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Oscar and Freddy


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Once upon a time, there were 2 fleas, Oscar and Freddy. Now Oscar was the savy of the two, Freddy was kinda " dull in the mind. " Oscar plans this big shindig down in Orlando, Florida, and invites Freddy to join the group, and gives Freddy instructions on how to get there. They part company.


Down in Florida, the fleas are having a great time, they've oiled up their little flea arms, took in the sights of the pretty women, played flea volley ball ,and just basked in the lovely sun. A couple of days goes by, and still no Freddy. Oscar gets up and shakes the sand out of his little flea towel, and glances down the beach. Here comes Freddy. He's wearing a wrist cast, he is missing one of his eyebrows, and has a split upper lip.


Oscar says to Freddy, " What the hell happened to you ? Freddy replies, " Ooh Oscar, I rode down here on the mustache of a Harley Dude " Oscar says, " You what?!? I told you how to get here, you go to the airport, and find your way to the Flight Attendent Crew Lounge, you crawl up under the toilet seat, and you wait, you will ride in style. " " Now Freddy, we're planning on going to New Orleans, for Mardi Gras, I expect you there after you've recouperated. " grumbled Oscar.


The Fleas hit Nawlins' in style, they take in a Jazz Festival, they had tickets to Marie Laveau's grave. Upon comming out of the Graveyard, Oscar notices Freddy, leaning up against a wall. Freddy's on crutches, part of his ear is missing, and he's got a chipped tooth. Oscar says " What the hell happened to you?! " Freddy laments, " Oh gawd Oscar, I did what you told me to do, I went to the airport, found my way to the Flight Attendant Crew Lounge, crawled up under the toilet seat, and low and behold she arrived, and she was gorgeous ! I settled in, and the next thing I knew.......... I was BACK on the moustache of that Harley DUDE ?!!?!!!! "




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