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  • Traditional Witch was started in 2006 by Sandy and Brian.

    It was created for Traditionals, practising the Old Craft before Wicca or on a different Traditional path, embracing working with a variety of energies. The front page made clear that anyone looking for "New Age" Wiccan/Gardnerian 'Traditional' Witchcraft would not fit in. Over the next 24 years the site has run forums, blogs, chat areas, clubs, gallery and a download area. Members posted and discussed wide varieties of topics and even if at times there was hot debate, we strived to foster a respect for each other as kindred spirits on the Crooked Path. 

    After Brian sadly passed away we have kept running this site and forum, but have to be honest and say that our hearts are full of sadness at his loss; to continue has been a real challenge. In addition the costs to keep going are difficult in these times. After a great deal of agonising, we have taken the decision to close down this website on May 1st. It is the right thing to do and it is the right time. We are giving this advance notice so that members may delete their content, take any downloads and make connections with any friends that want to continue to keep in touch. 

    The running of the site was a labour of love for many moderators and admins over the years, the initial majority of work was covered by Sandy and Brian, and over the last 10 years or so, two of our amazing moderators, Sara and Matthew,  kept the site running smoothly. The vision, energy and financial commitment of all who contributed to the success of this website has been phenomenal. Our members have shared their wisdom, their humour and their craft skills to the benefit of everyone. Thank you to all.



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    • Commercialism as I think I can grasp your idea, is merchandising within Capitalism monstrous framework? This feeling of making witcjcraft an object of consume? And of course, people using others' knowledge to make themselves easily a name in social media... I am absolutely with you.
    • Mona, the ugliest hands are hands that have done nothing
    • My scars disappears without a trace, but if they would not, I would have a very ugly hands for a lady. Well, I do have ugly hands anyway.
    • @Tana and I have been working hard in the background, to try and preserve as much as we can, without the forum software it won't be quite the same, nevertheless, we won't lose everything. We are hoping at some point in the future to have another site set up. Something on a smaller scale, something better suited for the number of members we have and a bit more manageable, financially and energy wise. In the meantime, I have created a Facebook group for our members to stay in touch and continue sharing. www.facebook.com/groups/937545221172363/ If you're not interested in Facebook but would still like to be kept up to date with any future site, please message me with your email address and I'll add you to a mailing list when we have something.
    • I guess I need to put my Beltane display together a little early so I can share it here.
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