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Element Encyclopedia of Secret Signs & Symbols

Mountain Witch

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Just got this a week ago and have already done the first munch-through. It's interesting ... she has done quite a bit of research. As with most of the "Element Encyclopedia" series, no one entry is very in-depth but does give you some fodder for further research on your own.


Element Encyclopedia of Secret Signs and Symbols

Adele Nozedar

HarperElement 2008

ISBN 978-0-00-726445-2





Just FYI, Amazon is selling it for US$12.00 (one collectible for $74.99???). I got mine through a book club www.onespirit.com for $8.99.

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Guest Oakbuchanan

Thanks MW Will check that out... Have you come across this book..'The Mystic Symbols: The Complete Guide to Magic and Sacred Signs and symbols' by Brenda Mallon?

If not, I would recommend that also..

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