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An elderly gentleman was sitting on a park bench feeding the birds. Nearby was a group of teenagers watching as their leader got another tattoo added to his already brightly-coloured body. The old man went back to feeding his pidgeons, but stole another look at the youth taking in his mohwak standing up stiffly in multicoloured dye of red, green, blue, and yellow which actually matched the colourful tattoos decorating his body. The youth got annoyed and shouted over to the man "Yo, what the fuck you looking at grandpa?"


The old man silently shook his head and went back to his pidgeons. Quitely he took a second glance at the teenager as the tattooist added a new ink colour into the tattoo. The youth pushed the tattoo artist away and stood up menacingly, spitting on the ground as he walked over to the old man and speaking loudly for the benefit of his friends. "I said 'what the fuck you looking at', asshole?" The old man simply shook his head and quickly dropped his eyes to the ground. The youth laughed in his face "You old idiot, I bet you never done one single exciting thing in your whole fucking life."


The old man slowey raised his eyes to meet those of the youth: "I once went to Key West and got very drunk," the old man replied. "In my drunken state I had sex with a parrot and I was merely wondering if you were my son."

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