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Liber Lilith


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I just discovered this book, and as such I haven't read it. It was only printed 1,000 copies, and has sold out. Of course like most books of this sort on the second market its now really expnsive.



I found this explanation and review on the internet: It can be found here


Well if you don't already know, Liber Lilith is a semi-fictional grimoire written by occult writer Donald Tyson. There are three parts to the book. A grimoire Tyson claims he received through telepathic messages from a entity. A fictional journal of an ill-fated occultist who attempts to practice the grimoire as he slowly succumbs to madness and commits suicide. Last, there is an analysis broken down by Tyson over the first part containing the grimoire. The reason I call this book a work of semi-fiction is because Tyson claims to wrote the grimoir from other means than his creative imagination.


These screenshots below are taken from his book sexual alchemy as he mentions Liber Lilith before it was published.





At his website, Tyson further discusses his opinion on Liber Lilith.




I am sure there are skeptics over his claim that a "higher intelligence" gave him the text for the grimoire portion to write. Some would view it as a marketing lie to boost publicity for his book. In regards to this, my research and personal experience have revealed that portions of the grimoire have indeed occurred to other people who had no knowledge of the book and myself. Which leads me to believe that assertion is untrue and his claim is genuine.


As for the rest of the book, Tyson tries to attempt to make the accounts of Karl Steiger seem very true. Although the account is purely fiction, there are many helpful clues that are included in Karl's journal to those that heed. Overall, the book has sinister undertones for those who have yet to read it but didn't care about the spoilers.


Now going into my research on the book.


I came across a blog devoted to a person who was going to perform the first portion of the grimoire as closely as possible. The blog is located here,


Liber Lilith Ritual Blog

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