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    This forum is for those educated in one or more craft traditions, and is not an appropriate forum for those totally new to witchcraft. Go forth to seriously read and learn before applying for membership.

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    This lovely forum was originally set up by Brian “Droghon” and Sandy in 2006.  Brian has very sadly since passed away and the forum is now run by Matt (Phagos), Sara (Tana) and Sandy. It was a massive shock for our community losing such an amazing and lovely man.  Brian had a beautiful energy and we loved him for who he was and will always continue to honour his memory.  He was our family and continues to be so, in spirit.


    This forum is purely for Traditionals. If you are looking for "New Age" Wiccan/Gardnerian 'Traditional' Witchcraft then we are sorry but you won’t fit in here.

    If you are already a Traditional Witch (practising the Old Craft before Wicca) or you are on a different Traditional path, which embraces working with a variety of energies, and wish to mingle with like-minded folk, then please stay a while and browse around and feel free to join.


    Our forum is absolutely packed with some very interesting debates, discussions and opinions amongst our ever growing members.

     There are not many sites purely dedicated to Traditional Witchcraft as Wiccan sites have really taken over the internet. Although Wicca and Traditional Witchcraft are a similar path, they are entirely different in the way of working and beliefs, hence this is NOT a Wiccan site.  Unfortunately, on many Wiccan sites a Traditional's point of view and way tends to create an odd atmosphere and we end up feeling like outcasts.

    All Traditionalists who work with an open mind and can embrace the dark, as well as the light, are welcome here! This site is intended to be a portal for information and interactivity with other Traditional Witches and other Traditional Crafts.  You can have your say and post here as much as you like without fearing your beliefs will cause any biased comebacks by others on an alternative new age path. 

    Most of the main articles and information will be based on our own thoughts and beliefs and what works for us but you are more than welcome to submit your own articles too.  Please note that some of the Festival and Ritual information gathered in the main menu are not followed by all Traditional Witches but they have been provided as an information or reference resource.

     In our experience we have found that many Traditional Witches' beliefs and ways of working can vary considerably, so we ask that you do respect ours and others personal opinions and views, as you too are more than welcome to also share your own Traditional beliefs and ways of doing things


    This site is a COMMUNITY site and filled with non-wiccans, worldwide.  If you are looking for purely intellectual sparse nitty-gritty conversation, then you won't enjoy it here. We have a very laid back and friendly forum, which is exactly what we aimed for and will continue to promote.


    If you would like to make a small contribution towards the running costs of the forum, it would be sincerely appreciated.  Running costs are approximately £400.00 a year, so every single pound is extremely helpful.


    Once again, welcome, and we look forward to getting to know you. 


    Matt, Sara and Sandy (and our adored brother Brian, in spirit)

    Your Traditionalwitch.net Hosts


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    • Neville
      Yes same here: trying to find out more about cultures here. I grew up as a Catholic, that was the only religion in our village and area. So if there was talk of a spiritual nature with my family then it was steeped in the Catholic faith mainly. Then when mum got ill in 2017 she completely turned away from it, it being her faith. I think she felt let down so much or punished or..well I dunno what she thought, her illness and her impending leaving this plain was a non topic up to the day she passed (3am Samhain morning..how's that for timing)..anyhow a lot of musings from my part, have got me in need of information only my ancestors can give me
    • Solanaceae
      My mom had some reason to doubt her dad was her biological father. Unfortunately both my grandmother and grandfather had both passed on when this speculation came and therefore they couldn't be consulted by the usual means.  Seemingly sensing my questioning, (my grandfather in spirit form of course) made a point of stopping by and  informing very clearly that I was his. At the time I considered that might just mean he claimed me as his even if it wasn't by blood. When I did get genetic testing done later,  it quite definitively confirmed he is  indeed my grandfather by blood.  
    • Solanaceae
      @Onyxin case you come around and see this, tellmegen does a full and extensive medical genetic testing for predisposition and even drug sensitivities and such. It might be helpful for someone in your position especially. 
    • Elfesque
      Perfect timing for a bump! I'm lucky in the sense that my mum's bio dad wrote a lot of things down so that she would know the history of his side of the familiy and my grandmother has a cousin who made a book about "us" and... my dad just told me everything he knows (which is a lot), and even though I probably will remember less than half as time goes on I do have some pointers at least.   I have thought about it, but... for me there's a fear of rejection there that is hard to shake*. So whenever I've done ancestor work it's been more about honoring them in a general way and saying thank you. An even bigger part for me though has also been about tracing cultures, knowledge and languages/modes of speaking I've inherited that makes no sense in the context of where I happened to grow up and recognizing those parts as belonging inside me as well. Sometimes it feels like trying to capture the light of mareel** with my bare hands, but only getting wet as a result. Sometimes it is a sense of deep gratitude and a new pair winter boots that makes my whole being resonate with recognition and joy✨ *well, there's my paternal grandma who I'd _love_ to share a bottle of wine with, there's my bio grandad's grandmother who I just want to know, there's my grandmother's (great?) grandparents who I'd like to yell at (even though I do understand why they did what they did) and there's a long line of artists on my dad's side of things who I'd love to gush ideas with. One day maybe, one day. *sigh*. **milky sea? what do you call it when you run your hand through sea water and it starts glowing?
    • Neville
      Bumping this thread, hope that's ok! I have been doing some ancestral work but mainly in a generic way in the past, honouring them in general etc. However recently my daughter had to make a family tree for one of her subjects in school and we managed to find ancestors back to the 5th generation, which I realise isn't that far but that's work in progress still.  However there is one name on my mums paternal side and it keeps playing through my mind, that one name of a grand mother in my line somewhere in the 1800s. I am so interested to hear more about her, from her🙂
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