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Gogi Power Bars


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Gogi Power Bars


From my herbalist friend, enjoy



This energy bar not only delivers great energy, cuts inflammation and makes you feel very nourished on fewer calories, it also contains very dense nutrition, vitamins, medicinal sugars for health, vitality and youth, medicinal fruits and plenty of minerals and vitamins to replenish your body’s needs.

Originally designed for a superfood, to be part of a total healing process in my clinic, this bar turned out to be an excellent meal replacement for people wanting to lose weight. It is totally satisfying for most of my clients, totally raw for the strictest diet plan and brimming with everything you need for restoring normal health and vitality.

Every recipe I make actually varies somewhat, but the base recipe that I start with is:

8 dates (take out the pits, of course)

16 figs

½ cup each of: sesame seeds, gogi berries, pumpkin seeds, currants, sunflower seeds, raw cacao nibs

1 cup of flax seeds

1 cup raw honey or raw agave

Oil your blender/food processor with a small amount of cold pressed, light olive oil (like Bertolli brand)

Put in a few sesame seeds, figs, dates and gogi berries at a time and chop them together. Continue (in a blender you may have to clean it out regularly…between batches) this until you have chopped all the dates, figs and gogi berries. The sesame seeds help keep the clump from sticking together too much.

Put the lot in a bowl, put on plastic food gloves or just wash and lightly oil your hands and start mixing in the rest of the seeds and honey/agave and cacao nibs.

When thoroughly mixed, let sit for at least 24 hours before eating. Then you can press into a pan and cut in squares and put in baggies or whatever. They will keep quite a while and improve with age for sure.

Generally, I recommend replacing either the noon or evening meal (or both, sometimes) with them for excellent nutrition, high energy and restoring the body. This should replace any multi-vitamin/mineral supplement.

Expect miraculous results!


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