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Herbs can be used in many ways in magic, as ingredients for incense for instance:

Herbs / Plants

Agrimony - Protection, banishes negative energy, sleep

All Spice - Prosperity, courage, energy, strength, wisdom

Almond - Money, wisdom

Angelica - Protection, exorcism, health, meditation, divination

Anise - Cleansing, youth

Asafoetida - Exorcism, banishing

Bay Leaf - Protection, healing, cleansing

Basil - Mend quarrels, sympathy, happiness

Belladonna - Astral travel, flying ointments

Betony - Protects against nightmares and despair

Blessed - Thistle Protection, cleansing, remove hexes

Borage - Psychic abilities, financial gain

Broom - Used to bless weddings, weather magick, besoms

Burdock - Cleansing, protection

Cardamom - Love, care

Carnation - Feminine energy, healing, strength

Catnip - Love, beauty, happiness

Chamomile - Sleep, love, cleansing

Clove - Banishing, love, protection

Damiana - Love, visions

Dill - Money, luck, protection

Eucalyptus - Healing, protection

Galangal - Protection, health, luck, money, hex-breaking

Gardenia - Love, peace, healing

Ginger - Love, success, courage, power

Heather - Peace, beginnings, weather magick

Hemlock - Purification, cooling emotions

Hibiscus - Love, lust, divination

High John the Conqueror - Protection. luck, money

Holly - Protection, luck

Honeysuckle - Healing, love, creativity

Hops (flower) - Sleep, visions

Horehound - Protection, exorcism, mental clarity

Hyssop - Purification, repel negativity

Iris - Purification, wisdom

Irish Moss - Money. luck, protection

Ivy - Protection, healing

Jasmine - Dreams, sexuality, money

Juniper (berry) - Cleansing, purifying, love charms

Lavender (flowers) - Love, sleep, dreams, meditation, protection

Lemon - Friendship, love, purification

Lemongrass - Psychic abilities, lust

Lemon Verbena - Purification, love

Licorice - Lust, love, fidelity

Lilac - Protection, divination

Marigold - Legal matters, dreams, divination

Marjoram - Love, happiness, protection

Mandrake - Protection, love, health

Meadowsweet - Love, peace

Mint - Healing, prosperity, creativity

Mistletoe - Protection, fertility, exorcism

Mugwort - Psychic abilities, divination, protection

Myrtle (leaf) - Fertility, love, long life

Nettle - Protection, passion

Oak moss - Luck, money

Opium - Intense lust

Orange - Protection, passion

Orris Root - Love

Parsley - Protection, cleansing, fertility

Patchouli - Money, lust, fertility

Pennyroyal - Strength, protection, peace

Rose - Love, healing, friendship

Rosemary - Sleep, cleansing, healing

Rue - Banishing, protection

Saffron - Love, strength, happiness

Sage (leaf) - Immortality, longevity, wishes, cleansing and purifying

Spikenard - Health, fidelity

St John's Wort - Health, protection, strength, love, divination

Star Anise - Luck, power

Tarragon (leaf) - Strength, courage

Thyme (leaf) - Sleep, health, courage

Tonka Beans - Courage, wishes, love

Turmeric - Purification

Valerian (root) - Love, sleep, protection

Vanilla - Lust, love, courage

Vervain - Love, prosperity, sleep, healing, creativity

Vetiver (root) - Luck, money, hex-breaking

White Sage - Purification, repels negativity, wisdom

Wild lettuce - Divination, visions, revelation

Woodruff - Victory, protection

Wormwood - Scrying, divination, exorcism

Yarrow - Love, psychic abilities, banishing

Yohimbe (root) - Love, lust, desire



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