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Milk & Honey & Lavender


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Here's a really simple before-bed drink to help ease you into sleep.


1 mug milk

2 Tbsp honey

1 tsp lavender flowers (food grade)


**I highly suggest using the stove rather than the microwave!**


In a small pot on medium high heat, add the milk. Stir until warm. Add honey. Stir until mixture reaches temperature you're comfy with. Put lavender flowers in a tea ball, drop in mug. Add milk & honey mixture. Stir and let set for a little, to let the lavender mingle. Enjoy.



Rather surprised at how well this worked for me.:cloud9:

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Lavender and I have a bit of a love/hate relationship - I love the taste in foods, but dislike the smell as a flower or in oil burners, etc. So it's something I haven't really stocked at home but this sounds really good so I think I'll have to invest in some flowers. If I bought dried lavender flowers, so I could put a literal lid on the smell lol, am I right that I'd use less than your recipe says? Or is your recipe using dried flowers anyway?

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