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    Thanks, @Onyx. I now know a great deal more about Runes. 😀 Especially the translating part...LOL
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    That’s an interesting experience. It sounds like a good idea to harvest wild plants and get out there, but I also enjoy connecting with the plants through watering them and occasionally asking a question about their talents. I don’t hear the answer literally, but intuitively certain feelings and ideas will come to mind.
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    No wonder they have an energetic drain, I mean Christ, I can't talk much. I always live alone whenever possible to avoid it.
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    Lmao. I nearly choked when I got to the tree. 🙂 very Funny.
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    Also, my partner is very messy.... Guess when he noticed the most activity? When he made a mess & left it. (Rolleyes) Turns out brownies do not like mess. He's never fed it, so I presume the brownie has been trying to draw attention without drawing attention, so to speak. They apparently are extremely secretive like most fae. I never believed in fae at all until I encountered the sprite on the boat.
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    No hope of that I'm afraid. The "garden" is communal & something like that would cause an uproar with all our prom & proper Christian / Catholic neighbours. I have to be secretive here. It's a block of flats. The conflict isn't that drastic, more a case of the brownie trying to draw attention to itself & my partner obviously looking the other way pretending it doesn't exist. Hmmm. I'm just going to feed it for now. I'll try to take it with me if I can convince it to travel. I could probably use a brownie, I've read they can be very useful to good people. I've read offering it clothes will insult it so it will disappear, but the overall gist I am getting is it is a type of house deity which helps out.
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    Some great posts on this thread! I thought I'd replied to this, but can't see it so I must not have done (scatterbrain). When I talk about 'practising', I'd have regular things I do (ancestor work, chatting to spirits etc.) and irregular things - a specific spell. I think our personal practice usually has some overarching beliefs and themes that weave into our everyday life. Elements of my practice will probably pass on to my son, for example (if he decides to go that path), because he's grown up with things like giving offerings to ancestors and spirits or talking to plants and learning about their medicines. I made the most progression my Craft when I pared back for a bit and relooked at what I truly wanted and felt interested in. For me, a large element of my practice relates to my Ancestors. It's been a long evolution, but initially I did a lot of reading from publishing houses that focus more on Traditional Witchcraft, listened to what other witches had to say (sometimes agreeing and other times not) and also into other spiritual belief systems alongside the historic practices we know about in the cultural history of my country and Ancestry. After that, I put the books down and just had a go. I listened to my intuition and tried things out. Certain things felt right and called to me, then the path sort of became even clearer and I moved from London (where I was born and where have a deep connection to) to Wales to live a life I felt the path was calling me to live, with land I could cherish and build a relationship with. That all happened over years and I didn't rush decisions. I also loved being a Witch in London and used all sorts of urban ingredients, so I would never change that time at all. I think taking the parts of the path you enjoy can be really important. Often, when you're working on those, you end up dipping into lots and lots of different things naturally. Don't be afraid of asking questions on the forum, share your own experiences (up to whichever point you feel comfortable) and read lots of old posts. Don't worry about pulling up old threads. Some of them are fascinating. Take things slowly, if you feel you're on the brink of something, don't rush it, let it happen organically. Ask yourself if there are areas you particularly want to explore and what you might want to get. For example, part of my ancestor work is because I want to heal certain aspects of my family tree. You're obviously drawn to plants and trees, so perhaps looking into practices around them would be the best place to start. There are lots of good threads on that here. You could choose a single tree or plant to work with and focus on that for a while and see where it takes you. I often think a small step like that can be a strong foundation and create big change.
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    The same thing I dislike about life. There is no instruction manual, no helpdesk, and not even a magical answer to everything. But to be fair, I don't really wish there was. I just get lost in my own curiosity sometimes because there is so much to learn. And I think that's amazing.
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    I would respectfully disagree here. Magic can't be EXPERIENCED by reading books would be a more nuanced view. A decent analogy might be food; A cook book can show you how to make a dish, but you can't truely smell, taste, feel, and ultimately understand and inovate on that dish until you make it. Most of the time you need to make any dish several times to get it right, and eventually you can make it without the guide in the book. Some dishes allow for innovation by the chef, others will simply (or disasterously) fail if they aren't followed precisely. I am a bibliophile, and can relate to the book learning desire. Start with 3-4 good introductory books and see where this is overlap/what rings true to you, then pick something simple and DO it. Ideally pick something that you can do repeatedly for a solid period of time to make it a habit. I would argue you would learn more from 2 weeks of 20 minutes of meditation every day, or a banishing ritual done daily, than you would from that time spent reading more books. Books might be a map to show you a path, but you have to walk it to walk it.
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    Your work is always a treat to see Onyx.
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    Here are a couple of new paintings for your amusement! The first paintings is of a scene that I witnessed and it is painted from memory of a herd of Caribou running across a frozen lake on the top of the Kootenay Pass. The second painting is one I did some time ago, I did the sketch while on a fishing trip on the Kootenay Lake at a place called the Ink Spots. You can catch huge Rainbow Trout there. I call this one "Bones of my Mother"
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    I'll be more careful with external links in this regard in the future. :yingyang: I guess, so will I! But it seemed like a great idea at the time. Famous last words!
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    Oh yes, it definitely makes sense. I can see what you mean, magically speaking, especially when high level magics are involved (which the subject of our discussion wasn't). One could say though that knots are created all the time anyway, too, just by normal happenings. How are we to know what will turn the course of events in one direction or another? Indeed, all we have available is 1. focus of our internal intent and 2. acknowledging and working with external circumstances. We are also all creating at the same time, whether consciously or not, and with varying levels of power, and so threads are being pulled in many different directions all the time, too. A little bit of organization could result in not enough organization, but it could also be just enough to achieve a positive effect. I refer to Critical Mass theory. I will also throw in the idea of "natural course-correction" which, as student of cosmic cycles, is becoming more and more of an axiom for me. But, others may believe differently. Just presenting some different angles on the issue, food for thought. You're right, it wasn't witchcraft, and had some unsettling elements. I didn't pay enough attention to my own thoughts about it, because it had come from one of my trusted sources. I remember thinking, "well, it may not be a good idea to shut down the Coronavirus, because it's probably a necessary part of our Human path right now, and is trying to teach us lessons." I put that thought to the side, and, though my own prayer was to heal the "root causes of the illness," I was still sharing something that I had some minor misgivings about, and I see now where I could have done better. I'll be more careful with external links in this regard in the future. :yingyang:
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    I totally agree with you, and really to each his own. I meditate differently too ,Yogic based, but even the Violet Flamers have their place in the world. I have been on so many Paths during my time on Earth. We are all seekers. At least we are doing something!
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    Valid points, but as it goes I think the balance is somewhere in the middle. Some elements of it were not my cup of tea, even misguided (I see the virus as being a manifestation of much deeper and systemic problems in Humanland) but I just accepted that as being some other person's idea, and didn't integrate what I didn't feel right about into my intention. I didn't see the Cosmic Sun idea as fluffy, either. I related very well to it. Perhaps my experience conceptualizing Cosmos makes me biased. I cant think of much more ancient, besides the Primordial Darkness, but, that's just as dangerous as White Light. Balance is key. Many don't know they even have Light/Electricity in their heart. It is important to remain openminded, either way. And discerning. Careful of deception by either method. If I repeat myself here or wander off, forgive me, for my eyes are suffering, and addressing this briefly is all I can do, and that's even pushing it. Indeed, not everything that we see in the light is good for us. But, the idea of star systems being connected is not "new age," it's inherent in our mathematics that we receive from the Astronomers. Around the same time of the Burning Times, was the split between Astrology and Astronomy. Astrologers lost the science, and Astronomers lost the Spirituality. Both factions now have a lot of trouble with coming to terms with the rectification of this split. This is really obtuse stuff, so I won't belabor it. If I had a part in the article I would have presented it much differently. My goal was to focus on the shared timing. I do not agree that multiple meditators weakens a task; rather, I believe that it makes it stronger. I mean... this is why covens and orders exist, to combine energy for a greater purpose. Observe Buddhist and Yogic practices that have many meditating on peace or healing at once. If someone thought that this would provide some sort of wild "supreme enlightement" then that is their own issue, I suppose. EIther way, whatever one chose to, or ended up doing, at the time of the planetary initiation, was each person's own experience.
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    Time will tell how last night's activities will turn out, keeping in mind I am only really operating in my locality. The Moon late last night was very orange.
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    What you call pessimistic, I call experience. What your planning sounds better than from that website. Your visuals are a lot better and far less abstract and obscure. White light alien spiritual beings coming through portals to help us?!? Smells like New age bullshit to me. The healing part is definitely worth a try but the other stuff is a waste of the opportunity. If "ascension" and "enlightenment" were so easy to obtain, there would not be the need for people in certain traditions to dedicate their entire life, or several lives, to achieve it. As for the "white light", be careful what you channel. The light hides the truth and blinds those who are not careful from just how dark their shadow has become in its presence.
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    Those are very fine visuals Onyx!
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    You sound a little pessimistic Gyreleaf, but I'm going to try . I have even painted some cards to enhance my focus. I'm picturing the corona virus exploding and dying and love to the Earth. At least I can piggy back on the energy going out at 7:45 PST, I will affect some change, at least in my area.
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    Amongst her pursuits, she writes fiction AND romance. I recall wondering why she would want to call 30 demons in 30 days, for no reason. She seems a fake. It was just one of her challenges. I give her a hard pass.
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    As a person who was adopted at birth with no idea of whom or where I came from I found the DNA test very interesting, with quite surprising results. I really don't have any reason not to believe in the results.
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    I disagree. Many if not all of the demons of the abrahamic tradition were the daemons of the pagans. These intelligences root tradition seem to pre-date the those that classify them as malevolent spirits.
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    The way I started was by picking one area to focus actively working on, while continuing to read more about actual systems, paths and histories, and also delving into personal introspection. What are you trying to achieve, what are your motivations, do you have spiritual beliefs, what's your background been so far, etc are good places to start. For me, no specific system...no solid path...just some animism, my will, curiosity, and a couple of spirits. It feels like you have to pick something specific, but if nothing calls to you, do what feels right. Honestly? That's probably the hardest part, especially if a tradition or system doesn't call to you. But pieces eventually come together and you figure it out. Learn to listen to your intuition. If you get a sudden feeling that you should do something, try it out, it could become important to you. You probably already have some skill already that you aren't considering as a helpful part of witching, but is actually important toward your success. Meditation and/or trance, visualizing, gardening, art, playing music...these can be used. What are your passions? Interests? Because you are even entertaining the idea, you have something already :) I already was proficient with one type of divination when I began, so I began working on another while revisiting meditation (I used to meditate/trance and then quit for a period of time before beginning this path). From there, I just started trying things...things I thought of randomly, things I'd read somewhere, things I'd heard other people try, but most importantly, things that I was interested in. Books can be good, but depending on what you're trying to do, don't lean on them too much. Getting going can be tough, but once you make some headway it gets better.
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    What I find fascinating about it all - Kundalini, the un-spellable OB (lol), ache, chi, etc., is that if you take away the cultural attachments, the base understanding of - the recognition of - the energy is the same. So it is recognized in most cultures, just given different names and mythology/personifications to bring it's understanding closer to the people. Something recognized that much over widespread cultures is, to me, something worth looking into. M
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    The fact that there's no instruction manual for TW is perhaps its most attractive quality. It can also be the most frustrating thing, especially for us newbs. I'm gonna quote RoseRed above and say "Look deeper". And while I think she was probably referring to the forums specifically, I'm going to advise to expand that to all areas of your life. Read deeper, search deeper, experience deeper, feel deeper, believe deeper. Go deeper in your connection to nature, into introspection, in exploring levels of consciousness, in reading history and folklore and religious texts. Go deeper into your family history, with your practice and rituals. Go deeper into your connection with spirits. It can be so frustrating when you are a solitary witch and people tell you "it's not about what's in the books". It can make me want to throw my hands up and say "then where am I supposed to find it?" But yet, I do end up finding the wisdom I need and precisely when I need it. Ask your ancestors or any spirits that you have a good relationship with to help you. They will show you exactly what how they want to be worked with and can lead you to new resources and teachers and experiences. Focus in on a couple of practices and become an expert on them rather then feeling like you have to become an expert at all aspects of traditional witchcraft in all traditions at once. You've got plenty of time to explore. It's not so much about what you read but how you read it. You're already learning how to think like witches of old...that's why Wicca didn't sit right with you. Your perspective is changing, as though you were able to step back a few feet and see a bigger picture than before. Dive into religious texts, historical documents and folklore with these new eyes. Study the culture of your ancestors, or whatever tradition speaks to you. Plus a couple of other trads for perspective. Find the common threads in beliefs and practices. Look to the shamans, or the healers, or the diviners and spirit workers and storytellers. They are present in almost every culture. Learn to be comfortable with metaphor and parables. It's good to study the history of the occult as well, even Gardner and Crowley and all that, even when it doesn't speak to you. You're not reading their works as a how-to guide, but learning about where they got their resources and why they set up their orders the way they did. Understanding the how's and whys will help you to know what parts of their teachings you can ditch, and which parts may have some wisdom for you. It's okay to take a deeper look at Wicca, as long you do it with your new eyes. Don't blindly follow anything someone tells you is fact...get to the bottom of things and see the big picture. The heart of Traditional Witchcraft is a connection to the ancient practices of witchcraft. You can come at it from many angles and cultural perspectives. But for the most part, there is no clear view of exactly what those ancient practices looked like, so we can gather evidence and piece it together (which is how most of our understanding of history is put together anyways). But we have the added bonus of being able to directly ask ancient spirits and teachers to help guide us on that hunt for wisdom, to help us navigate the sea of crap that is out there in modern occult teachings. It is a tedious process to dive deeper, but trust that the process is as valuable as the end of the journey.
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    Mirror, mirror on the wall No time to answer all who call; Tradition, culture, time or place It's time to choose your own true face. Who are those you hold most dear? What would you lose? What do you fear? What need first called you to this place? And will it last through time and space? The future is as known to none Unless you change what will become; Isa white or blue Laguz It's up to you which one you choose. ...and the choice, you know, was always yours.... It's time, my love, to work some magic.... Take back what was always yours to keep or yours to give away.... So said the willow, and the ivy. They seem to be in agreement, lol. So Laguz it will be M
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    I know two individuals personally who are self-proclaimed satanists, and quite frankly I do not like either one of them. This may have more to do with them, than with their religious choice, but all the same, their description of other satanists and their behaviors and attitudes are not appealing to me. The fact is that these two people do not care about anyone, but themselves. Me, me, me, me . . . these guys are totally and wholely self-absorbed. I have my "I don't give a shit" days, too, but when I do it is usually me wishing that I didn't care so much for a just a little while. To truly not care about anyone EVER, but yourself is to me a terrible flaw in character. Being around these two people for even brief periods of time, left me literally sickened. As an empath, I can handle any type of emotion, but a sucking void filled with arrogance and contempt is just too much for me. To be fair, I haven't met every satanist in the world, so my perspective may be off. That is probably all of the qualification that I'll need to do; however, because most true satanists are not going to be offended by what I wrote here. Jevne
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    I am digging the solopism rule. Its so true. I don't expect everyone to be me, to act like me or to be as reliable as me. However, the people who are reliable and gain my trust, I am loyal to them like no one else! The rest can find someone else take their flakiness!:rabbit:
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