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Aromatic Woods


Aromatic Woods are often used as a base for incense. This is a basic list of the correspondences of the most common woods. Information on the correspondences for Herbs and Gums or Resins can be found on the following pages:


Aromatic Woods


Cedar - Home purification, good fortune, luck

Cinnamon - Success, healing, power, protection

Hazel - Divination, psychic abilities, dreams

Juniper (Wood and needles) - Protection, health, cleansing

Makko - Cleansing, truth

Palo Santo - Cleansing, luck, strength

Pine - Prosperity, fertility, healing

Red Cedar - Strength, honour, honesty

Sandalwood (yellow) - Spirituality, healing, wishes

Sandalwood (red) - Cleansing, revelation

White Willow (bark) - Love, divination, healing





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