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Where Power Comes Fom

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#121 Anubha


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Posted 05 May 2017 - 05:32 AM

@Nikki-Good point about empowering things ourselves.

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#122 Deawic


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Posted 08 May 2017 - 02:10 AM

power...seems to come from all around...the earth, planets and stars, all beings physical and non, even lingering emotions left in empty rooms by previous tennents... but we definatly channel it, move it, direct it and instil it with our desire and intent. tools sometimes seem pretty important to me, though I know they aren't a must have, theyr kindof like tiny knobs on a radio helping to dial in just the right station. each tool or knob helping to get that energy vibrating just right. or maybe just helping getting the mind or emotions in the right state. both important yea?  its all just one big river, and sometimes with practice and knowledge we can move the stones just the right way to get the water to flow the way we want it. sometimes the rivers a bit more swollen then we thought and ends up washing away the paths we had planned. sometimes it just dries up or the stones erode to soon. I think that...power is like a river in the way it comes and then it goes and ither through the clouds or springs in the ground (metaphore) it comes back round again.   maybe power just is.

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#123 Tricycle


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Posted 12 May 2017 - 03:51 AM

I love this thread. I've learned a lot and thought a lot as a result of reading it. I believe in the power within ourselves and other sources, and that we can use both. Learning to channel and/or direct that power is an amazing and exciting experience!


I wanted to explore the idea of what someone said a few pages back about how we run out of energy and need to re-fuel. I think this can happen both physically and spiritually. Both types of energy become drained at some point. I believe that is because of the connectness of all of us to everything else; the web. So, if I eat a carrot but not the gnarly end bit, and let's say I peeled the skin off too, I can get a certain amount of energy from that. I can feed the scraps to my rabbits or chicken, or give them to the compost. Both ways, it turns into soil. This isn't a food for me, but it's now a food for a plant. That plant can be more food for me, depending on the type of plant grown. So, just because I'm not directly eating it anymore, doesn't mean it's energy isn't useful elsewhere, and it still may come back my way after completing a cycle.


In more 'unseen' sort of an energetic example, if I channel the power of a storm, that can give me a feeling of a very powerful energy, and once I've used it, will feel very depleted of energy. That's usually when I would look into grounding myself, and finding general ways of building up some energy in myself, whatever works at the time. I might look within for ways of building my energy back up, or externally. I think in this universe, and on earth, there is a lot of 'swapping' of energy going on; of plants giving us energy, then giving another plant energy, while it takes up energy itself, so it in turn can go on to give us energy. We use up our energy to do things, then find ways to restore it. I feel everything is connected to each other, and we do our part in that with our amount of energy to offer. It's a constant exchange.

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#124 Guest_SorcererSupreme_*

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Posted 19 September 2017 - 08:10 AM

Injustice and that impulse that drives us to make amends with that which violated and trespassed us.
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