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Severing Etheric Cords


Severing Etheric Cords


It’s important to have a regular practice of severing etheric cords from people who may be draining your energy. It’s also not uncommon to have etheric cords attached to places, animals, and people who have died. When we think of someone, or someone thinks of us, and form an attachment, there is an energy cord created between us and the person, place or being.


It’s important to recognize when a person may be draining on your energy, or leaving you feeling anxious or angry, etc. This may be an indication that there are energy cords that needs cutting. Cords are placed with people all the time, as we interact with others. So, it’s extremely important to regularly sever cords that are not in your or the other person’s best interest and highest good. We can also attach cords or have cords attached to people or situations that we are not ready to let go of. People who have died are a good example of this. People who have died are still energy beings, therefore, etheric cords can easily be run from our plane to theirs. When cords are not healthy and in our best interest, this prevents forward spiritual progress for the other person, as well as for us.


A ritual of severing cords which are not in your best interest and highest good will help your energy field lift and vibrate at a higher rate. We also run energy cords between our loved ones, for instance our children, our partner, our animal companions, our family members, and this is normal and expected as long as the relationship is in balance and is in the best interest of all involved. What become harmful is when the relationship is out of balance, this is when the cords must be severed.


There are many meditations to do to sever etheric cords. This short meditation is very simple and although this way is probably not practised by most Traditionals it is effective and can be incorporated by almost all religions.


Severing Etheric Cords requires the assistance of Archangel Michael.


Begin with sitting or lying comfortably in a quiet place, however, you don’t want to be too comfortable that you fall asleep.


Begin with taking some slow deep breaths.


Breathe in for a count of 7 1..2..3..4..5..6..7

hold your breath for a count of 7 1..2..3..4..5..6..7

and breathe out for a count of 7 1..2..3..4..5..6..7


Repeat this deep breathing for a count of 7 until you feel relaxed and your mind is clear.


Say out loud, or in your mind .. "I ask Archangel Michael to come to me and help me now"


Wait a few seconds and feel Michael’s presence. You should know and trust that Michael comes to all who call on him for assistance.


Now say out loud, or in your mind, something like the following ..


"I ask Archangel Michael to use your sword and sever any and all etheric cords attached to my energy and physical bodies."


Continue to breathe deeply and feel the energy cords leave your energy and physical bodies.


You may feel tingly all over your body as the cords are cut, a slight dizziness, or slight nausea, or you may even see and feel the cords being severed and dissipating and disappearing.


A quick explanation of why you should call on the Archangel Michael may be in order. This has nothing to do with Christianity, Judaism or Muslim religious beliefs. We think of Archangels and Angels as beings that are on a higher level of existence, their task is to guide and protect us. Some may call them archetypes, an idea, but once you have called Archangel Michael and successfully severed harmful etheric cords, you will feel more positive and content in your wellbeing.



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I really like this ritual. Where did you get it? Is it self devised or did you derive it from some source?


This would be good to do. In the Ceremonial community there is talk of vampires, Psychic Vampires, so there is caution that is made against them. And of course working with Archangels is just par for the course. So I am pretty comfy on this one.


Besides it should be understood that we magickal people put out alot of energy So I mean its possible you form attachments to you various Items and working whenever such workings entail a solid item such as a Talisman.


So Did you consider keeping Arch. Michael from severing necessary connections? I think that would be a good idea, to make sure he doesn't sever cords you need to maintain for your magickal operations or to people you love like a spouse.


Thank you,


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Guest autumncrow


Thank you so much for posting this, this came along right when I needed it. I

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I love this! I've tried other rituals and just felt band-aided not freed. Our journies come with a price and that is that people cross our paths, and no matter how long they hang out they will always take some of you with them. I actually did this last night because someone whom i thought could have been an apprentice needed to be severed from me. Sad story aside, i feel amazing this morning! I had no idea just how much of my energy she was draining. Thank you so much for posting this!

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I'm glad I read this. Thanks for sharing. I am mulling over in my mind whether or not it would be best to sever only cords that connect one to people, places, etc that are no longer necessary, are negative, etc rather than severing all cords. Surely we all have cords we wish to remain intact but I guess those are easily reestablished and maybe thus revitalized by being severed and "regrown."

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Yeah, I'm confused, too... not sure if it is about potting plants or severing cords....


Years ago when my son was little, my ex was directing a bit too much bitterness towards our home. Not on purpose, he's basically a good fellow, just re the situation. And my son was feeling a lot of it. So I cut the cord between my ex and me - not the one between our son and my ex, but the one between me and my ex. It basically took my ex's bitterness over my leaving out of the emotions he felt for our child (whom he does love very much). It got rid of a lot of the basic bitterness and made things less confusing emotionally for my ex, helping him to move on and let me go.



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