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A snippet of my writing

Whispering Willow

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She'd found him standing there, in a sliver of warm pure light. The silky strands of his hair awash with color..but all else was removed from her awareness when he flashed her that smile. She ran towards that promise as quickly as she could, nearly toppling them both into the churning sands as she threw herself at him and the promise of comfort he wore.


Curling herself around him, taking the blows from the stinging sands, thousands of pinpricks herding her back towards that turbulent sea of her thoughts. She knew that if she lost herself in him, she'd find the shelter she needed until the impetuous storm receded and she was free of its dark fury.


She was reckless. Every fiber of her being urging her to take and take and take of him. He was her haven amidst the storm boiling inside as well as around her. Lightening sizzled across the sky of her soul, thunder cracked and rumbled there too. Forcing her to run, to seek shelter before the noise alone shattered her. The violent winds of her emotions tossing her over the desolate landscape of her thoughts.


This kiss was different. Deep, demanding..He'd never experienced anything like it before with her. Her fingers tangled in his hair, holding his lips to hers as she ravaged his mouth with her tongue. She seemed to be clinging desperately to him..searching his very depths, for what, he couldn't fathom. Or was she running from something? He wasn't sure, but he knew this fire, this raging need was driving her hard. He was helpless to offer her any aid. Not that she'd recognize it anyway. She was lost in her determination and it was going to be his undoing.


She clung to him, she plunged deep within the essence of him. There was to be no testing of the water this time. Head first she plummeted inside, allowing the warm soothing essence of him to wrap around her protectively. Sinking further and further into the depths, she didn't struggle against it. She would kick to the surface once that horrid torrent had passed. She felt herself being pulled fiercely downward, no longer considering her safety within its embrace, for she knew in these depths was her salvation.


He stood, absorbing the urgency with which she took him. Each breath he took made him aware of the staggering energy with which she devoured him. He didn't resist though, knowing instinctively that she needed this from him. But what would it cost him in the end, he wondered. All his thoughts scattered as her hips pressed into his. The searing heat of that first touch rocked him with such force..my god, they were going to go up in flames if he didn't find a way to ease her urgency.


Unable to resist her a moment longer, he sank into the blazing heat of their embrace. He allowed his soul to soar and the rest of it melted away into oblivion. Nothing existed but the two of them, standing there, entwined amongst the raging winds. The turbulent compulsion engulfing reason, swallowing it down until nothing remained but their scorching need to ride free on the air of such desperation.


She clawed at his clothes, yearning to feel the warmth of his skin beneath her palm. Tearing her lips free from his, she kissed and nibbled and licked a path to his neck. When her teeth gently sank into the skin there, he felt his heart stop. For one stricken moment, he felt that she would consume him, and he would let her. Leaving nothing behind but the memory of his existence.


In panicked defense, he fisted his hand in her hair. Yanking her head back to begin his own assault. If she was to take him, she'd damn well know the power of him. She'd feel the force of his strength, and know that he would not go quietly. He couldn't afford to allow her all that she desired. But the ecstasy of her assault was tempting. How easily he could melt into it, allowing it to cage him here, in this place of wild abandon.


Something inside of him spurred a need of his own. He became the aggressor, pushing her back so that he may dominate her senses. He was going to have her, of that, he was sure. He would accept nothing less than her everything. It would be a frenetic coupling..each striving to grasp that which could not be held. Their bodies clashing together in the battle to quell the other's demons, to force from them what the other desired; to bring peace to one another's soul, at least long enough to allow time for rejuvenation. A rekindling of their lover's lost light.


He felt it then, her demanding desperate plea, just as his teeth scraped across her jaw hungrily. His need quickly matching hers as those nails raked along his bareness. Each angry red trail a testament to her anguished search for oblivion. The wind battering them both with its tumultuous force, managing only to join them more fiercely together against it.


They tore at the clothing that shielded them from the insistent enraged demons that chased them. The sting of their will nettling them mercilessly. She cried out, an answering sound tore from his lips. She had awakened the long dormant champion within him. He would beat back these malevolent emotions chasing her, for his own survival, as well as hers.


Freed from the confines of the outer world, they came together quickly. No finesse, no tenderness...only the clamorous demand to drive any thoughts, any feelings but those of glorious strength and the resulting peace of forcing the ugly void into the recesses of the mind. He hammered into her, and was not at all surprised when she met him, thrust for thrust. Her hips rocking up to meet his. Those amazingly formidable legs curling around him, clamping down with such force it was all he could do to continue beating back those devils that gripped her in their angry clutches.


Together they rode out the storm, creating one of light. The brightness lashing out at the damp darkness surrounding them. Each breath a fiery strike inside their heaving chests shocking them into a frenzy of movement. Fingers curled into one another, their eyes locked, seeing only the other. Their bodies glistened with the effort. Each straining to become closer, to lend strength where the other was weak. Moving as one towards that goal. Enveloping the other with such glorious tenderness that the violent manner in which they came together was paid no heed. They knew there was no other way to reach the peace they both so desired.


So on they forged. Each stroke bringing them near the edge. Meeting halfway, grinding against the other's need, forcing every bit of their will into the other. Demanding more, crying out with the sheer joy of receiving it, as well as, the sudden terror of giving it away. Feeling the wet warmth of her flowing over him he lunged forward again and again. Her body being shoved up only to fall back into place beneath him. Their bodies seemingly made for this..coming together perfectly time and time again against those wicked entities chasing them. Standing together against such demons was their only hope of defeating them. The power between them growing with each frantic meeting of their bodies.


Her back arched and he feels her grip tighten around his achingly solid desire. His teeth clench together as he fights the battle to hold on. Its too soon! If he stops now, she'll suffer the fate of those dark damning demons. It is his own living hell. So close to his own extrication but her redemption still so far away. Those hungry eyes latch onto his and implore him not to stop. He knows he must try. A silent battle now raging inside of him. This one making the outside force seem weak and pathetic. He's losing himself in the endless depth of her gaze. Nothing matters now but setting her free..only then will he feel the joy of such freedom himself.


The sudden silence snaps him away from his private torment. She's perfectly still, as is the air around him..yet something, some force is crackling in the air. The fine hairs scattered over his body all stand. His breath hitches and he feels the first sweet pulse of victory. Its soon followed by an ear splitting scream. Her eyes are blind to his look of triumph, to the smile curving his lips. That sweet warrior beneath him is shuddering to life. Breaking free of her shackles. Her form rejoices, one quivering movement at a time. The warmth of her liberation pouring over him, shoving him forcefully over the edge himself. Together they plummet headlong into it, that timeless moment when wars are won. The sweetness of freedom wrapping them in a cocoon of bliss.


Floating back to the field of ascendancy together, entwined, breathless, skin gleaming and damp....the lady warrior's eyes softly come into focus and she reaches for him. Her soft lingering kiss all the gratitude he needs. So different from the one she had awakened him with. Together they lay, savoring the lingering aftershocks as they ripple through one another. Sparking new ones with a single touch. Safe from the haunting reality for a time, they fall into the deep mindless sleep of the battle weary. Preparing themselves for the upcoming crusades. For who knows what battles they will face upon waking...

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