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Three Mice at a Bar


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Three mice were sitting in a bar. Mouse #1 starts bragging: "I'm so quick, I can go up to a mousetrap and snatch the cheese away before the trap slams down." He then quickly grabs up his shot glass and downs the whiskey.

Mouse #2, not to be outdone says: "Oh yeah? Well I'm so strong that I can go up to a mousetrap, grab the cheese away, and when the trap slams down I grab it and start doing bench presses!" The he takes up 2 shot glasses, one in each hand, and downs them both, flexing his muscles as he does so.

Mouse #3 listens to the first two, then downs 3 shots of whiskey, gets up off the stool and starts to walk away. The other two mice are perplexed and ask him where he's going. Mouse #3 smiles nonchalantly and replies: "I'm going home to fuck the cat!"

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Edited : Why ? It's so damn funny, I just have to vote this up. LOL !

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