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Notice of Removal of Lurkers


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Hello All,


I was going through the members list, specifically looking at people who have joined and haven't yet posted i.e. the Lurkers member group.


In a post Sandy made explaining how things operated she stated we would do this every three months or so. Amazingly it hasn;t been done in a lot lomger than that.


I will start to go through the Lurkers list this week and deleting those who joined more than three months ago and who have yet to make a post (one introductory post is all that is required to automatically move new members from the Lurkers to the Seekers usergroup).


For those new members who joined more than three months ago and haven't posted an introduction, now is the time to make that post, once your membership has been deleted you will have to register again should you wish to take part in the forum.


Edit 15 June .. 160+ Lurkers removed who joined up to the end of January 2011.

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