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Identifying Local Flora


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My Mom has a pretty extensive library of books to identify different trees, plants, flowers, etc in and around England. But since moving to America I'm seeing a lot of things I don't recognise. Obviously there are a fair few books on the subject but not all would be equal in quality of information, so I wondered if anyone had a recommendation of a book (or books) of American trees, plants, etc? It doesn't have to include anything related to witchcraft, I'm more after something to help with identifying the things I'm seeing.


I ask my husband, who is American, when I see things I don't recognise and get very generic "it's a tree" aswers :pumpkin_rolleyes: So he'll be learning along with me!

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Medicinal Plants of North America by Jim Meuninck has been a treasure of mine. I think there may be another by him on amazon about trees.


ETA: the author gives information on creating tinctures, poultices, percolations, powders, oils & salves, etc. And with each plant he gives its description, location, how to prepare it in foods, its traditional/historical uses, modern uses, any notes, and wildlife/veterinary uses.

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The complete guide to wild edable plants by the dept of army is one of my go to books it even has a few recipies and there's a poisonous plant section at the back too. When I moved across the USA I found this book a huge help.


I also love the herbal medician cabinet by Debra st Clair is a new book to me and I really like it.

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This is the one I just picked up at barnes and noble the other day.



I had a laminated, fold up one over the summer. but I wanted one that had more plants so I wasn't just limited to learning what was on the paper. This is about an inch thick (879 pages) and vinyl bound.  Half the book is high quality pictures and they are arranged so that similar plants are grouped together and you can really see the differences between such plants as queens anne's lace and water hemlock. The rest of the book is grouped by family which has a description of each plant, where its found and when it flowers which I find really helpful. In the store it was 20 bucks.  Online it's cheaper depending on where you get it. 


They also have one for the western region: 













And also insects, butterflies, mammals, reptiles and amphibians, sea creatures, shells, and rocks. 

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