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Profile Privacy

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Posted 25 June 2009 - 04:16 PM

Profile viewing attracted some comments from new members (Seekers) who can not view profiles, including their own.

This was due to a decision that was made previously related to member privacy and the idea of new members joining and trawling through profile which may contain private information.

The latest version of the forum software now has a feature called Profile Privacy, accessed from your User CP (Control Panel).
This new feature allows members to control, to a certain degree, who can view the various blocks in their profile. This is done on a block by block basis using a dropdown list for each one to set what minimum level can view that block.

These levels are as follows:

Everyone .. basically everyone can view your profile.

Registered Members .. anyone who has joined the forum and is a member (this includes Seekers)

Friends .. only people who are on your Friends list

Contacts .. a somewhat redundant option as it's simillar to Friends

Notes on above:

Everyone does not include Guests or Search bots (yahoo, google etc) neither would it include new sign ups who have just joined and are awaiting approval (usernames in red) nor those who have joined been approved but are yet to post an introduction (usernames in grey). Probably the most open option and not recommended.

Registered Members would not allow Guests, new sign ups, nor those still to post an introduction. It would allow Seekers and above to view your profile. Given privacy concerns again not recommended for those wishing to control who can see their profile information.

Friends is probably the best option to use, only people on your Friends list will be able to view your profile blocks.

Contacts redundant as stated above.

By using these options Full Members can control who can view their profile and we could reset the options to allow Seekers to view their own profile, it would reuqire members to set their profile privacy options in their User CP.

After a Poll of Full Members it has been decided to utilise these new Profile Privacy options, so that Seekers will be able to view profiles (including their own one!).

Full Members who do not want Seekers to be able to view their profile should use the Profile Privacy options accessed from their User CP (Control Panel) and set profile blocks viewable to Friends only or whatever combination of privacy options they desire. (See Picture attached)

I looked at methods of setting this option automatically for Full Members, however, nothing that I tried on a test server worked so unfortunately you will have to set the Privacy options yourselves.

I will be changing the options on the admin side of the site to reflect this decision on Saturday morning, this gives Full Members a couple of days to make changes to their Profile Privacy options if they so wish.

If you have any questions about this, please PM me.

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