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Broa de Milho (Corn bread)


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I don't use measurements for some of the recipes I use. I am sorry about that.




  • corn flour
  • wheat or rye flour (optional, though the bread dough will start spreading and you'll end up with a flattened and hard)
  • yeast
  • salt
  • water

I use corn and wheat flour. And I use a little more wheat flour than corn flour to prevent the dough spreading too and flattening.




Place the flour(s) in a pile on the counter, mix it with the salt and make a hole in the center of the pile.

Crumble the yeast mixing it with cold water and then mix it with the pile.

Knead the mixture very well, adding warm water until it is not too hard nor too soft/flabby.

Mold the dough to a ball and pass it in flour. Cover it and let it rest until it grows and cracks.

Bake it in a previously well heated oven.



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