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Tales of the Bard - Michael Scott


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Ok well this is a fiction novel. It is the first of several (three if memory serves correctly) that form a totality of the story of Paedur the Bard.


I must say that I am really turned off a lot of fantsy these days on account of it's over reliance on past stories and that is why I really liked this one. I also get bored easily with fourteen novel epics of sci-fi LotR clones battling it out for alleged supremacy mongst lengthy screeds about special magics ... groan it irritated me just typing that! lol


Suffice to say that I didn't find this one or it's following like that at all.


The various specifics of celtic folklore and mythology are really not my forte or my field but even I found myself smiling gently as I reread this one recognising several tales quite skillfully being woven together. The form of the narrative too is quite pithy (and no - I don't have a lithp!)


The idea of a wandering bard telling morality tales and myths to reinstruct people in what it is that is absent from the new ways of new pantheons is just lovely and had me thinking each time just on the tales alone.


I would have to say fictive enough to not overly offend the sensibilities but in the right vein enough to make us smile, to stop and even to think. I don't ask for much more than that and was thrilled to get it in spades from this series. I believe they have been re released recently as a combined effort and called Legacy of the Culai (?) but don't quote me on that! *G*

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This sounds like a trilogy I'll like. I love mythology of all sorts, but Celtic and Anglo Saxon especially.


Must be from me getting all the old stories from my Irish Gran and Anglo-Scots Nan when I was a nipper ;)


Thanks Scott, I'll keep an eye out for these

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