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has anyone read...


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they are interesting books!


But are they TW?


however....does that mean that one should not investigate?

for me..I say investigate as you will

Learn what you can...


everything will make you more rounded and balanced..

what may be hidden in one place is revealed in another

(that was Tertullian was it?)



I am very interested in Alchemy and Hermetics..


Also...There is a lot "alive" within Tibetan practises...Lots of Herbology ..and lots of techniques that one can adapt and apply into your own locale.


Albert Magnus presents a picture of the popular magical literature of the 16 th century.......


The Black pullet purports to be older but was probably written in the 18th century

again it is Hermetic and Has reference to qaballah .


The Only caveat before diving into these waters...is to know Yourself..


It is very easy to get swept away by a wave....and to get very excited..about various different things...even to the extent that you yourself are no longer recognisable to those who should know you...


I speak from experience,

It is a miserable existence being outcast.




that said....interesting Grimoires....(but Grimoire in a subtle difference,,..yet ALL the same...one depending on from which side of the hedge thou doest view!)

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hmm ... might have to get hold of them then!! its great to get opinions on books especially if they are more obscure ones like these ... i've had some arrive which have looked really promising, but when you read them there's not much more in them than your average llewelyn...:wink:


I have read and also own both books...excellent reading why?
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