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I was watching this documentary last night called 'Summer of Love', it was the third installment of a series from what I could gather and this focused on spirituality and music during the Summer of Love. Now from what I can gather a lot of interest in Indian Mysticism and whatnot was quite popular (the Beatles went to India to learn their music and instruments) and it also seemed as though Satanism began its rise to the forefront. They had some old interviews with Anton LeVay and a more recent one with a Satanism High Priest but anyways.....


It got me to thinking about the role music can play in spirituality and how it can be a strong power or energy on its own. I don't really use music in my personal spiritual practices but I do love music.


What song or piece of music speaks to your spiritual self and moves you to a deeper place?


For me it is the big piece of guitar work in the middle of Unforgiven by Metallica, there is something incredibly powerful about that piece of music that I feel on a fundamental level, it has a strength in it that I can feel when it plays.

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