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Fougou By Jo May.


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Jo may is a fascinating person....


He Is the Director of the Centre for Alternative Education and Research (CAER) at Rosemerryn , Lamorna , Cornwall.


He Runs workshops on personal and spiritual development


The Fougou Is in the Garden at Rosemerryn,

In The Book he describes his experiences in between worlds.......Fogous had many uses ...the most important was as a place of Initiation in ancient times...


we have all heard of Ley-Lines..

and a recent topic was Snakey earth Energy

(the awakening of which was referred to by the druids as Imbas Forosnai.....The Gnostic CS and all gnostic systems seek to awaken this Inner Fire....often referred to as a Dragon Or a Snake.....

There are also many different systems worldwide including kabballah, and Kriya Yoga....Tao and Certain aspects of Tibetan Buddhism


awakening what has been referred to as Kundalini....

Basically its all the ONE under different names.....Therefore a whole plethora of Techniques are readily available



A Fougou Is an ancient construction...usually built upon a line of Force (ley line)


The Construction is such that It becomes an accumulator of "earth energy" Orgone, Chi,

with the result that It Forms a natural Thyrsus to awaken that energy within a person who is exposed to It...


Therefore all the interesting things that are associated with spiritual awakening..and which are Described in the book...)



You need to have a certain "mind" when you read the book....It because of the subject matter...will speak to you though not entirely by just the words written..


There are passages of encounters with spirits...and If you focus you can "enter" into a communion with them......the same can be said for every sincere and honest description of an experience.....


Cochranes description of sabbats for example have the same effect.)




Please note...this is not a book about withcraft

There Is a mention of Witches...but May is an outsider to our world

His Descriptions are Coloured with the Usual Fear and misunderstanding


But That makes up only a tiny paragraph of the book....


Almost overlookable in light of the rest ...


it will have you trekking all about the place looking to see if you have similar places in your neighbourhood


For ME....It brought me to the Holy Wells of Ireland

Places that I had always erroneously associated with Catholicism


Was I Wrong....!



The Book is Published by Gothic Image Publications


ISBN 0 906362 34 2


I Dont Know how easy it is to get.....I am very fortunate that my local bookshop owner Is a "green man".he gets lots of interesting books !

it should not be expensive



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Not read the book, but I've been in several fogou's in Corwall. All of them left me with different experiences. Some fogou's are not just Initiatory rooms but places to store food when the lean times come. and as there were no Refridgerators back then this was the best way they had for keeping food cool. Foxy

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