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Sweet Peppered Rice


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This is a quick, easy dish that can be made as a main or side. It takes about 5 minutes preparation and 10 minutes cooking.


Ingredients (for one person)

1 Sweet (Bell) Pepper

2 Handfuls of Rice (of your favourite type)

1 Handful of Meat (I use Diced Soya pieces but Chicken will go great with it!)

Pepper and favourite Herbs to season

Your favourite cooking oil



Boil some hot water in a kettle (if you're impatient) or fill up a saucepan with cold water and put it on the boil with the rice added. Prepare the sweet pepper by deseeding and dicing as well as dicing any meat that you're using.



Fry the pepper on low-heat in a generous amount of oil whilst you boil the rice. After 5-7 minutes add the meat and seasoning to the pepper. Once the rice is cooked (about 10 minutes) add that with the meat and pepper and fry for a minute or two to absorb the flavours and excess oil (this stops the dish from being dry and it's not greasy either).


Why not try...?

Adding your favourite sauce? I sometimes add in Chinese curry powder if I don't have the time to make a full one.

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Oh this sounds yummy, going to give this a go ! I have to laugh at myself Nines, as considering your other posts you've created, I'm still "digesting " as to what to comment on, yet I can comment on this recipe with lightening speed ! lol !:vhappywitch:





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