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Protection Price ?


After recently moving into my newly built house I was able to borrow a lovely BMW 5 series to get me about. Funny thing was that the tyres kept blowing out during driving. On my way home once from dropping my children off at kindergarten I took a sharp bend, admittedly going faster than I should be but on a quiet country road, on a lovely summer day with a decent car CD player I was just enjoying the drive.


As I took the bend a front tyre blew and the car launched itself onto the other side of the road out of control - right in front of an oncoming lorry. All I could see before me was the front of the truck but somehow when I opened my eyes I was sitting in my car back on the right side of road in a small ditch and not another car in sight. I spent the next hour stranded, as it was only supposed to be a short drive I didn't bother taking my mobile phone and so couldn't even phone for help. I was panicked and suffering from shock and just in awe that, again, another tyre had blown on the car since I had borrowed it. As the car was at a strange angle I could not see a way to jack it up on my own and as my head was filled with confusion it didn't occur to me to move the car onto level ground.


I aimlessly spent an hour waving at the odd passer by, but nobody stopped (village life I guess!). So I ended up actually walking in the middle of the road until someone came along and flagged them down. The old gentleman kindly drove to my house and picked up my partner and brought him back to where I was with the car. A replacement tyre was fitted quickly and we drove home. I was still shaken up by the ordeal and couldn't get out of my head what could have happened or worst had I of had my children in the car at the time. Taking a bend, at speed or not, when a tyre blows on a sharp corner it is more than likely you will lose control, even for a couple of seconds.


So, I am home and decide to have a look at the tyre - looked actually like someone had sliced parts of it with a Stanley Knife. A nice clean sharp cut into the tyre but not enough for it to lose pressure ... just enough for it to blow under pressure, it was the same with the previous tyre that had blown too, although that was so badly damaged it was hard to prove anything.


As I went for a walk to clear my head I came across a lovely neighbour who said that her dog was barking about 2am which is very rare and asked if I was OK as I looked pale. When I explained what had happened she remarked that another neighbour in the close vicinity to our house has been accused of such things before. Now knowing that my partner and I had upset these particular neighbours by building on land they had hoped to claim for themselves it all started to make sense. Although, I had to be careful, my anger was rising and I had to go home to meditate to try and release some of the exploding emotion within me but however much I tried I could not block this particular neighbour out of my head.


I mean, it could just all be coincidence couldn't it? My car blows two tyres in less than a week from a strange looking puncture/slash, a neighbour is eaten up with hatred that I built on the land their family craved for and she has a criminal history of "playing" with car tyres, and of course the other neighbour's dog that never barks, barking its head off at 2am the night before. Was I just being paranoid? No, I didn't think so either, although I knew that hexing a person without concrete proof would have severe consequences on myself through my own guilt, no matter how upset or angry or justified I felt.


I decided to do something anyway, my emotion was too strong to let this slide. I went to my "special" hawthorn tree near where I lived and took a low level branch. I did initially intend to use Blackthorn but couldn't find a tree that felt right.


I plunged the Stang into my ground facing North and proceeded inside to light a candle indoors. I always burn my candles in sand to prevent any accidents and this time was no different. I sat outside with the Stang for a while and meditated, praying for protection and if anyone dare to enter my land to do harm then may they take whatever is in their possession and use it against themselves. The whole time I tried to block out my neighbour but its so hard when the house is a stones throw away.


After the candle had burnt down I was left with a strange stony like substance at the bottom of my candle pot instead of the usual sand - this has never happened before but I could sense that this was filled with my intent. I scraped some out and put it in a small plastic ziplock bag and put that in the knee pocket of my trousers - I wanted to go back to my "tree" and place some of this stony matter at the base of the tree as an offering to the tree for giving me the Stang. As I am walking towards it my pocket starts vibrating and I instantly reach down thinking I had my mobile phone in there ... but I had no phone with me - it was the energy and power emanating from this substance I had created.


When I returned home I decided to use this substance all around the perimeter of my land and was out there with a small cauldron and my Athame spreading this stony, clumpy hard substance everywhere. My neighbours must have thought I had gone totally bonkers as I noticed a few curtains twitching but I am sure they will get used to my strange ways eventually. As I was spreading the protection around my house outside I felt a strong wave of relief. I knew that if anyone dared cross my land with bad or negative intentions they would be sincerely very sorry indeed.


That night I could not sleep. I had the French door windows to my bedroom opened so I could hear even a pin drop. At about 3am I heard a dog barking and some rustling outside - as I went to the window all I could see was a massive black shadow or rather a black foggy mist rising up from the ground of my property. I couldn't see anybody out there but could actually feel that my protection spell/hex was indeed working. The rustling stopped and I raced downstairs to inspect the car. No damage, in fact it looked like nobody had actually set one foot on my land at all. I will never know whether someone was there - it could have been a cat or a fox, but one thing I do know is that if it had of been a person with ill-intent they probably felt the overwhelming dark energy rising up and their own higher-self guided them back home.


The next day was OK but I had an odd sense that I must pay a price for the protection. Trying to dismiss it I tried to justify to myself that I didn't hold the "obvious person" responsible but deep down I knew that I did. I knew that my intent was fuelled with anger and emotion and although I was in control of myself it just fuelled the intent of what I wanted to do ten-fold..


As I came downstairs I heard one of my parrots squawking a few times really loud - it wasn't a sound I had ever heard before and my other half went into the parrot room to see what was going on. I waited outside not wanting to disturb our breeding pair of parrots with two people in there. My partner came out holding a dead parrot. Our male had literally dropped dead and left our female sitting on eggs in the nest hole. There was no obvious cause for his death, he literally just dropped dead, no reason. I knew that this was the price I had to pay. When the eggs were ready to hatch nothing happened. We waited far beyond the time they were due and then decided to open them - after all the eggs might not have even been fertilised anyway. As it turned out both eggs had been fertilized and the chicks had died in the shell.


I believe that was the price I had to pay, but I also believe that my home and my land is totally protected from the evil intentions of other people. I have paid the price and although it was an awful one to pay, if I had to choose, I would pick to lose birds over my children any day - that car incident could have killed me and my children that day. I am willing to sacrifice and pay the price for the highest protection of my family.


Since then we practically got given another male parrot who is absolutely lovely and much more suited to our female anyway. He has since raised 2 wonderful chicks and we have another 2 waiting to hatch.


When you stay true to yourself, there is usually a happy ending for everything, eventually!


© Traditional Witch 2006



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