylic gloss varnish. Three times, I should be good for a while.
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    How about a melting Dali style clock, or an Hourglass. Time seems to be an issue for you. I'm just like you , Hemlock, Planning is everything! Action, well, a little different.
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    Each of my tattoos has been planned, except one, with what the subject and color mean to me. I didn't consciously decide to have the right be day oriented and the left be night oriented. The rose on my thigh was a dare. A nurse I was working with dared me to get a tattoo on my thigh, and then show it to him. I was 36, so I figured it was my midlife crisis.
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    That is a lovely way to remember your special friend.
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    I've had a pentacle tattooed over my heart for many years. It was expanded later, to include a special cat who died too soon. It's a gray and white long hair tuxedo girl, coming down a branch. She has white wings and blue eyes. She wears the pentacle on a chain. The moon peeks over her left shoulder, from behind the clouds. The tattoo starts midway down my left breast and extends over my left shoulder.
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    I'm family trained, so yes, I would still be a witch. But even if I wasn't family trained, I think I still would have found my way into witchcraft just the same, and my practice wouldn't be too different. Books and internet aren't the only sources of information available, and without those two, I dare assume people would have come up with other ways to teach, to learn, and to share information.
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    I I finally got a good photo to show you what can be done for about $7 worth of materials from the dollar store. True the paint may chip with use, but if I find out that I really like them, I can buy or make a different set.
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    I cannot imagine a home without plants. They lend a unique spirit to our personal space and the more varieties and 'personalities' you combine, the deeper and more profound this spirit presence is. If you have the space it is wonderful to have transition areas from indoors to outdoors filled with plants so that there is a continuum of life force and energy. Virtually every room should have something growing in it!
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    I love growing things and love my plants. I have an aloe plant I not only talk to but tend to touch when I am watering it or standing next to it. I just started a box with herbs and a mugwort patch. They mugwort is just now getting to six inches tall. I poured out an offering to them. I tend to work with wood and plants almost exclusively. I don't have any gems or crystals or anything like that. I use them in cooking and to make salves and things. I feel like plant spirits are easy to work with since they have been doing it with people for so long.
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    Grow them, kill them, weep for them. Grow them again. Eat them, drink them, smoke them, wear them. Tincture them and distill their oils. Capture their Alchemal essence in a spagaric preparation. Grind their body, blood and bones to make your incense. Carve them to make the tools of your craft. Plant them to guard you home and boundaries. Visit them and leave offerings of yourself to help connect with their spirits. Sleep with them, meditate with them, lay with them and put down your roots.
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    Just ran into this article that tickled my fancy to say the least. Maybe changing holy words around to befit your personal paradigm doesn't affect their oomph after all? Apparently it's a practice as old as the pyramids. http://cojs.org/scholars-_corner-_bible-s_psalm_20_adapted_for_pagan_use-_bar_11-01-_jan-feb_1985/
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    @Jacno - glad it helps. It's good to know others see these things too. :) @Moly - I physically see the energy like a blueish cloud around my hands. Im fairly sure im not imagining it. Ive always seen auras. Sometimes its like a cloud of breath on a cold day, rising up around my face. When i point my finger the cloud around my hands sluggishly ambles towards the ground and lazily spreads out to a circle. When I point my wand (a maple stick), I see flat ribbons that pulse like a wave from the other end, and with the blade it's a narrow beam. When I've drawn down moonlight to use to cast with (vs raising earth energy) I pointed one end of my wand at the moon to draw the energy through it, and the other at my chest (in one end & out the other) letting light surround me like an aura; then still using the wand, pointed at the ground and used the aura to cast the circle. Just experimenting. The wand is like a conduit and energy can flow either direction. I've also held up my open left hand towards the moon and drawn energy thru me and out my right hand holding the athame. It makes a direct line. Raven Grimassi often mentions in his books drawing down the moon onto the earth, so I took it literally and tried it. Another way would be catching the reflection in a dish pan of water sitting on the ground. It works to gaze at to get a trance effect. Sometimes gazing directly at the moon makes me dizzy, so it's reflection stands in. I certainly don't always have the mental focus to do this, and only experiment when the mood is on me and the smokey lights are visible. These circle "play dates" were over a couple of years, weather permitting, in my back yard. Full moon lasts a couple days so why not use them all? Another thing I noticed is incense smoke either clings to me like spider webs or, when I'm radiating, so to speak, won't touch me. If I move towards it, it slides away and no breeze involved. Just observe all you can and eventually it's useful. Edit - oh, and when I've used my staff (pine) I find it's willing to draw earth energy up, pull it right out of the ground, to make a circle. it doesn't have to go through me, but when it does & I hold the staff, then the Earth and I are pulsing with the same beat. Sometimes there's been a crawling, tickle feeling under my bare feet that pulses in short waves. The first time I'd ever felt anything like that was when I was out walking my dog up a grassy hill, minding my own business (Nov 1988) & a big wave shot up from below my feet and out my head like a dose of salts, and pitched me right out of body. It felt like a back flip. I looked down from waaay up high and saw radiant light lines crossing the ground. a flock of south bound Canada geese was just passing through, then I was back in my body, geese honking overhead, and a magnetic pulse rippling under foot. I stood there crying because it was one of the major experiences ive ever had. In a flash, I knew for sure the Earth is conscious, and all Nature is part of one organism. Call it my awakening. Earth was aware of me. It's what made me eventually look into witchcraft (in which, until then, I'd had no interest). I wanted to know what the heck had happened. I was familiar with OOBEs. No problem there, but that pulse! Woowhee. So, that's why I've been so intrigued by experimenting with the energy of a circle. It's all one.
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    I remember 30years ago, when I was first starting on the WC trail, and you know how newbies agonize over circle casting; well I asked my guides if they could help. There was sort of an unanimous "shrug" in response, so I left it alone. A few nights later I dreamt my guides introduced me to Elsie Gibbons and that she would help me. Elsie was Scottish, circa 1860's. As far as I know, she is not an ancestor. The dream was long and detailed, and Elsie fully instructed me in when, and when not, to cast(with a bit of humor). Also how to raise and focus the energy, by pulling down from the sky and up from the earth, to meet at the belly. Then sending it out from either the belly, heart or hands. She told me to always be aware of my power, that is, centered. And showed me what it felt like. We went to the garden and worked at seeing and sensing plant energies. She cupped her hands around the plants and projected a visible shield around the plants before speaking to the plant spirit, that she called her "little dearies." Within that shield, I could see the plant's energy change color and respond to her. When the response was golden, was when the plant was giving permission to cut. She used a paring knife and cut on an angle, to protect the plant, she said, and cut only where the light appeared. She said that she always tells the plant very simply what she wanted it for and asked if it would come and help her. When I woke, it didn't feel as if it had been a dream, but that it was quite real and that I had just come indoors from the garden. I had even checked my feet to see if they were dirty. In those days, i had 2/3s of my yard tilled for vegetable (tomato, cucumber, peppers, squash, beans and peas) and a small flower garden. I can't keep it up anymore, and have gone back to lawn and a neglected flower patch. And awake, it was not as easy as she made it seem. She had true affection for plants...like I feel for my cats. But her method does work. It produced an abundant vege crop. I had extras, to share.
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    When my Godfather needs a boost of energy - he gets a big ass glass of whiskey. "Pretty smelling smoke and water is for the women" LMAO. But, mostly, everyone on my family shrine really thrives on coffee.
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    Ah very good. I haven't heard the term fetish used in that way before. I'm learning so much here MYHEADISGOINGTOEXPLODEILOVEIT :vhappywitch:
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    Tobacco is a very good offering for spirits, so that is not at all inappropriate. One of my good, local friends has a pack of Camels sitting on her mothers 'shrine,' which is just an ancestral altar although she is catholic, and there have been no problems with the interactions. A talisman is appropriate, although it won't be a talisman anymore...it will become a fetish!
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    Hmmm, okies well the person I was thinking of stopped making that particular oil, but this will work just as well...it's tailored to the purpose! This ladies stuff is the shit, tbh: About: http://www.quadrivium-supplies.com/blog/new-oils-kc-conjure-vision-oil/ Available at: https://squareup.com/market/kc-conjure-shop/quadrivium-vision-oil These are people I know, btw, the creator and the shop owner, so I'll vouch for them. Ok, so not all ancestors are created equal. Don't do a general call, do a specific one, to draw in the specific spirits in your lineage who have similar morals/values as you. Those whom you would offend can actually put an ancestral curse on you. Just letting you know. But don't worry about that right now. Try working with your grandfather! Leave out offerings, as described by RS and myself. Don't expect the lot of them to come...over your lifetime, you'll probably work with only a few of them. Good beginning references would be, "Communing with the Spirits," and since you have an interest in working with demons, get the "Blood Sorcery Bible, Volume One," by Cagliastro, she presents a way to summon your ancestors with demonic help! The authors of both books are people I have associations with, and I will vouch for their work! Familiars are ALWAYS spirits who can manifest in both animal and human form. There is a method presented in the Goetia that works really well, and it's safe as long as you follow the instructions! You'll end up with an imp most like, and that IS a very traditional familiar. As for guardian demons, get a copy of "Daemonic Magick," by Seleneicthon. Let me know if I missed anything, or if you need more info!
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    All of the comments made by other members are brilliant. My computer mouse is getting worn out with all of the +1 clicks. :D The only thing that I feel I can add is the discipline of establishing a baseline. What this means is that before engaging in new activities in witchcraft, take a few days to define your "normal". Humans are dynamic creatures, always changing and growing- so what is "normal" behavior and thinking for you is probably going to be different now than it was a year ago. Personally, during these periods of establishing a baseline, I like to be as "clean" as possible: engage in little to no witchcraft, completely abstain from any mind-altering chemicals, and even adhere to a strict diet of unprocessed foods. It is a time not only to prepare for new experiences, but also to reflect upon my personal development. Creating this "control group" to use as a reference comes in handy when new experiences with the Other may prompt a witch to doubt their own perceptions (and, in extreme cases, their sanity). It provides a set of criteria for that one can strive to regain if they begin to feel as if they're losing themselves when working with the dead, autonomous entities, or traditional deities. Also, it can be an excellent tool to use when defining the different levels of influence a witch experiences when communicating with the unseen: there is an enormous spectrum of interaction, ranging from easily-missed messages to full-on invocation. "Witch, know thyself" isn't an adage that applies only to Seekers: it's a wise commitment to self-awareness that is critical for safety when dealing with the occult.
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