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ghost adventures

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#1 Akashiel


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Posted 17 April 2012 - 05:07 PM

Anyone watch this show? I think its pretty entertaining and the investigators seem to be pretty sincere. I really want to go visit the Ancient ram inn now. I do think the witches they employ in salem house episode seemed a little ridiculous. The voodoo ritual in Magnolia plantation seemed pretty legit though I personally know next to nothing about voodoo or hoodoo.
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#2 Whiterose


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Posted 17 April 2012 - 09:06 PM

I have seen this show. I saw the voodoo episode and they did seem to get some real phenomenon. Though, I don't agree with their college frat house style of investigating. They seem to go in to a place, piss off what ever it is and joke around and leave one of their buddies by themselves in a hot spot. In the plantation episode, they locked one of their buddies in to one of the cabins all night. I don't see how that is helpful to the investigation. Also, the lead investigator irriates me. His voice is right up there with Alyana from Vampire Diaries and Bella from Twilight. I prefer Ghost Hunters or Paranomal State.
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#3 RavenFlyer


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Posted 17 April 2012 - 10:00 PM

I've watched this show many times. But I haven't the myrtle plantation episode. The one in Salem pissed me off because of Christian Day. I find him to be nothing but a big phoney joke. If he's as adept at working with the spirit world then he shouldn't be that shocked for phenomenon to happen. And his whole public persona makes witches look like flouncy cape and makeup wearing freaks. He pisses me off.
But back onto the show I like it more than Ghost Hunters. But I ant stand TAPS entire team.

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#4 Grymdycche


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Posted 18 April 2012 - 12:03 AM

Having been into ghost hunting in the past, I've checked out about every such show there is. I don't watch any of them anymore.
The following may make me sound like an opinionated a-hole, but hey, you asked. ;)

Honestly, Ghost Adventures makes me feel like my IQ has dropped 50 points after I watch it. :wacko: The frat boy yelling and drama-queening annoys me beyond tolerance, and I've seen some incredibly brazen stunts on there. Not from the main guys themselves, to their credit, but some guest ghost hunting dude they had on once, he threw his EMF meter and claimed it was "knocked out of his hand".. on the slo mo playback, you can plainly see him wind his arm back and throw the thing! What a liar.
Anyway, from other comments on ghosthunting forums I belong to, it seems the majority of the show's fans are female and watch primarily because Zak is a hunk. Well, I can't fault women for that, I watch terrible shows that have hot ladies in 'em. (see my last sentence!) ;)

Ghost Lab was hilarious; those two machismo hicks cracked me up, trying to intimate and boss around ghosts! Woo, tough guys. How do you give a ghost a wedgie?

Paranormal State makes me yak. If I recall correctly, they've been caught outright faking stuff, but they definitely exploit some of their patrons. There was an interview with one of the people whose home they "investigated", the PS team treated the whole thing like a PR stunt. Ryan is a narcissist douchebag. And nearly half their hauntings somehow turn out to be demonic possessions requiring an exorcism. It's like a thinly veiled advertisement for Catholicism. And then Chip Coffey went to exploit kids in his psychic children series, for which there are many complaints and charges.

Most Haunted: what can anyone say? They have definitely been caught faking effects, numerous times. Laughing stock of the whole genre. Entertaining though, I guess?

Sad to say, but the original Ghost Hunters is (IMO) still the "best", but really, if you've seen 3 shows, I feel like you've seen 'em all. And I'm convinced Grant has faked things too, there are lots of examples on Youtube. Of course that doesn't mean everything is fake, but how do you know now which is which? It destroyed their credibility. If I catch an ep anymore, it's only because I think Kris Williams is a hottie. ;)

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#5 o_O



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Posted 18 April 2012 - 02:18 AM

I personally don't mind Ghost Adventures, and it's not because of Zak. I think he's a bit of an idiot and not attractive at all. Their guest witches are a bit irritating, and Christian Day is a bit of a fake to me. I remember watching the Salem episode and seeing him and personally you shouldn't have that kind of excitement if you've done these types of things before. I do think the Ghost Adventures team does get some creditable evidence at times though and like their experiments with new equipment. There are things at times though were you have to wonder if they faked it.

Ghost Hunters is pretty good, but like mentioned, you've seen a couple episodes you've seen them all. I've watched Paranormal State as well and it always seems that Ryan makes the whole thing about himself, and their occult expert isn't much of an expert. I did like Chip Coffey's idea for helping psychic children, though I think he went about it the wrong way at times and it definitely shouldn't have been a tv show. I think it's way too personal for those children and is something that should be handled privately.

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#6 elizabeth


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Posted 19 May 2012 - 04:16 PM

I love Ghost Adventurers! They are the most entertaining bunch on tv to me. They do have a frat boy style, though, that is an excellent way to put it. It makes them appear juvenile and unprofessional at times, but it adds to their charm, as well. I do think Zak is narcissistic, and it always seems like he has to be the center of attention. Like if someone else starts feeling something, he totally steals it from them and claims he is feeling it, too, then he makes a huge show of it, so the other guy won't get the camera notice. My favorite is Aaron. He is a big ole scared sweetie. lol. Like a little boy. I love the way he goes "...dude.." when he's scared, he sort of sucks in his breath. It's cute. But they do have the best investigation spots. My favorite was Poveglia Island. That place is wicked!! The Italian man that showed it to them pre-investigation made me laugh. He told them he was not going in that one building, they would have to go in by themselves. He was very calm, but you could tell he wanted to leave. The husband and wife team that join them sometimes are good at what they do, and I admire their skills, though they could probably be a little less on the trashy side. They always sort of look like they partied too hard the night before, they look like they could use a shower or something. But it my favorite ghost hunting show.

I used to love Ghost Hunters, but after watching the crazy bunch from Adventurers, their investigations are just boring to me. I do love Steve, though. But the show is not the same anymore, and it just seems like none of them really want to be there. I feel they have been pressured by the producers to go in directions they didn't want to go in, and that they really just want to move on, but are stuck in a contract and can't. Grant is leaving apparently, so I guess I am at least partly right, but I don't really know why he is leaving, so... There is tension that is undeniable and they can not mask it.

I used to watch Paranormal State, and occasionally I'll catch a rerun or two. But I agree that it does seem like a thinly veiled ad for Catholicism. I've never been able to tell if the show is reality or if it is just a fictional program. But it is still entertaining, either way. When they get to parts where the "exorcisms" take place, that is my cue to bail and switch the tv over to the WeatherChannel or something. lol

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#7 GhostAndTheWolf


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Posted 12 November 2017 - 05:39 PM

my sister got my wife and I into this show shortly after it came out and we are now very loyal to the guys.

although I will say that as of the last couple seasons, this current one specifically has become so full of religious shit...everything is satan and his demons and anything they see that is assumed to be apart of witchcraft is automatically satan worship and all that, they had a grip of exorcisms with fake catholic priests (even though the catholic church outlawed it years ago) that are just totally lame AF episodes and im starting to think its just a ploy to get viewers to be afraid and convert and find baby jebus.....sorry not trying to be offensive to anyone on here but can't we just leave that shit outta of it???? :-) 


if anyone still watches this show currently I'd be curious to know what you think about it?

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#8 Watersiren


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Posted 28 June 2018 - 01:22 AM

I know I'm necro-ing a super dead thread, but wondering what your thoughts are on The Dead Files Grymdycche.
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