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Natural Remedies/Animal Healing


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I have just finished one book and am starting on another on natural remedies for my dogs.


Veterinarian's Guide to Natural Remedies for Dogs, by Martin Zuker

ISBN 0-609-80373-7


I have finished this book and have come to a whole new insite on taking care of my beloved pooches. The author has interviewed vets that practice alternative medicine for pets. All agree that our pets are as unhealthy as thier human companions (us). I remember being told by a vet that table scraps were bad for dogs, now they are not (as long as its not fast food). Dogs love veggies and fruit and yogart, etc. A lot of thier health problems actually arise from the processed dog food we give them.


I finished this book on Monday and have already started the process of changing my dogs diets, more fruits and veggies which so far they love!! I have also started including the left over meat from our plates along with the potatoes, veggies or rice or whatever. I've already noticed that my older lab is a little more perky.


The book also has a list of ailments with herbal treatments for the critter!!


Today I am starting: The Nature of Animal Healing by Marting Goldstein, DVM ISBN 0-345-43919-8


This, on a quick scan thru, is similar to the above but goes into more detail on health issues with animals but what I did find was a section on the death of you pet and what it does to us physically and mentally.


When I get thru with this one, I'll report more on it. But I do highly recommend Natural Remedies for anyone who has dogs or cats (there a seperate one for cats) and wants to insure they have a full and healthy life with us!!

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