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Spells in General


So what should you do to prepare a spell for someone; a love spell, for example.


Firstly you need to know EXACTLY what the person wants from the spell. It could be companionship, friendship, intimacy, red hot sex .... The most important thing to remember is that everyone is different and the spell must be individually tailored to take into account not just what the outcome will be but also to acknowledge personalities of the person...


Any spell for love, money, luck etc., you must ALWAYS include that the outcome will be in favour of their highest good. If a spell does not work, it is likely because it is not right, safe or appropriate for any reason (maybe this person must learn a life lesson, for example), or it's the wrong time. Try again 13 weeks later during the correct moon phase according to what you are trying to achieve.


If you miss out to include the protection for the person you are doing the spell for, it can be dangerous - rather like opening a door to everything and anything to jump in on it along the way - and believe me there is some bad energy out there just waiting for such a chance to do harm.


Spell casting is NOT a joke, it's real, it works and it happens - there is no "undoing" when things go wrong, there is only onwards. If things do go wrong, you must continue and do something that will change the circumstance for the better for that person - aiming to put their "energy" back on track, in a manner of words.


A girlfriend of mine that I performed a love spell in April 2006 for, was aimed at bringing the fireworks back with her old beau who, unfortunately, had shown no desire to rekindle their relationship, in any way, including sexual. Subsequently, that weekend after I did the spell, they somehow ended up together and had a very hot raunchy weekend - but then it just fizzled out.


Now this is where "her highest good" intervened - instead of starting something that may have had unfortunate consequences, that weekend proved to be a "make it or break it". It broke it - but both of them realised afterwards that the weekend was more of a "special goodbye" to feelings they once had for each other - for her, especially, this "goodbye" was necessary. Since then she has moved on and has found a new love, which is growing strong.


This is a fine example of doing a spell that ensures the outcome is for that person's own highest good. What seemed to not work from the initial desire, did in fact work in more ways than one!


Fate works in mysterious ways, and usually never goes the way you plan or anticipate - but more often than not turns out with a positive outcome and benefits the person you did the spell for - all because you acted in accordance with their highest good! WARNING:

Never ever perform meditation, rituals, spells or magick without psychic protection. If you end up with some sort of malevolent spirit, entity or Neg attached to you, then you only have yourself to blame.


If you feel are you are being attacked then I recommend this book by Robert Bruce. This is a direct Amazon.co.uk link: Practical Psychic Self Defense



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