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Members who we suspect are under the age of 18


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Please note that this site and forum is designed for the more mature audience interested in Traditional Witchcraft (not Wicca!). We do not allow anyone under the age of 18 to join.


If you are easily offended by strong language and personal opinions about Traditional Witchcraft then this is not the site for you.


Any member who is underage or showing disrespect on this forum will result in immediate deletion and lifetime ban.


Thank you for your attention.


Sandy Cristel

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Despite Sandy's post on the 18+ age requirement for acceptance as a member we have found, or suspect, that some people who have joined may well be under this age.


In consequence this post clarifies what will happen.


If the Moderators or I feel or suspect that someone is under 18, we will suspend their account and proceed to delete their posts, blogs, pictures and any personal information they may have posted. We will then delete their account fully.


In cases where this happens there is no 'right of appeal'. We do this in order to protect both members and those who are underage, any discussion back and forth would be pointless and we will not enter into email axchanges about it. If such suspension and deletion happens to you please accept it, move on, live and grow.

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