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The Darkness Within

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On ‎6‎/‎29‎/‎2007 at 3:45 AM, Sandy said:

That is good you disagree, it would be a boring old world if we were all the same. As for Gods and Goddesses I do not preach or pray or even acknowledge their existence. I do not need to personify human traits into an energy to understand it. I can feel the energy bubbling in my solar plexus and that is how I know it exists. I do not believe any God rules over anything in particular. It just IS. The more you question it the more confusing it gets and the further away the answers will get. You have to accept it and embrace it. There are bad people in this world, just as there are good people, there are good spirits and bad ones. No God is commanding them.

Me too, The more I question it the more confusing it gets. 

I personally want to have any complex subject taken to:  it is this, and it is that, and do this and this will happen!  add 2 + 2 and you will get 4 LOL 

I  used to be very afraid of the dark energies/negative energies. The ones within and outside of me. Resisted, ran from, avoided, tried to defeat them every way possible, at all costs, no matter what.  

When the whole time the dark energy was something that I very much needed and would have helped me greatly in life..... My upbringing and lifestyle sure screwed me over on this aspect of life.

But no more, I now work with the dark and light. And am not afraid of the dark. I have a healthy respect for it and try not to cause or allow a problem with it...but not afraid of it. It is now to be accepted and understood and worked with. Although I am not yet very good at working with it. But this hopefully will come with practice.

I also don't try to personify it. Which is difficult because I keep  accidently/briefly slipping back into trying to talk to it and trying to figure out how to address it (with a title or name). Old habits are hard to break!

Just recently I also feel it bubbling up from inside...sometimes it is to much and I need to try to force some of it either up and out or push it into the ground through my feet. Since this is all pretty new to me I am not totally sure why this is so...and what to really do about it. LOL

Anyway, got a bit wordy.

Said all this to say Great thread. LOL

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