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What is your favourite deck?

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Posted 06 March 2018 - 07:23 PM

My second deck is the Deviant Moon Tarot, which I find a bit challenging. Not challenging as in "difficult to use", but "challenging" in the most literal sense that it forces me out of my comfort zone to really confront deep and sometimes uncomfortable truths. It doesn't so much resist, as it reminds me of those martial-arts teachers from the movies who knock you on your a** so that you learn a lesson the hard way blush.gif


This is a helluva an old post to respond to, but YES, the Deviant Moon happens to be one of two decks that I work with. I have more, but these two are the ones I include images of in my BoS as I'm writing in my meditative pages. I like the vibe so much, it's kind of like a close friend that just looks at me dead-pan and goes "Look, bitch. You crazy. But not as crazy as it coulda been, so you're not too bad. But here's where it could be better."


This and the Joie de Vivre by Paulina Cassidy are my top two to read with. I can't stick to one deck, I find. I like comparing and contrasting the same cards in both decks. As for when I'm reading, I'll go with one or the other on a whim, just because I want to or not. I keep them both in the same baggie with a tumbled amethyst, carnelian and rose quartz. My hands always feel extra warm picking them up.


I read another reply that mentioned the Morgan-Greer, and HOLY COW I LOST MY MIND, I forgot about that one! I actually wanted to pick up the tin-sized version to take with me on the go. My two home decks normally don't go anywhere with me, they're a bit unmanageable when I'm on the go. But tin-sized would be perrrfect.

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