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Tried registration but clicked before I read

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Guest_K. Eby_*
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Posted 11 April 2011 - 01:55 AM

I was stupid and didn't read enough before I clicked things (If this was a bomb I'd be dead >_<) but got to the validation stage. Next day I go to check on my account and find it doesn't exist. No e-mails though, so I'm not quite sure what happened.
Not used to the level of security around here, so it's a bit strange dealing with it. Understandable though and if I got rejected seeing as I didn't notice the topics on registration until this morning I probably deserved it. Truly a fail moment for me.

I'm wondering though if it'd be okay to try again though? I've been lurking for a little bit, reading a few posts and found a lot of interesting topics and would love to contribute something.

As for if I belong here... well that's kind of hard to say.
You see, while I've been interested in witchcraft for a while its primarily from a academic perspective and I don't practice much. Mostly just read a lot of things in regards to such things. I am a bit of an amateur herbalist and get along with plants very well.
On occasion I may use magic, though very rarely. Most of my life is pretty simple.
Usually I tend to file witchcraft and spirituality in a similiar category in my mind and have trouble seperating them, though I am aware of the seperation.
The profile section of the registration threw me off a bit... so many questions, many of which were rushed and some of which I wasn't really sure how to answer them.
I do have a fair bit of solitary experiance in the neo-pagan movement and wicca, unrelated I know but for honesty's sake I figured I'd include it. Mostly don't relate to it now, and am researching older things.
As for interests... well I like everything. Mainly drawing, mycology, herbalism, gardening, cooking, anthropology, folklore, mythology... but honestly I could spend all night listing everything.

#2 Tana


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Posted 11 April 2011 - 08:07 PM

Try again. You need to put all this info into your application. The reason there are questions is that we need to know if you are suitable to be a member here, ie on a Traditional path and with experience. Those without experience may be let in if they communicate well in their sign up, but that has not led to much success in the past. We find this selection process has given us the most success at weeding out the people who would not cope well here.
)0( Tana )o(

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