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Wiccan & Pagan Witches please read before joining & posting!

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FACT: Many Pagans are witches but not many traditional witches are Pagans.



Hello my Wiccan friends. It appears you have accidently ended up on a Traditional Witch Forum. This is NOT a Wiccan site and Wicca is NOT practised or even talked about on this forum. If you hold Wiccan beliefs close to your heart then this is NOT the forum or website for you.


The Traditional ways and beliefs are almost opposite to what Wiccans believe and practise.


If you say "Yes" to most of the following, please leave this forum and join a Wiccan site such as:




You are probably Wiccan if you:

  • Believe in the 3 fold law
  • Believe in "harm none"

  • Believe in the Lord and Lady
  • Believe in the Mother and the Son
  • Believe that whatever you do comes back
  • Believe that hexes or curses should never be practised
  • Believe in casting circles with guardians and corners and elements

  • Believe in a hierarchal system (such as Degrees)
  • Believe that spells you find in books should work
  • Believe that every sentence should start and end with "Bright Blessings" or "Blessed Be"
  • Believe that every sentence should start and end with "Merry Meet" or "Merry Part"
  • Believe that you must have all the tools and ingredients (Athame etc) at hand before performing a ritual or spell.
  • Believe Gerald Gardner's Book of Shadows, published in the 1950s is really much, much older.
  • Believe that Wicca is an ancient religion when in FACT it was made up by two people (Doreen Valiente & Gerald Gardner) around 1953.

..this is just a typical outline of what is Wiccan. Traditionals generally do not believe, follow or practise much (if any) of this.


There is nothing wrong in being Wiccan, but if you stay here you may be offended by our posts and ways of working. It is better for you to join a Wiccan Site and Forum and be with others on the same path as you.


Thank you for visiting and we wish you well on your new age path.

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