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Jan 01 2010 12:00 AM | admin in Correspondencies
Herbs can be used in many ways in magic, as ingredients for incense for instance:

Herbs / Plants

Agrimony - Protection, banishes negative energy, sleep

All Spice - Prosperity, courage, energy, strength, wisdom

Almond - Money, wisdom

Angelica - Protection, exorcism, health, meditation, divination

Anise - Cleansing, youth

Asafoetida - Exorcism, banishing

Bay Leaf - Protection, healing, cleansing

Basil - Mend quarrels, sympathy, happiness

Belladonna - Astral travel, flying ointments

Betony - Protects against nightmares and despair

Blessed - Thistle Protection, cleansing, remove hexes

Borage - Psychic abilities, financial gain

Broom - Used to bless weddings, weather magick, besoms

Burdock - Cleansing, protection

Cardamom - Love, care

Carnation - Feminine energy, healing, strength

Catnip - Love, beauty, happiness

Chamomile - Sleep, love, cleansing

Clove - Banishing, love, protection

Damiana - Love, visions

Dill - Money, luck, protection

Eucalyptus - Healing, protection

Galangal - Protection, health, luck, money, hex-breaking

Gardenia - Love, peace, healing

Ginger - Love, success, courage, power

Heather - Peace, beginnings, weather magick

Hemlock - Purification, cooling emotions

Hibiscus - Love, lust, divination

High John the Conqueror - Protection. luck, money

Holly - Protection, luck

Honeysuckle - Healing, love, creativity

Hops (flower) - Sleep, visions

Horehound - Protection, exorcism, mental clarity

Hyssop - Purification, repel negativity

Iris - Purification, wisdom

Irish Moss - Money. luck, protection

Ivy - Protection, healing

Jasmine - Dreams, sexuality, money

Juniper (berry) - Cleansing, purifying, love charms

Lavender (flowers) - Love, sleep, dreams, meditation, protection

Lemon - Friendship, love, purification

Lemongrass - Psychic abilities, lust

Lemon Verbena - Purification, love

Licorice - Lust, love, fidelity

Lilac - Protection, divination

Marigold - Legal matters, dreams, divination

Marjoram - Love, happiness, protection

Mandrake - Protection, love, health

Meadowsweet - Love, peace

Mint - Healing, prosperity, creativity

Mistletoe - Protection, fertility, exorcism

Mugwort - Psychic abilities, divination, protection

Myrtle (leaf) - Fertility, love, long life

Nettle - Protection, passion

Oak moss - Luck, money

Opium - Intense lust

Orange - Protection, passion

Orris Root - Love

Parsley - Protection, cleansing, fertility

Patchouli - Money, lust, fertility

Pennyroyal - Strength, protection, peace

Rose - Love, healing, friendship

Rosemary - Sleep, cleansing, healing

Rue - Banishing, protection

Saffron - Love, strength, happiness

Sage (leaf) - Immortality, longevity, wishes, cleansing and purifying

Spikenard - Health, fidelity

St John's Wort - Health, protection, strength, love, divination

Star Anise - Luck, power

Tarragon (leaf) - Strength, courage

Thyme (leaf) - Sleep, health, courage

Tonka Beans - Courage, wishes, love

Turmeric - Purification

Valerian (root) - Love, sleep, protection

Vanilla - Lust, love, courage

Vervain - Love, prosperity, sleep,...
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Jan 01 2010 12:00 AM | admin in Correspondencies
We have tabulated some basic correspondences of Gemstones in the table below:


Amber - Protection, magickal workings, solar energy

Amethyst - Dreams, astral work, relieves stress, imagination, meditation Read article →    0 comments    -----

Gums and Resins

Jan 01 2010 12:00 AM | admin in Correspondencies
Gums or Resins can be used in many ways in magick, as ingredients for incense for instance.

Gums and Resins

Benzoin resin - Prosperity, astral projection, purification

Copal Resin - Purification, cleansing
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Days of the Week

Jan 01 2010 12:00 AM | admin in Correspondencies
The days of the week have magickal correspondences attributed to them. These are some basic correspondences for use in magickal work. You can perform magickal work on the most auspicious day if you choose, as Traditional Witches we don't feel the need...
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Aromatic Woods

Jan 01 2010 12:00 AM | admin in Correspondencies
Aromatic Woods are often used as a base for incense. This is a basic list of the correspondences of the most common woods. Information on the correspondences for Herbs and Gums or Resins can be found on the following pages:

Aromatic Woods<...
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Jan 01 2010 12:00 AM | admin in Correspondencies
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