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We have tabulated some basic correspondences of Gemstones in the table below:




Amber - Protection, magickal workings, solar energy


Amethyst - Dreams, astral work, relieves stress, imagination, meditation


Aquamarine - Divination, relaxation, creative imagination


Aventurine - Prosperity, abundance, fertility, optimism, healing old emotional wounds


Beryl - Scrying, crystal gazing, intellect


Bloodstone - Confidence, strength, control over your life, luck


Blue Lace - Agate Feminine energy, peace, relaxation


Carnelian - Intuitive talents, astral travel, sexual energy


Chrysocolla - Balances emotions, relieves depression, emotional healing


Citrine - Healing, increased physical energy, hope, encourages new beginnings


Emerald - Love, protects against violence, communication


Fluorite - Creativity, mental abilities, meditation, astral travel, confidence, inspiration


Garnet - Passion, courage, fertility, prosperity


Hematite - Absorbing and grounding negative energy, healing, balances energy flow


Jade - Long life, prosperity, dragons, good fortune, health


Jet - Protection, divination, Goddess energy


Labradorite - Imagination, releasing inhibitions, self-confidence, communication with spiritual beings


Lapis Lazuli - Psychic protection, love, peace of mind


Malachite - Good fortune, business success, protection from accidents


Moonstone - Lunar energy, psychic matters, clarity of thought


Moss Agate - Plant magick, new friends, reveals deceit


Obsidian - Inner strength, protection


Onyx - Protection, hope, endurance, acquiring knowledge


Peridot - Astral work, protection from nightmares, emotional healing, inspiration


Quartz - Focusing energy for any purpose


Red Jasper - Passion, blood magick, protection from nightmares


Rose Quartz - Love, friendship, joy, self-healing


Sodalite - Courage, intellect, creativity, protection on journeys


Tiger Eye - Protection, balance, mediation, starting new business


Turquoise - Protection from psychic attacks, reconciliation, divination





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That is fantastic. I'll have to try it sometime and see what really happens.


I can't stop laughing at this one. Thank you.

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OH fuck, that was awesome!!!!!!!!


LOL! You get rep points for that, Mag!


I wondered what rep points were Grym. I just accidently clicked on settings and saw it there. lol. Thanks. :0)

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