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A short piece

Whispering Willow

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Devastating in its presence...


Unbearable pain...


Crushed wings...


The agonizing tumble from such heights, teasing with the knowledge she will meet the ground. She will know the feel of it intimately. The brutal clash against one another; The hard, unforgiving ground and her...


Such sadness lingers in her eyes as she lays there, battered and bruised...broken. A single tear sliding down her cheek, curling inwardly to caress her soft lips. The salty taste of it, the wet warmth a searing pain..a branding of sorts.


His final gift to her, that single tear.


The exquisite cage he'd kept her in, tarnished now..empty. Gathering dust. Those lustrous strands of his control, the web he wove around her, shattered. Floating in the air, torn and tattered.


Hope yet again finding herself contained in that inescapable box of Pandora's. Trapped beneath the lid, looking up in the airless confines of its walls. To never again feel the wind beneath her wings...such bleakness engulfs her.


Will she ever find the courage to dream anew?


Will such pleasure grace her life once more?


Will the warmth of such brilliance touch her skin again?

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