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Miracle Healing

This is an account of a very intense miracle healing, which happened this year (2006). I have my fuzzy account of what happened as I was literally "playing with the faries" during these weeks of channeling but kindly we have another account personally written by the person directly invovled.
"Mr Smith" has kindly also offered that if anybody would like to contact him regarding what happened to please contact me (Sandy) and I shall pass on his email address.

Ok ... First Account is by "Mr Smith", followed by my account of the experience.

Less than half an hour into the first football game of the season my 14 year old goalie son jumped above a mêlée of players to retrieve a high cross. He crashed to the ground clutching the ball under a heap of lads. As the others picked themselves up, my son stayed down. It was that gut wrenching moment that every parent dreads. Was he injured or just winded? This time it was an injury - a bad one. He was in agony with his right knee rapidly swelling to the size of the football he had just saved. We called an ambulance and rushed to the local Accident and Emergency unit.

X-rays were taken and the A&E Consultant summoned who in turn called in an Orthopaedic Registrar. From the x-rays it was clear that the tibia was fractured - a longitudinal split from the knee. The Orthopaedic Registrar told us that the knee growth plate was also dislodged and went on to explain that this could result in the growth of that leg stopping, leaving it crooked and shorter than the other. He suggested that surgery could rectify the problem but warned us that success was by no means guaranteed. My son's leg was plastered from hip to ankle and an appointment made for him to see the Orthopaedic Consultant on the following Wednesday.

Every parent will know how I felt with the prospect of my son having a crippled leg for the rest of his life. I was totally distraught with worry. I kept thinking, "If only there was some way I could help him." In despair I called Sandy. We'd established a strong bond shortly after we met and had become very close friends. I had experienced Sandy's extraordinary powers myself. Could she help? Bless her, she said she would drop everything and work on healing my son immediately.
She asked me to email her a photo of my son. Shortly after I did so, Sandy called back. She was incredibly excited and full of questions! "There's a silver haired man, Alf or Alfie .. and ... with a wolf... who could he be?"... "There's a strong smell of toast... what does it mean?"... "There's a woman in a maid uniform... her name begins with MAR... who is she?"
We worked out that the silver haired man was my grandfather who had absolutely loved toast! The "wolf" was his German shepherd dog. The woman in the maid uniform was my wife's mother, Marjorie, who had been a hotel housekeeper.

There were more telephone calls and more questions over the next couple of days. I could feel my grandfather's presence and the dog's spirit stayed with me. It was an incredibly emotional time for me. I had loved my grandfather dearly and we had been very close. I enjoyed having the dog around and kept him with me until Sandy told me to send him back!

Then Wednesday arrived. My son was due to see the Orthopaedic Consultant. I was so anxious. I was pacing up and down in the garden, sick with worry, when Sandy suddenly appeared beside me. I actually saw her and felt her hug me as she told me that everything would be ok. It was one of the most beautiful experiences of my life, one that I shall never forget.

We returned to the hospital. My son had the plaster cast removed and a new set of x-rays taken. Then we saw the Consultant. He was baffled. The tibia fracture had miraculously disappeared and the growth plate appeared to be normal! But there was still a problem - my son was in considerable pain without the support of the plaster cast and his lower leg was full of blood bruising. The Consultant believed that one of the cruciate ligaments had been severed. An MRI scan was booked for a couple of weeks later and my son's leg re-plastered.

This was bad news. Cruciate ligaments can be repaired, but not until full growth has been attained. For a boy this is 22, so my son would have had to suffer with a floppy knee for eight years, not being able to walk properly and not being able to play any sport.

Sandy went to work again. This time not so intensely concentrated but steadily over a longer period of time. One month later when we saw the Consultant again after the MRI scan he was astounded that the results did not show one of the cruciate ligaments severed. He concluded that they must have been stretched. The plaster cast was removed and replaced with a leg brace. This remained in place for another couple of months until the leg was good enough to have physiotherapy.

The final appointment with the Consultant was six months after the accident. When the Consultant asked my son how the knee was, my son replied, "Well, I climbed Ben Nevis last week in the snow with crampons and ice pick, when I got to the top it ached a bit!" He was discharged without further ado!

Over the past few months my son has climbed Snowdon and next ten highest peaks in Wales during one weekend, climbed the highest mountain in Romania, and is back playing his beloved football this season!

A one hundred percent recovery! But I did not realize until sometime later how much time and effort Sandy put into that first intensive session, nor how drained and exhausted it left her. She gave everything in her power with selfless love and I am eternally grateful to her.


Sandy's account (the fuzzy version)

A good friend, Mr Smith, called me, desperate and very upset. His teenage son had been involved in a sports accident which had shattered the growth plate on his knee cap. His knee was so swollen that the hospital could not operate immediately but took x-rays confirming that it had some bad fractures and without an operation would definitely affect his growth in that leg. The worst news was that the operation to mend it was not a guarantee either and he could still have a problem. The young lad (we shall call him Bobby for privacy issues) was sent home to rest and had to return to the hospital for more x-rays a few days later.

Over the telephone I felt almost helpless, so I asked Mr Smith to send me a recent photo of his son through email as I had never seen him before. As soon as I opened the picture I was hit with a wall of voices chattering away, images coming and going, my head was almost "taken over" with confusion and emotion. I knew immediately it was the spirits from his family who had passed over wanting to help.

As I tried to sort out the images and messages rolling around in my head I said I would get back to Mr. Smith because I was too overwhelmed to do much else. I have never experience such an intense flurry of "messages". I don't know what to even call it as it feels more like a waking dream, very confusing, very surreal but totally conscious!

The spirits must have realised I couldn't cope with all the endless chatter and that I needed to hear just one main "voice" to come forward. I got the name Alf and with Alf came this wolf like animal. Very friendly but looked so much like a wolf. I also saw a lady in the distance but I only managed to get MAR from her name. She was content to stand in the background, showing her support but not intruding - I could see she had some sort of maids outfit on. Black and white. I couldn't however make out her features as she was too far away, standing what looked like at the end of a large entrance or lounge area by a door - remember I am visualising this and trying to sort it out as its coming into my head. The most strangest of all was the overwhelming smell of toast - just ordinary toast!

I telephoned back my friend and explained what I had made of everything so far. Alf happened to be his grandfather and the wolf was actually Alf's German Shepherd dog that followed him around everywhere during his physical life. MAR stood for Margery and she actually owned a hotel and insisted on doing the maids duties herself! Margery was in fact the mother of Mr Smith's wife. The toast smell was interesting ... evidently, Alf loved toast so much that he would have eaten it morning, noon and night if he could!

Ok, so now we have established that this beautiful family have come through to give healing to Bobby and to use me as some sort of channel. I spent the next days meditating and visualising healing to Bobby and at the same time have an uncanny psychic connection to Mr. Smith. Alf, Margery and the dog, were present all the time, in fact they never left my "area". It almost got to the point where I was even having a banter with Alf and holding full conversations but not through conscious speaking. It really was as surreal as it sounds!

During this time Bobby's knee started looking a bit better - the swelling was disappearing! After a few days Bobby returned to hospital for more x-rays and a possible operation to fix the plate pending the swelling. However, no operation was necessary, the fractures had literally vanished! Bobby's knee was going to be OK. The doctors, specialists and nurses at the hospital were astounded and couldn't believe their eyes or work out how his knee was no longer fractured... evidently it caused quite a stir, and nobody but Mr Smith was any the wiser.

Bobby was sent home again but had to return every few days back at the hospital to make sure it was still all ok. Everything went fine and he healed perfectly in a matter of weeks. Much more happened that what I am writing here, but for some reason I can only remember parts of it. At the time it was such a strong experience that I thought I would never forget it and writing it down did not even occur to me. My purpose was to help Bobby - the last thing on my mind was to start documenting it all for an article!

The spirits stayed with me for a couple of weeks and then disappeared. They have not returned to me since, but I am pretty sure that they visit Mr Smith and his family. There was so much overwhelming love from that family, it was beautiful.

I was part of a miracle. Whether it will happen again for another situation, I have no idea. What I do know is that Bobby is a very lucky young lad, not only because he is back playing sports, but because he has an army of wonderful spirits looking after him for all eternity.


Again, Mr Smith has kindly offered that he would be most happy to talk to anyone regarding this experience, please contact me directly and I shall pass on his or your details


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