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Practical Magic, The Craft, Etc,Etc.


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Also don't forget sleepy hollow with Christina ricci and Johnny Depp in it.

There was witchcraft happening in that movie.

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Oooooh, one of my pet subjects!!! :) You might regret asking, as I have a HUGE list, and a couple of great links.


Wizard of Oz

Harry Potter

Monty Python & the Holy Grail

Web of the Witch

Silent Hill

Bell Witch

Secrets of the Dead

Worst Witch

Witchfinder General

A Haunting: the unleashed


The Lockhavens

The Adventures of Shirley Holmes (TV)

The Wickedest Witch

Shakespeare’s MacBeth

The Halloween Tree

Belfry Witches (tv)

Into the Woods

Winter of the Witch (tv)


Hansel and Gretel

Dr Who episode “The Shakespeare Code”


Snow White

Sleeping Beauty

Sleepy Hollow



Wizadora (tv)

I Married A Witch

The Sword in the Stone


The Good Witch

The Good Witch’s Garden

The Good Witch’s Wedding

Drag Me To Hell

The Last Unicorn

Dangerous Beauty

Wyrd Sisters (tv)

Chronicles of Narnia

The Crucible

Merlin (tv)

The Juniper Tree

Faerie Tale Theatre (tv)

The Forbidden Kingdom

Bell Book and Candle

Bedknobs and Broomsticks

The Witches

Marple: by the pricking of my thumbs (tv)

The Ninth Gate

Witches of Eastwick

Four rooms

Crowhaven Farm (tv)

The Black Cauldron

The Golden Compass


The Dark is rising

The Countess


Witching Time (tv Hammer House)

The Pit and the Pendulum

Hocus Pocus

The Craft

Practical Magic

The Woods

The Sword and the Sorceror

The Witching of Ben Wagner

The Eye

The Initiation of Sarah

Cry of the Banshee

The Witch Who Came From the Sea

Bell Witch Haunting

Warlock Moon

Prince Valiant


Spellbound (tv)

The Wiz

Burned at the Stake

The Covenant

Lady of the Lake

The Brotherhood of Satan

The Naked Witch

Blood Sabbath

The King Maker

Satan’s Slave

Lucinda’s Spell

Kill Me Tomorrow

House of the Wolf Man

The Witches Hammer

Wicked Lake


Witches of the Caribbean

The Cry

Divine Magic (tv)

Robin Hood Prince of Thieves


The Sorcerer’s Apprentice


Woman Who Came Back

Twins of Evil


Eve’s Bayou

The Sacrifice

Robin of Sherwood (tv)

Witch City


Also, look at www.imdb.com

Also www.ugo.com/movies/witchcraft-guide,





That should keep you busy for a while :)

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"The Craft" was one of the first movies I watched as a teen, where I actually connected and identified with the characters, that's probably what made me feel OK to keep searching, that i wasnt crazy or possessed by the devil. Then came "Practical Magic" woot woot - the soft-core witches, but i love that movie.


We're forgetting the blair witch project movies, not that i liked them much but they are witchy - and in the second one that chick was a witch or was she wiccan? And What lies beneath has some witchy stuff and a lot of super natural :)

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I read a diary/investigation into Blair Witch which points out lots from the movie that goes unnoticed. e.g why the guy is stood in the corner at the end. The backstory behind the Blair Witch is much better than the move (yes, I know its not real before anyone says!!).

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The original .. The Good Witch   is a good flick also.  Gotta love Katherin Bell.  All of these movies listed are Awesome.   I Really love  The Mists of Avalon.  

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The Mists of Avalon (the book not as much as the movie although that was very good as well) was undoubtedly a strong influence on my path at a young age.

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