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The Book of English Magic


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Here's a write-up from the Daily Mail.


LOL, thanks for that link!!! I'm still on the edge regarding this book, the whole naked thing speaks Wiccan to me, but it does sound like it may have some redeeming qualities. Of course my local library doesn't have it, they have VERY few books pertaining to witchcraft, it's geared toward the local community which is painfully Christian.


Based on the review you posted what are your thoughts if any?

I always get screwed when ordering books and as I prefer hard cover editions, I have learned to be a bit more cautious.


Thanks for the link!!!

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I have it. It's interesting, more a historical text on witchcraft, has a wide sweep. The wood-cut illustrations are nice as is the printing.


Thank you, but what of the substance, is it worth a purchase in your eyes? Did you gleam any incite from it?

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