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The French Huguenots - are they a factor in Witchcraft ?

The Exile

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Could the Huguenots be a factor in some of the French craft being brought into England?




A short while back I read about Anjeaunot's interesting article about the place names used as ingress and egress when entering the Castles. Through Scott's research he finds out that were names of places in France where the Cathars lived and were massacred.


"This is why a segment of the French Craft remembered them with sympathetic concern."


"Scott discovered the Montralvert region in an area where countless witches were executed."




When digging on the Davis family. Monica English's first husband was John Summersell Davis, he died young and they didn't have any children.


Recently some members of the Summersell Davis family have contacted me. They were the nephew and niece of John Summersell Davis.


And the family mentioned that several members of the family were intutives and because the family lived in Burma for a while, John's mother, an intuitive, became attracted to Buddhism and some later members of the family became Buddhists.


One member of the family is in the business of Esoteric.


Anyway the family mentioned that one of their roots were French Huguenots so I checked it out and it turns out that they did have such roots.






David Espinet was born 1632 in Port d'Envaux, Saintonge, France. Married 1654 to Elizabeth Barbotain.


David Espinet was described as a Surgeon ca. 1660 Port d'Envaux, Saintonge, France


In 1690 fled to United kingdom, lived in Rye, Sussex. He died before 1703.




Their son,


David Espinet was born 1678 Port D'Envaux, Saintonge, France. Married 27 Dec 1705 Mary (?Anne Marie) Dansays in Bexley, Kent. He died before 1745 in Rye, Sussex.


His wife, Mary (?Anne Marie) Dansays, was born 1676 St. Laurent de la Pree, Saintonge, France. She died before 1751 Rye, Sussex.




Their daughter,


Mary Espinet, was born 1708 in Rye, Sussex and died/buried 12 Apr 1792 Rye, Sussex.


She married 30 Apr 1728 in Rye, Sussex to William Davis.








I cannot say either way if that this family brought over any French craft with them.




But it will be interesting to see if French Huguenots shows up in other families of interest ….




P. S. - I do have French Huguenot roots too :-)






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While I do not have an answer to your question, it intriques me, as I have several lines of French Huguenot in my family tree, though most are on my dad's side. The folks on that side are totally void of any magical ability at all, but that doesn't mean it isn't hiding somewhere back in the line.

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