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    The golden tarot by Kat Black is pretty gentle and sweet, but also truthful.
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    No doubt you hear a lot of blues at the sabbat. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QC1ocMfUABs
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    Grave ecstasy is a mood! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Y7ZpPsaMNMM
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    Looking back, I believe that reading Spectres of Marx by Jacques Derrida is what led me to this path beyond just reading the Tarot without thinking about what that implied. His efforts to spiritualize Marxism are so necessary, and they're gesturing at my own synthesis of historical materialism and material-exceeding experiences, which I'm no way near done with.
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    I'm studying Deborah Houlding's The Houses: Temples of the Sky, which is quite impressive in its breadth and concision. Very useful for astrology, geomancy, and to grasp foundational Western magical concepts such as the directions. I'm rereading Aidan Wachter's Weaving Fate after my first pass this summer because I feel ready to start what he calls a "black book", a hypersigil in the form of a semi-fictional journal. The 'poetics' part of me is ridiculously enthused by the practice he describes. I'm reading Brandy Williams's The Woman Magician, whose first part is a very personal account of her experience in the big three 'lodge magic' traditions that persist today (the Golden Dawn, the O.T.O. and initiatory Wicca), as a woman. I find her epistemology interesting and it's cementing my suspicion of these (or any really) orders. Fiction wise, I've been reading Circe by Madeline Miller before bed. Highly entertaining and it's making me brush up on my Greek myths!
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    Lovely selection! Here's one song I love and I can imagine playing in this setting : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WwoItIPp9s0
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    I'm still pretty much a newb, but if I could go back a year or so, I would tell myself: Don't feel like you've got to spend so much money on tools and herbs and crystals and books right off the bat. You won't even know what to do with that stuff yet and while owning it might make you feel more "witchy," you should really be finding the witch inside first (and saving yo gottdern money, fool!) Instead, use a small number of select herbs and start building a strong relationship with them first. Use the heaping loads of lavender you already have and get to know the spirit of the herb intimately. Don't let your mint and rosemary plants die when winter comes, but get intimately acquainted with their needs and life rhythms. Connect with them. If you need to buy something, get enough mugwort that you can use it liberally and get to know Mugwort...she will teach you so much more than any book. She's been teaching witches and healers and shamans across the continents since the beginning. Don't just buy a "starter kit" of herbs that gives you half an ounce of thirty different herbs. That money is better spent on larger quantities of a few herbs that you can invest some time into. That lesson is going to be pretty much universal on the path....invest time and patience into every step you take before skipping off to the next thing. You've got a lifetime to master this stuff, so build a solid foundation first instead of spreading yourself thin across a wide range of subjects. What you will learn from working intimately with the spirits of these few herbs will equip you for what you will want to do later. Don't let yourself get too distracted with crappy internet spells for things you probably don't need to change in the first place, just because you want to "feel" yourself doing spellwork. Working with the herbs IS spellwork, so don't put it off. The goosebumps and feelings will come with time. Instead of scrolling through Pinterest for hours, use that time to for your inner world, meditation and energy work. I know it doesn't SEEM like it's all that much more magical than the mediation you've been doing for years, but that's because you've only scratched the surface of what meditation can actually do. Study up. Listen to people that know more than you. Then go deeper. Now listen here, you: Don't get so wrapped up in other people's problems that you ignore your own. I know...this one is hard, cuz it's way easier to push your depressing and shitty issues aside right now. But a year from now when you are wondering why you haven't made any progress in your big life situations, it will become pretty clear where you put most of your energy and you don't have much to show for it. Be consistent in working with your ancestors and your house/land spirits. They respond quickly and with kindness and it encourages you. And they will teach you as soon as you figure out how to listen. The tools that you need and will use the most are the ones that are given to you...by the land, by your ancestors, etc. The ones you don't go searching for, they just show up when you need them, on sale at the thrift shop, or laying in park, or propped up next to your favorite tree. Long story short...be patient. Be open. Be deep.
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    "All that is gold does not glitter, Not all those who wander are lost. The old that is strong does not wither, Deep roots are not touched by the frost..." From Tolkien ... One of my favourite quotes. M
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    Dear younger me, My advice would be to forget the books. They are helpful, but the way you are, you learn so much faster by being out there doing it. Everything I have read so far you have already figured out, its just validation and deeper thought at this point. Dont shut yourself in your room, closing out the world because you are an angry teenager. The whole point of this path is to connect to the world and learn how to manipulate the fabric of this world for your benefit. No matter what the books say, you wont figure that out shut up in your room with candles. You wont find "mister right", right off the bat so just have fun and work on you and its not worth the tears to take everything so seriously. Also, teenagers have no idea about how the world works, let alone how to manipulate it for their benefit, they are all just as clueless as you are so don't follow anyone. Beware: predators are everywhere. They have exploited every niche, even witchcraft. Dont fear. That thing you are most of afraid of feeds on it. She will go away once you overcome your fear. You wont be alone in this. Listen to that voice. You are not schizo. That voice has saved your life many times, some you are not even aware of. You are unique. Many others can not, and will not understand you. This is a good thing. It allows you to be free. You will go through times of unbalance, of being too light and good and too dark and nasty. Balance yourself or you will become very ill and vulnerable to things unseen. You can do nothing effective on this path if you are not balanced. Follow the sign posts and your internal GPS. They are there for a reason. Stop being so damn stubborn. Because you are, you will ignore all of this. Even though the voice has told you all of this already.
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    Stop looking for that teacher, you have always, always had them and found them when you needed to.
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